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Winery Weddings

If you’re wondering about “where are the best winery wedding venues near me ”, then you’re at the right place. Offering rolling field views, abundant natural light, stunning surrounds along with superb food and wine, winery weddings set themselves as so unique and romantic. Be it an outdoor wedding at a vineyard or a beautiful indoor reception between barrels, these estates wedding venues have everything you need. Perfect rustic celebrations can be created in these facilities with beautiful wedding decorations. Moreover, your budget and number of guests will not be an issue since these country wedding venues comes in every size from small intimate to large, and for every budget from inexpensive to luxury.

Types and Themes of Winery Weddings

Does the idea of exchanging vows in a scenic location, and are you a wine lover as well? Then, having a winery wedding is perfect for you! These celebrations are ideal popular during the summer or especially in the fall seasons to create a fantastic rustic ambiance with the perfect backdrop consisting of beautiful colours while nature transforms itself. Country-style winery wedding venues are aplenty, but there is one thing in common: Having the most fun and unforgettable time!

With its scenic beauty, lush vines, and valleys, Canada has some of the best wineries for weddings in the World for every theme and every capacity. You can find many outstanding vinery wedding venues watersides, on the beautiful lakes, inside the caves, springs, and many more. Moreover, suppose you are planning a destination wedding with your loved ones. In that case, heritage estate wineries might be the perfect choice since they offer accommodation for you and your guests, access to the vineyards that are as broad as a barn door, church or wedding chapel for your ceremony, and beautiful photo opportunities! If you want to do all these things but your budget is not that much, you can prefer another option: winery inns. They are ideal for small, intimate weddings and hence, more affordable venues.

However, that’s not all. If you love the vibrant city life and have a busy schedule, and searching for “wineries near me for weddings”, then urban winery weddings are just perfect for you! These venues are rising trends among couples. Rather than more traditional, rural locations, producers choose to locate winemaking facilities in an urban environment, mostly cental locations. These unique wedding venues are modern yet rustic with their decor and can be easily reached by public transportation.

Winery Wedding Ideas

You've found your venue and wondering about what comes next? It's time for the most fun part: winery wedding decorations! Let’s start with the beautiful vineyard bride.

White and neutrals are the most popular colours among vineyard brides since they go well with the greenery. Dusty pink strapless ballgowns are also among the trends for these amazing country wedding venues. To wine and dine comfortably on your special day, A-line wedding dresses are ideal. Also, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes!

If you're thinking about having an outdoor wedding at beautiful garden venues, you can use some of our rustic winery wedding ideas. For your outdoor ceremony, you can use a wooden arch draped in linen and adorned with flowers. You can create your rustic bridal bouquet consisting of textured blooms in muted shades of blush, green, and ivory. You can also have your ceremony at wedding chapels or churches that most of the venues include. As for your winery wedding invitations, you can prefer botanical or geometric greenery with gold glitters and blush pink.

For your reception, you can prefer forest wedding venues for an intimate celebration. While sipping the best wines, you can hear birds chirping, smell the beautiful pine trees and see the sun's reflection on ancient trees. Even though these venues are ideal for warm weather, you can still have a winter wedding at them by creating a cozy environment adding blankets and hot, soft drinks. Small winery weddings are perfect for such occasions. Finally, for your urban winery celebration, you can blend vintage and modern elements such as crystal or pearls, vintage centrepieces like old books and teapots, wooden family trees, and many more.

Winery Wedding Packages

Winery wedding costs change according to several factors such as your number of guests, the venues' capacity, location, number of the venues hired, and the services provided. If you have an intimate celebration in a small wedding venue with your closest ones, your expenses will be lower since these venues make their pricing with cost per person. The other factor is that what your wedding package entails. Is it only reception, ceremony, or both? Did you choose a winery inn or estate for accommodation? Will you perform a church ceremony? Whatever location or what kind of packages you choose, all of these venues guarantees an unforgettable time with your loved ones and fantastic winery wedding photos. 

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