The Whistler Sport Legacies is a sports-centric organization which provides venues for wedding, business meetings, other functions, etc. They run a non-profitable business; all revenues collected...
The Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Center is a company that specializes in hosting weddings and other special events. They provide venues with natural surroundings and grand infrastructural buildings....
Fairmont Chateau Whistler is a romantic and intimate wedding venue located within the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Fairmont Chateau Whistler wedding prices are highly affordable. Reach out...
Nicklaus North Whistler aims at exceeding your expectations when it comes to creating a memorable wedding day. The team here offers their full support to give you a stress-free wedding planning...
Bearfoot Bistro makes sure that every wedding is unique. This is why the team here will tailor the services they provide to meet all your needs. Bearfoot Bistro wedding prices are very affordable...
Nita Lake Lodge provides all-in-one weddings in breathtaking locations. If you want to have a full package wedding with first-class service quality, this is the right venue for you. During your...
Whistler Blackcomb is a state-of-the-art wedding venue that boasts a beautiful mountainous climate that you cannot find elsewhere. Whistler Blackcomb wedding prices are very competitive, and you...
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Getting married in Whistler? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

What are the most popular wedding dates in Whistler?

Whistler is strategically located in the Coastal region and enjoys four major seasons – Spring, summer, fall, and winter. Every couple may have their own desire to hold their wedding in a specific season, but summer weddings are what Whistler is best known for.

With towering forests, mountain lakes, and melting glacier peaks to embellish your wedding pictures and videos, summer is the best time to get married in Whistler. Whether you plan to have a grand wedding in one of the elegant Whistler hotel wedding venues or an elopement wedding, summer celebrations are enjoyable and joyful.

You can easily book venues at affordable prices. Summers allow you to book Whistler outdoor wedding venues and have your event in the open. If you are a little adventurous, this time of the year is also great for a helicopter wedding in this beautiful city.

What are the most popular types of weddings in Whistler?

Whistler is blessed with scenic beauties, and this is why couples flock to have destination weddings. It is common for couples to have mountain weddings, celebrations beside the Green Lake or Nita Lake, museums, barn, cabin weddings, and more.

Fairmont Chateau Whistler wedding is another thoughtful way to have a winter wedding. Here, you can celebrate your wedding amidst lanterns, candles, and sparkling fairy lights. Whistler elopements are perfect for couples who want a small wedding.

This city is thriving with pristine nature. There is an attractive place for every couple who wants to have a Whistler wedding and create beautiful memories of their special day.

Are there any major events in Whistler that we should take into mind when securing our wedding venue?

Whistler has several festivals and events. The springtime is when most festivals are celebrated, like the Go Fest, Whistler Village Beer Festival, and more. You should also look out for Whistler Film Festival, held in December and lasts for a whole month.

Many skiing events are celebrated, including the World Ski & Snowboard Festival and the Whistler Pride and Ski Festival. You may not be able to find good Whistler wedding venues during these times because of the rush.

Should we look into any other wedding venues in the Whistler area?

British Columbia wedding venues are beautiful in all four seasons. There are many fantastic cities near Whistler in the province. Each of these places has its own beauty and features. Below are some of the best places you can find amazing locations to celebrate your special day:

How and where can we elope in Whistler?

Remember to plan your Whistler elopement with a good wedding planner. There are so many enchanting places to celebrate your elopement and make it an unforgettable one. There are gorgeous valleys, slopes where you can ski-board as you elope, mountains, or the helicopter elopement.

There are many Whistler elopement packages available for wedding couples. You can select the one that best fits your budget and requirement.

How much is a wedding venue in Whistler?

The cost of Whistler wedding ceremony locations depends on your budget and the number of guests you wish to have for the occasion. You can have an amazing huge celebration if you have a generous budget.

You could look for affordable wedding venues at Whistler if you have a limited budget. There is no shortage of beautiful and pocket-friendly venues.

When should we book our wedding venue in Whistler?

For your wedding to happen effortlessly, it is significant that you plan at least a year ahead. This gives you time to learn about the place, make your bookings, take appointments and finalize things.

If you are planning a destination wedding in Whistler or an adventurous one, you will need time for rehearsal or practice.

What should I ask when booking my wedding venue in Whistler?

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