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Whether you want to hold an intimate ceremony in the middle of rolling hills or grand reception with stunning decorations, Okotoks wedding venues will make the best for you. Check out numerous Okotoks wedding venues and receive price quotes from the ones you like!

Best Western Plus Okotoks Inn Suites

Unlike many event venues, this venue provides all your wedding needs from start to finish so that all you do will be to relax and enjoy your day. You can fill the form to book the venue.

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Crystal Ridge Golf Club

At Crystal Ridge Golf Club, couples' satisfaction is of utmost priority. To make reservations, you can fill the form.

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Riverview Bed and Breakfast

This exquisite event venue makes sure all your wedding needs are met to the fullest. The staffs carefully listen to your every request and do their best to make you comfortable enough to enjoy the...

D'Arcy Ranch Golf Club
D'Arcy Ranch Golf Club


  • 2. year
  • This venue offers you a great view of the Rocky Mountains and the clean golf course. This way, your guests will never get bored of the event. To book the venue for your magical wedding event, you...

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    Getting married in Okotoks? Here are some key points you need to know:

    What is the best time of the year for a wedding in Okotoks?

    The weather in Canada is cold almost throughout the year. In January and February, the winter can get very harsh. Hence, couples looking to get married usually prefer a warm climate. It is thus strongly advised to visit Okotoks within the timeline of June to August.

    However, you might find it very difficult to book affordable Okotoks wedding venues, as this is the busiest season in the city. Prices of wedding packages tend to increase at this time of the year.

    What are the popular wedding styles in Okotoks?

    In Okotoks, there was an ancient tradition to get married at the banks of Sheep River. Today, however, this tradition has been lost in time. However, many Okotoks wedding venues are trying to revive this tradition.

    Traditional and elegant styles are also quite popular. For these types of events, couples usually prefer chic wedding banquet halls in Okotoks. You can also check out Okotoks hotel wedding venues, especially if you have many out-of-town guests.

    Bed and breakfast venues can be other options for couples considering having small weddings with their loved ones in a cozy ambience.

    Are there any major events in Okotoks that we should consider when planning our wedding?

    Okotoks often hosts some of the best rock fest concerts in the country. Couples getting married in the region can enjoy a breathtaking live performance from some of the most happening singers in the nation. In many Okotoks wedding packages, this is often included.

    Hence, couples in Okotoks' wedding receptions can check for such impressive offers. Although it might not be popular among many couples who wish to have a peaceful and traditional wedding, some exceptional couples are looking to try different ways to make their wedding memorable.

    Should we consider any wedding venue locations near Okotoks?

    When it comes to choosing wedding venues in Okotoks, couples will enjoy a wide range of options. However, most of their options are heavily dependent on their wedding budget. There are many inexpensive wedding venues in the city.

    However, if you want to expand your search for a place for different reasons, Alberta wedding venues near Okotoks have some of the best backdrops and services for your big day. Here is a list of the most popular locations in the area:

    How much is a wedding venue in Okotoks?

    As stated earlier, when it comes to choosing the wedding venues in Okotoks, the budget and preference of the couples matter the most.

    It has been mentioned earlier that in the area, Okotoks wedding packages can differ as per the facilities provided by the venue, location, seasonal time, and special customizations asked by the couples.

    Okotoks' wedding packages tend to change as they can be customized per the couple's requests and due to seasonal demands.

    The other factor affecting the overall cost is the number of your guests. Since venues price their services per person, the cost increases when the guest number increases.

    How far in advance should we plan a wedding in Okotoks?

    When couples are booking a wedding venue in Okotoks, a few terms need to be understood. If the couples are fine with the standard facilities, it is recommended that they book their Okotos wedding venues at least 7 months before their wedding.

    However, if they opt for extra facilities as per their terms, they strongly recommend booking the venue at least 9 months before the wedding.

    What questions should we ask when we are looking for a wedding venue in Okotoks?

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