Toronto Wedding Catering

Any large event revolves around food, and this is especially true for the most important day of your life: your wedding. That’s why we’ve handpicked Toronto’s best wedding catering companies for you. From vegan to food truck catering, everything you’re looking for is on this page!

Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven has partnered with numerous wedding venues and additional service providers, which helps them offer their services in all of the Greater Toronto Area. For further details, kindly...

Treeline Catering

Serving in the western areas of Toronto, Treeline Catering is the perfect combination of contemporary and classic. You can get your appointments booked to meet the experts of TC for the catering....

Per Se Catering and Events

Per Se Catering & Events is one of the best catering service providers in Toronto. They serve in GTA and venues like Midtown Event Theatre, Yankee Lady, Habitación Stirling, and Miss Toronto. For...

Vinci Catering

The best feature of Vinci Catering is that they can offer catering support even under short deadlines. Its owners, Michael and Rosie, have ensured that their company only serves the best quality...

L-eat Catering

L-eat Catering serves in the Toronto region and delivers to every assurance made. Its comprehensive support will make sure that you have a stress-free event! Their services will cater to...

Funnel Cake Express

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Funnel Cake Express is a company that specializes in serving deliciously hot funnel cakes for weddings and any other type of event you want. Since 2005, this business...

Chica's Chicken

At Chica's Chicken, it is all about serving seasoned and tender chicken. They offer their services inside the Greater Toronto Area. Couples will have to provide 2-day advance notice before the even

Big City Catering

• Catering to Weddings • Corporate Catering (small and large businesses) • Private Events, • Office Catering • Boxed Meals • Boxed Lunches • Holidays • BBQ Events & Family Gatherings • Festivals •...

Better than Yia Yia's Mediterranean Cate

At Better than Yia Yia's Mediterranean Catering, you will find some of the best and classic Greek/ Mediterranean cuisines. Make your bookings today!

Daniel et Daniel

Daniel et Daniel's main objective is to establish a long-term relationship with their clients on trust and faith. They will ensure that you have a stress-free event with your loved ones!



Provisions Catering and Events has partnered with several local wedding and event venues all over Toronto. Their decadent cooking and friendly support will make your wedding planning stress-free!

Art of Food

Art of Food has only one aim- to customize the event catering for couples. Each event helps them make a lasting impression on the client's guests! If you have any questions, please fill the form!

Yorkshire Pudding Catering

Whether you are planning on a casual dinner or an intimate get-together, Yorkshire Pudding Catering is the best choice for couples in Toronto. Their experience, combined with their love for food,...

Eatertainment Special Events Catering

If you plan to get married soon and haven't found the right caterer, then Eatertainment Events & Catering is the best option. With impressive food and immersive experience, they will make your day...



Manjya is a comprehensive catering company, which offers numerous cuisine options at budget-friendly prices. Regardless of your venue in Toronto, they will get there and set up the edibles on time!

Savour Catering and Events

Savour Catering & Events is an all-inclusive solution for all your catering needs. They also support in setting up the dishes properly. Get them reserved for your big day today!

CaterTrendz Culinary Production

On your wedding day, nothing could go wrong, especially with your dining. Their culinary experts ensure your big day becomes perfect with their exclusive delicacies and heart-warming hospitality....

Jack and Lils

Jack and Lil's is an all-in-one wedding services support provider. From serving the best food to planning the perfect wedding, they will offer a complete and fun experience for you and your guests.

Tempered Room Catering

Tempered Room Catering is a boutique food and drinks service provider from Toronto specializing in serving at wedding events. Whether you are having a quick get-together or a formal reception, TTR...

Pumpernickel's Catering

Pumpernickel's Catering is known for adding its experience and affection to the food they serve at the event. The team serves in around 15 locations inside the Greater Toronto Area. For more...

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What do wedding caterers in Toronto provide?

Food is the most important ingredient of a successful wedding ceremony. Ontario wedding caterers offer you comprehensive services covering every aspect of wedding catering in Toronto.

The services offered by catering companies in Toronto include but are not limited to, studying the floor plan to assist with seating arrangements, preparation of food, creating the food and delivery of the same to the venue, presentation of the food as designed as per the client request, etc.

What are the most popular food options at Toronto weddings?

There are different food options to be served at your Toronto weddings based on the client’s requirements and the style of the wedding. Some of the wedding catering menus in Toronto would be styled like:

What are the cheapest food options for a wedding in Toronto?

There are plenty of food options to include in your wedding catering menu that will bring down the overall wedding catering prices. You can opt for disposable dinnerware and some budget-friendly options to keep your cost within the budget.

Do Toronto restaurants cater weddings?

There are indeed many restaurants that cater in Toronto which could be a great opportunity to serve great food on your wedding day. If the restaurant also has the venue for the wedding, then you can save more on your wedding catering prices in Toronto, as there would be no transportation required.

Should we consider any wedding caterers near Toronto?

If your wedding is planned in the city of Toronto, or nearby, then using a wedding catering in Toronto would be an intelligent choice. Ontario wedding caterers would be familiar with the local palate, the produce, and know the right vendors to get the best food for you.

If you want more options include Kitchener wedding catering and Mississauga wedding catering companies also on your list to check out.

How much does a wedding catering company cost in Toronto?

When hiring Ontario wedding caterers, the primary objective is to ensure that we do not overstep our budget. The wedding catering prices in Toronto will vary based on the style of catering, the kind of food or the wedding catering menu, and the number of guests on your wedding day.

Some of the best wedding caterers in Toronto will give you offers that you can make use of.

What is the average cost per person for wedding catering in Toronto?

The average cost per person charged by catering services in Toronto can range anywhere between $70 and $100 depending on the wedding catering menu. You can check the different dishes and the prices and decide the best option without any food wastage.

How can I cater my wedding cheaply in Toronto?

There are many affordable wedding catering in Toronto which you can hire for your wedding. You have to check the wedding catering prices from different caterers and choose the one that fits into your budget.

Another option is to choose a venue with a restaurant to save the cost of transportation. Many restaurants that cater in Toronto also have a venue for the wedding.

How far in advance should I hire a wedding caterer in Toronto?

As one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding, you need to hire your wedding catering in Toronto, at least a year earlier. It has to be on the top of your planning list once you set the wedding date and venue.

What questions should I ask when looking for a wedding catering service in Toronto?

A few things you need to enquire about in advance before booking catering services in Toronto include:

  1. Availability of the caterers on the day of your wedding.
  2. Their experience and previous weddings they have catered.
  3. Client testimonials to know their performance.
  4. Number of events they cater in a year
  5. The guests they can accommodate
  6. If they are catering only for your event on the given date. Other commitments can have an impact on your wedding catering in Toronto.
  7. The cost involved, if any, for setting up the catering services in Toronto and taking them down after the wedding.
  8. The kind of products they use for preparing the food, organic, local produce, kosher, etc.
  9. Availability of liquor license and the kind of liquor they serve.
  10. Payment options and policy of cancellation.
  11. Packages for food and drinks.

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