Royal Hotel
2nd year
Royal Hotel has been known for its exceptional service since its founding in 1908. You, as a couple and your guests, will have a one-of-a-kind experience at this historic site, and their staff...
With a warm ambience, modern interior, high-quality service and professional catering team. The Tamihi Room is here to ensure that you cherish each moment of your special day. The perfect venue...
With their splendid natural setting, grand interior set up, and premium quality facilities and service, Yarrow Community Centre will make sure you get to experience a memorable wedding...
Imagine saying, “I do,” walking down the garden aisle, having dinner with majestic mountain views, and dancing the night away at the unique outdoor wedding venue at Chilliwack Golf Club. With...
They provide customers with various packages, such as all-inclusive and add-on packages. Their vendor packages offer customers multiple amenities, ranging from catering to DJ services. It is up to...
Whether you want to host a lavish ceremony or a grand reception, Coastal Chilliwack Hotel is a perfect destination to host your special ceremony. Their spacious event spaces are managed by a...
SureStay is a perfect destination for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly yet stylish wedding venue. Their professional staff, excellent wedding menu and spacious event spaces ensure that...
With a lovely ambience and a simple yet vintage set up, exchange your vows as the air breaks into a mist with bells. The Little White Chapel will make every moment of your wedding day worth...
The professional team at The Falls Golf Club will ensure the success of your wedding. From the planning till the final wrap-up, they will serve you, offering various packages to choose from or...
Shelby’s Pond is a relaxing and tranquil private property surrounded by mountains with a beautiful view of Mt. Cheam. No property in the vicinity matches the beauty of Shelby’s Pond. Book this...
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Getting married in Chilliwack? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

What are the most popular wedding dates in Chilliwack?

Spring season is the best to get married in Chilliwack wedding venues. This is because the weather during this time compliments the events in every aspect. The chill temperatures and soothing wind, in addition to some of the most beautiful landscapes, create the perfect environment for nuptials.

Also, many wedding organizers give attractive discounts during these times. Bookings generally remain unavailable for most of the days because couples favour the spring season a lot. As you can imagine, outdoor wedding venues in Chilliwack are in high demand this time of the year.

For winter and late fall weddings, you can consider Chilliwack hotel wedding venues. They provide the best services when it comes to big events like weddings. They are also perfect with couples many out-of-town guests!

So if you too want to celebrate your special day, make appointments for the wedding venue in Chilliwack early to get the best rates at the best possible dates.

What are the most popular types of weddings in Chilliwack?

Chilliwack is home to a diverse community of people. And therefore one can see almost every type of wedding style there. The wedding venues in Chilliwack offer all possible options for different types of events. But classic and vintage styles are some of the more common styles that you can see.

Many people choose to have that formal session with their loved ones in gowns and tuxedos. For these types of events, couples usually choose the most elegant wedding banquet halls in Chilliwack.

Whereas the barn wedding venues in Chilliwack offer some of the best vintage-styled weddings you will ever see. To know about more options for various venues, search the specific type of place on the maps to get the best deal.

Are there any major events in Chilliwack that we should take into mind when securing our wedding venue?

Chilliwack hosts many events throughout the year. And it's upon the couple's choice whether or not they want to coincide the dates with events or not. But events do offer a better chance to enhance the entertainment part of any function.

For more info about the date of the event, do check out the local and national calendars.

Also, consult your Chilliwack wedding venue about special rules and regulations, if there are any. For special venues like the golf courses and the orchards, do check out the requirements and budget quoted by them thoroughly.

Should we look into any other wedding venues in the Chilliwack area?

British Columbia wedding venues are one of a kind, and there are numerous cities near Chilliwack where you search for the best possible places. Some of them are:

How much should we spend on a Chilliwack wedding venue?

All the places in Chilliwack are affordable and don't cost much when compared with other cities. Also, the city’s location allows it to have some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the Chilliwack region.

Those who like to have an outdoor wedding planned can easily get a wonderful location at the lowest price. Always do your research first before selecting any venue for your wedding.

When should we book our wedding venue in Chilliwack?

The best period is a year ahead of the planned date. This is also because if you are planning to get married in a peak season, then the wedding venue in Chilliwack will get full more a year before!

So, in order to just get the booking of your favourite place, you have to start looking out for possible venues way ahead of time. Also, anything less than that is not an issue unless you don't want to work slow. Slow work with less time will invite possible mishaps on the final day.

What should I ask when booking my wedding venue in Chilliwack?

  1. What is the Final price of the package?
  2. Are there any hidden charges involved?
  3. Can you have liquor on the premises?
  4. Are there any other services included?
  5. Can you have extra services on the day of your wedding?

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