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Why is wedding videography so important?

The day of your wedding. It's going to be one of the most important days of your life. You've probably been fantasizing about this day since you were a child — the flowers, the cake, the rings, the celebration, and, most importantly, the lovely person you'll be spending the rest of your life with. You've envisioned it for months, if not years before the big day.

This is the reason why you should definitely hire a professional videographer. Nothing compares to watching tears rolling down on your mother's face or your partner's trembling hands as they put the ring on your finger. There are so many small, in-between moments and movements that photographs can't capture.

The lovely and often hilarious toasts and speeches are one of our favourite aspects of the wedding day. When you realize you only have images of the words being spoken, you might regret not having it on video to replay. A professional wedding videographer will bring cameras and professional audio equipment to capture every word spoken by the most important people on your most special day.

Even if you don't watch your wedding video too often at first, you'll have it for the rest of your life. Meaning, you'll be able to show it to your children one day! Wedding videography will bring you back to your big day and let you relive all of the memorable moments, from your highlight pre-wedding moments to the big entrance, as well as see and hear everyone's faces and laughter — it's a lot more intimate.

Is hiring a wedding videographer worth the money?

Yes, it definitely is! Your wedding day goes by so quickly that you won't be able to see every little special moment. Preserving memories, relieving your big day and sharing it with your loved ones is worth every penny you spend. You might think that guests have half-decent cameras, and you shouldn't bother with a professional wedding videographer. However, that is not the case. Would you get your friends to make your wedding cake or your dress? You will be able to get the best quality and craftsmanship from a professional.

Additionally, wedding videography is much more than recording everything happening on your big day. Best wedding videographers have an eye for details and the latest equipment, from drones to microphones, that will turn your special moments into a cinematic wedding video. Also, they spend many hours editing, adding wedding video songs, and montaging the raw material to come up with the best outcome possible.

What are wedding videography styles?

How long is a professional wedding video?

Couples frequently ask about the length of their wedding video. There is no exact length we can give to you since your wedding video may be as lengthy or as short as you choose. The average wedding video length is 5 to 10 minutes for a short film and up to 35 minutes or maybe longer for a cinematic or documentary format. Depending on what you want to use it for and what kinds of wedding videography packages are available, you can choose between the two, or you can opt for both!

There are no rules about how long your video should be, but keep in mind that the longer a wedding videographer shoots, the more footage they need to edit. It means that the more expensive the cost will be. In any case, having your memories recorded and documented for you and your loved ones to watch whenever you choose is worth it.

How long should you have a videographer at your wedding?

We recommend sketching out your wedding-day timeline before considering hiring a wedding videographer. Knowing what's going on and when it will happen is crucial to estimate how many hours of coverage you'll require. Consider the venues where you'll be getting ready, as well as the ceremony and reception sites, the number of guests, and the size of your wedding party when creating your timeline.

Typical wedding videography packages include 8 hours of coverage, and it might seem like a lot for some couples. However, it's not enough to cover the entire day, from hair and makeup to the after-party. There are also 12-hour and full-day packages you can choose for complete coverage.

How much does a wedding videographer cost in Canada?

You'll need to know how much you can afford for the wedding videography to accommodate it in your budget. The cost of hiring a wedding videographer is affected by a combination of different factors. Your location, the package you select, and the number of videographers you hire are all aspects to consider.

Although there is no set price for wedding videography, prices range from $ 2.000 to $ 3.500. You can also find more affordable wedding videography services by having your celebration in off-peak season, mid-week. Don’t forget to read your videography contract carefully so as not to get disappointed.

What’s normally included in wedding videography packages?

Although the exact features can be tailored to your particular wants and needs, there are certain services included in every wedding videography package. 8 to 10 hours of coverage, with extra time costing anything from $200 to $500 per half-hour, covering the videographer's and assistant's work, video cards and time spent editing additional footage are the most common services in the packages.

All of the key moments should be included in your wedding videography contract. That means assisting the photographer with the couple's preparations, arriving at the ceremony site in their own vehicle to film the entire event, capturing genuine, in-between moments while synchronizing with the DJ during the reception, the couple's reception entrance, speeches and dances...

Use of your wedding videographer's equipment, such as lavalier microphones, which are discreetly clipped-on mini-mics, and essential additions like music beds, should also be included. Licensing expenses should not be included because the final video will be used only for personal purposes.

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