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Sooke Harbour House
3rd year
Responds in 0 hour

Sooke Harbour House is the best venue for couples who want to have their wedding in a perfect venue without decorations stress. The venue is top class with the best settings. Fill out the form and...

50 - 225
Cedar Haven Weddings
3rd year
Responds in 0 hour

Cedar Haven Weddings is the venue you dream about; the wedding packages that they offer and the reasonable wedding cost will allow you to celebrate the wedding day correctly. Communicate with them...

50 - 100
Prestige Oceanfront Resort
3rd year
Responds in 0 hour

Prestige Oceanfront Resort wedding packages are perfect for celebrating the big day. Also, the wedding costs are affordable and well-thought-out to fit your wedding's financial plan. Request a...

50 - 350
Craidelonna Oceanedge Lodge
3rd year
Responds in 0 hour

Craidelonna Oceanedge Lodging is the ideal place for your intimate weddings, anniversaries, retreats, honeymoons, and family gatherings. The serene atmosphere will leave you and your guests the...

50 - 75
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Getting married in Sooke? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

What is the best time of year for a wedding in Sooke?

Like most states in Canada, Sooke also enjoys cold weather that makes it impossible to conduct wedding receptions outdoors. Couples going for outdoor weddings can choose the period from May to August. The winter season from December to January experiences heavy snowfall making it difficult for outdoor weddings.

So the couples should choose the Summer and Spring season that allows a dry wedding without any temperature issues. Couples interested in having indoor winter weddings can choose the most elegant hotels and reception halls.

What are the popular wedding styles in Sooke?

Since Sooke is located on the sea with multiple harbours, the couples here prefer a beautiful Harbour House wedding. Similarly, since beautiful hiking points and natural scenes surround the entire area, couples also prefer outdoor park weddings. Some of the suitable venues include Prestige Oceanfront Resort and Cedar Haven.

There are also some forest venues in Sooke for couples who prefer unique wedding venues. These places separate them from the rest of the world, providing the required intimacy and privacy.

Are there any major events in Sooke that we should consider when planning our wedding?

Spoke is a nice and normal area with a little population. Other than the common fairs and small weddings, there is nothing that can affect your big day. The couples can easily select the dates unless there are an election or government-acknowledged celebrations like Halloween and Christmas.

This area is suitable for those searching for cheap wedding venues. The entire wedding packages offered by the wedding venues in this region are quite inclusive with a reasonable price.

Should we consider any wedding venue locations near Sooke?

Couples who prefer coastal areas but need to check out different wedding venues in British Columbia can search these popular regions among the soon-to-be-weds on Vancouver Island:

These areas are suitable for conducting wedding receptions with exclusive decorations and beautiful locations.

How much is a wedding venue in Sooke?

There are many banquet halls in Sooke that are available for reasonable prices. The wedding venues offer multiple packages for conducting your wedding ceremony and reception for a decent budget.

Couples craving heavy budget weddings can choose the costly packages while the others can choose the normal packages. Depending upon their choice and requirements, the couples can decide on their wedding.

How far in advance should we plan a wedding in Sooke?

Whether it is a Sooke wedding venue or any other wedding venue, booking them at least before a year is necessary. This will allow you to book your favourite spot and allow the wedding planners to have maximum time for proper wedding preparations.

Any weddings should be planned to be conducted as per the plan. While planning your wedding, ensure all the details are covered and pre-booked in advance. The couples must decide the budget before their wedding venues.

What questions should we ask when looking for a wedding venue in Sooke?

  1. What are the plans for sudden external climate conditions in the pre-booked Spoke wedding venues?
  2. Can external foods be arranged for the Sooke wedding venue?
  3. What are the extra features available in the venue?
  4. What are the coin ways available for registering the marriage in the Sooke area?
  5. Can we bring outside vendors?
  6. Does the venue have an outdoor area for the cocktail reception?
  7. Are pets allowed in the venue?
  8. In case of a medical emergency, is there a hospital nearby?
  9. What’s the deposit to reserve the venue?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sooke Wedding Venues

  • How much do wedding venues cost in Sooke?
    The cost of the wedding venues in Sooke ranges from $30 per person. The average capacity for a wedding venues in Sooke is 131 people. The total price for a wedding venues in Sooke is $3,930.