This event venue concentrates on making available everything you need for your big and wonderful day in the right manner to enable you to create memories that you will cherish for a long time. You...
Located on over 100 acres of manicured grounds only five minutes from downtown Moncton, Solomon Gardens is the most intimate & secluded space for your fairytale day. From small intimate gathering...
The Moncton Amsterdam Inn is a stellar venue to hold your wedding ceremony. The place offers very friendly prices, made-to-measure your budget. Reach out by contacting our customer service team...
Magnetic Hill Winery and B&B treats you as though you were there for vacation. It has all resources on standby to satisfy all sources of wedding jitters, giving you enough relaxation and comfort...
If you want a wedding that speaks class and style, fill the form provided to book for your upcoming wedding.
At Moncton Wesleyan Celebration Centre, they believe that marriage is a covenant union intended by God and, as such, are delighted in being a part of your ceremony. They are dedicated to making...
Wedgewood Hall is a unique venue to offer guests and clients the best it has to offer. It is one of a kind, and you can rest assured of having the most blissful day of your life while having fun...
Legends Restaurant is a wedding venue that carefully listens to the suggestions and expectations of couples, assisting in every way it can from the beginning of the wedding to the end to make the...
La Teraz
2nd year
La Teraz is a place that has something for everyone. They have wheelchair access as well. You can fill out the form to place your booking for your wedding.
Delta Hotels by Marriott Beausejour wedding rates are affordable. The place has unique packages to choose from. The staff offers top-tier services that will turn your day into a memorable...
The Royal Oaks Gold Club is a perfect destination for your dream wedding. The venue provides a wide variety of fantastic services and outstanding customer support. The prices are affordable and...
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Getting married in Moncton? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

What are the most popular wedding dates in Moncton?

Moncton is known for its continental climate. The place is popular for lovely warm summers and snowy winters. The ideal wedding season in this part of New Brunswick is in late spring and summer. The reason is the presence of pleasant temperatures.

Couples prefer to book wedding venues in Moncton, particularly during May and June. Otherwise, most choose September for ideal climatic conditions. In these months, you can choose your wedding to be conducted on a rooftop.

Moreover, you can also hold your celebration in one of the outdoor wedding venues in Moncton. If you choose cooler winter months, it is better to choose an indoor wedding venue.

What are the popular wedding styles in Moncton?

Moncton is often referred to as a paradise for nature lovers. So, most couples prefer the style of getting wed outdoors. If you prefer outdoor events like other couples, barn wedding venues in Moncton can help you.

Some couples prefer hotel wedding venues. They do this as they wish to follow a modern approach against choosing regular wedding venues.

In all styles of wedding, the common feature you will notice is the satisfaction of couples. Yes, you can find some of Canada’s best wedding banquet halls in Moncton.

Why you should consider Moncton wedding halls for your big day?

Banquet halls in Moncton are very popular among soon-to-be-weds. And rightfully so! They're an excellent choice for couples with a huge wedding guest list who want to hold their big day in a city or suburb.

After all, when it comes to having all you need under one roof: food, chairs and tables, staff and a dance floor, a banquet hall is a relatively straightforward decision.

It is always nice to have assistance on your special day. Banquet hall crew are well-versed in handling big events like weddings, so you can relax knowing that everything from waiters to bartenders to crowd managing is in good hands. Another perk is that some wedding halls have a wedding coordinator on staff.

One of the best things about having a reception hall wedding is that you don't have to worry about the time of year. Wedding hall rentals in Moncton are seasonless, making them ideal for both summer and winter weddings.

You won't have to worry about snow or rain ruining your special day, and you'll be perfectly warm (or cool) and comfy regardless of the weather! Also, you can use our free weather tool to learn how the weather will be on the big day and take the necessary precautions beforehand if you plan to have some part of your celebration outdoors.

The ambience "baked in" to Moncton banquet halls is breathtaking! Because wedding halls were designed specifically for special events, you can decorate them as much (or as little) as you want. If you don't want to spend too much time decorating, most reception halls are already neatly decorated, ensuring a beautiful evening.

Are there any major events in Moncton that we should take into mind when securing our wedding venue?

Moncton Downtown promotes culture and leisure activities right in the heart of the city. So, many large-scale community events and even small-scale events take place year-round in Moncton.

When you plan for your Moncton wedding, it is better to check the calendar of events in Moncton so that you can decide the date accordingly.

Otherwise, the easy option available to you is to get the dates of events, if any, verified with your wedding venue in Moncton.

Should we look into any other wedding venues in the Moncton area?

Yes, you can find many breathtaking spots by looking for the best New Brunswick wedding venues near Moncton.

Halifax wedding venues can bring you the best options. Also, most couples prefer wedding venues in Kensington as they know that this city won’t disappoint them with the fantastic backdrops and exquisite services provided. You can also consider Saint John wedding venues for an intimate yet chic celebration.

In short, many places near Moncton have won the hearts of couples by providing them with the best and unforgettable spots for their most special day.

How much should we spend on a Moncton wedding venue?

You can relax as you can find cheap wedding venues in and around Moncton. Even you can find venues that are affordable and do not affect your overall wedding budget.

The overall spending for your wedding will differ based on the wedding venue you choose, the number of your guests, season and wedding package inclusions.

When should we book our wedding venue in Moncton?

For any event, advance planning will go a long way in making things easier. When it comes to weddings, this is truer. To ensure the success of your celebration, it is better to start planning at least a year in advance.

When you plan things about 12-18 months in advance, you can even save on the wedding reception venues in Moncton.

What questions should we ask when looking for a wedding venue in Moncton?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moncton Wedding Venues