If you are looking for a place near the hills to organize your dream wedding, then the Red Tree Lodge should be your utmost priority. Be it the outdoor arrangements or the indoor decorations, and...
50 - 175
Whether it is a winter wedding or a summer get-together, the Island Lake Lodge is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved and dear ones. The entire team cares for you and your...
50 - 135
To conclude it all, it would be apt to say that the Fernie Alpine Resorts are among the most suitable wedding venues to have a wedding function. Be it the food or the location, the Fernie Alpine...
50 - 135
To conclude it all, it would be perfect to say that Elk View Lodge is the ideal destination for your special day, and their services will make this day an unforgettable one for you and your loved...
50 - 110
The venue lives up to its history as it offers an incomparable service from its interior design façade to luxurious rooms and various types of premium provided to guests. The event's planning is...
Rusty Edge
2nd year
Rusty Edge is one of the best wedding venues in the Ski hill of Fernie in British Columbia. They have the best backdrop for a winter wedding, and with the delicious dishes and a warm indoor, Rusty...
50 - 175
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Getting married in Fernie? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

What is the best time of year for a wedding in Fernie?

Are you particular about comfortable weather? If so, the best time to plan your wedding in this city is between June and August. Of course, there are chances that Fernie wedding venues can cost more during this season. However, you can save money by booking in advance.

If you wish to save a lot during your wedding in Fernie, you can plan your event in December. This month will be the coldest. But, tourists do not visit during this month. So, you can easily plan your intimate wedding without spending a lot.

What are the popular wedding styles in Fernie?

Fernie is popular for its skiing and snowboarding activities. Even the city is familiar with its mountains. So, mountain and lake weddings are in high demand in the city. Also, couples plan their wedding in adventurous spots only with close friends and family members, like elopements.

This is why an intimate wedding is one of the popular styles here. However, if you do not want to follow the crowd and want your wedding to be different, you can choose wedding banquet halls in Fernie.

You can also find many elegant hotel wedding venues in Fernie if you have a specific style in mind. This would be a good idea if you have many out-of-town guests visiting the city for your special day.

Irrespective of your style and choice, you can find a Fernie wedding guide to help you in different ways.

Are there any major events in Fernie that we should consider when planning our wedding?

Fernie is a paradise for adventure lovers. So, many events throughout the year attract crowds. Do you have an idea on when to conduct your wedding? Once you know the probable date, you can talk to wedding venues in British Columbia to gather details about any upcoming big events.

Should we consider any wedding venue locations near Fernie?

Cranbrook is a popular choice when it comes to locations near Fernie. Apart from Cranbrook wedding venues, Invermere wedding venues also hold a name.

You can also consider the beautiful Calgary wedding venues. You can find everything you’re looking for here, from industrial venues to rustic barns and farms. Also, wouldn’t it be so romantic to celebrate love by the beautiful Lake Koocanusa overlooking mighty mountains?

You can find lodge wedding facilities and hotels in all these locations that provide space for a wedding. Also, you can find wedding packages to suit your needs.

How much is a wedding venue in Fernie?

The money you will have to spend on your Fernie wedding can be different based on your chosen location. For instance, mountain and lake weddings can cost you more. But, wedding banquet halls will cost you lower.

Similarly, the cost will differ based on how you conduct your wedding in a venue. Will it include both ceremony and reception or only one? In the latter case, you will be spending less while spending more in the former.

The good thing to learn is that you can find affordable wedding venues in the city easily. So, you can complete your wedding without diluting a major part of your savings.

How far in advance should we plan a wedding in Fernie?

It would be better to start planning at least a year before your wedding. Experienced wedding planners recommend starting to plan at least 18 months before your wedding. The reason is that you can save time and money when you do this.

Let us consider that you have a lot of months left for your wedding. You can slowly complete the tasks related to your wedding one by one. You need not have to be in a hurry when you start planning early. Also, you can find great deals for bigger wedding venues in Fernie.

What questions should we ask when looking for a wedding venue in Fernie?

  1. Is my preferred date available?
  2. What’s the seating capacity of the venue?
  3. What are the different wedding packages offered?
  4. Are the venue charges differently for mid-week and winter weddings?
  5. On the wedding day, when can I access the venue?
  6. Does the wedding venue in Fernie have its stuff to decorate the wedding arena?
  7. Will the wedding venue provide its own mic and sound system?
  8. What’s the venue’s policy on cancellations?
  9. Can I bring my own vendors?
  10. How does the payment plan work?

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