Harrison Hot Springs Wedding Venues

With its stunning views and various options such as waterfront venues, casual restaurants, resorts and spacious banquet halls, Harrison Hot Springs wedding venues appeal to every wedding couple. Compare the unique wedding venues and obtain price quotes with just one click!

Harrison Hot Springs Resort



Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs Resort is a world-class wedding destination with superb facilities and amenities and an even more memorable and picturesque setting for any wedding celebration. A wedding here...

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Harrison Beach Hotel



Harrison Hot Springs

The Harrison Beach Hotel is a beautiful wedding venue simply because of its panoramic views of the Harrison Lake and the opportunity to organize a beachfront wedding. Couples would be thrilled...

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Harrison Lake Hotel



Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Lake Hotel is here to give you a magical beginning and a memorable wedding with its hospitality, modern facilities, and fantastic services. Make sure you fill out the form and get...

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Shoreline Tours



Harrison Hot Springs

Shoreline Tours' natural scenery and outstanding service make it a perfect venue for your wedding. It is a great place to share your day with the people that mean the most to you, be it in a room...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Harrison Hot Springs Wedding Venues

Getting married in Harrison Hot Springs? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

What is the best time of year for a wedding in Harrison Hot Springs?

The spring season is the best time of year for a wedding in Harrison Hot Springs. The city is filled with joy and romance. Thousands of people visit this place at this time of year to celebrate their wedding, birthdays or getting married there.

The best scenes, the waterfall, the forest, the sky, everything will soothe your eye. Planning your wedding this season can unlock many offers and deals for Harrison Hot Springs resort weddings. Apart from these, the venues will be managed properly due to the rush in the city. So, it’s the best idea to get married this season.

What are the popular wedding styles in Harrison Hot Springs?

Harrison is popular for celebrating the French style of wedding. The bride in a long Barbie gown and groom holding flowers in one hand, bowing down on a knee and proposing marriage. The best romantic style where the duo can be seen at paramount of their love.

An outdoor ceremony, traditional reception, old and classic style weddings do happen there. Wedding venues in British Columbia are known for their most enthralling arrangements for the wedding.

But, all places of Harrison have one thing in common: there are French delicacies that no Harrison Hot Springs wedding venues compromise. You can enjoy the taste of all weddings here, from boho to the forest.

Are there any major events in Harrison Hot Springs that we should consider when planning our wedding?

Before finalizing any Harrison Hot Springs wedding venues, don’t forget to go through the wedding rules in this city. They have a different set of rules for the wedding couple who are getting married there.

So, to avoid any last moment jitter and rush give a minute to Harrison Hot Springs wedding reception rules and regulations.

Should we consider any wedding venue locations near Harrison Hot Springs?

There are some unique wedding venues near Harrison Hot Springs which have marvellous arrangements for wedding couples. Here’s the list of the most popular locations to get into wedlock:

From small weddings to celebrity-like celebrations, they can give you a taste of all. These are considered the best among all the wedding venue locations in the region.

How much is a wedding venue in Harrison Hot Springs?

The Harrison has plenty of affordable wedding venues. The inexpensive resorts and halls are often available. However, the prices may go up and down according to the theme, guest number, season and popularity of the venue.

The prices of Harrison Hot Springs wedding packages depend on the venue and style that you select for your big day. But, you always have a great discount opting in the city, for you don’t have to pinch your pocket. A Harrison wedding is always an affordable affair for couples.

How far in advance should we plan a wedding in Harrison Hot Springs?

The Harrison Hot Springs wedding venues need at least 12-14 months to arrange the things accordingly that you have dreamt of. When you book the wedding venue before your wedding, it gives lots of time to wedding venues to plan things properly. This will also prevent you from any last moment hassle.

What questions should we ask when looking for a wedding venue in Harrison Hot Springs?