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With its historic sites, museums, artisan studios, and cute locally-owned shops, Lindsay offers fantastic wedding venues, including lush green golf clubs, historic mansions, elegant banquet halls and hotels. Here are our top picks of the best Lindsay wedding venues.

Pie Eyed Monk Brewery
Pie Eyed Monk Brewery


  • 2. years
  • Well, it can be easily said that Pie Eyed Monk Brewery is a success for the community of Lindsay. With a great historical backdrop, the venue never fails to put its guests in awe. So, if you are...

    Ceremony capacity
    Min price (pp)
    Lindsay Golf and Country Club

    This venue is one of the classiest locations in Ontario, and with an adjacent golf course, it has all the ingredients to become a unique wedding destination. The entire staff of Lindsay Golf and...

    Ceremony capacity
    Min price (pp)
    Celebrations Lindsay
    Celebrations Lindsay


  • 2. years
  • Celebrations are a fantastic venue to organize your wedding or any other party. With such mesmerizing riverfront views and charming interior decorations, the guests will surely enjoy their time...

    Ceremony capacity
    Admiral Inn and Conference Venue Lindsay

    The Admiral Inn and Conference Centre Lindsay is a fully-equipped event space that provides the guests’ needs and an opportunity for guests to consult with an on-site event planner before the...

    Ceremony capacity
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    Getting married in Lindsay, Ontario? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

    What is the best time of year for a wedding in Lindsay?

    Spring is the best time of the year to plan your wedding in Lindsay. The pleasant and calm weather of January to March leaves everyone filled with love. Planning your wedding to grab the best offers of the Lindsay wedding venues in that season would be a wise idea.

    Spring offers the best scenery of that place, filled with blossom flowers and trees. In the spring season, the weather will be a little hot, but at the same time, it will be calm too, leaving you to enjoy the weather of Lindsay.

    What are the popular wedding styles in Lindsay?

    In Lindsay, all wedding styles are popular. The weddings happen lavishly and sumptuously to exhibit the French flavours. An outdoor celebration in the city is a state affair and is the most popular wedding style. Old and traditional events, too, happen at this place.

    However, there is one thing common in all the venues: unbeatable flavours of the food made with local produce. Most importantly, the Lindsay wedding venues provide you with all tastes to choose that best suits your needs. From mansions to forest weddings, you get all here.

    Are there any major events in Lindsay that we should consider when planning our wedding?

    The most important thing about these wedding venues is their rules and guidelines for the wedding couple getting hitched at this place. So, before planning a wedding in Lindsay, it is highly recommended to go through the wedding rules in the province.

    Should we consider any wedding venue locations near Lindsay?

    The wedding venues near Lindsay have sumptuous and fantastic ways to celebrate weddings. The following is the most popular locations among soon-to-be-weds:

    These cities have the most lavish and spectacular arrangements and offer some of the best Ontario wedding venues. From small weddings to big-fat receptions, these places celebrate all. These are considered to be the best among all the province.

    How much is a wedding venue in Lindsay, Ontario?

    Lindsay has lots of affordable wedding venues with all the arrangements for a lavish wedding. The inexpensive banquet halls and other venues in the city always have availability of bookings. However, the prices may vary with the wedding style.

    The entire Lindsay wedding packages are always budget-friendly, with lots of options to go for. The whole thing depends on the wedding style and arrangement that you select for your big day. You are always bestowed with the pocket-friendly option inclusive of all packages.

    How far in advance should we plan a wedding in Lindsay?

    It is recommended to plan a wedding at least 10-12 months before the date. This will help the wedding venues to arrange everything properly. The execution of the party will be easy, and everything will be arranged in an orderly manner.

    So, at least ten months is needed for proper planning to organize a Lindsay wedding reception.

    What questions should we ask when looking for a wedding venue in Lindsay?

    1. Is our selected date available?
    2. What are the best features of this wedding venue?
    3. How many guests can the wedding venue handle?
    4. What is the last moment arrangement, if in case of guest lists exceed?
    5. Is the wedding package include catering services?
    6. Can we hire outside vendors?
    7. Is liquor allowed inside the Lindsay wedding venues?
    8. How long at night is the party permissible?
    9. If any medical emergency arises, what is the last moment arrangement?
    10. What is the lowest cost for a wedding package?
    11. Does the venue have a parking space on-site?
    12. Do you provide a wedding band or DJ?
    13. Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
    14. How much is the deposit?

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