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Elora Mill Hotel and Spa
3rd year
Responds in 14 hour

Elora Mill Hotel & Spa wedding costs are fantastic, and the wedding packages well- designed to suit your wedding needs. Do the first step today by filling the form to communicate with them and get...

50 - 225
The Fieldstone Barn
Responds in 6 hour

The Fieldstone Barn offers you exclusivity to enjoy the property on your special day. Their large historic stone barn is one of kind and unique to the area - built by Scottish stone masons over...

30 - 150
The GrandWay Event Centre
3rd year
Responds in 0 hour

The GrandWay Event Centre, which is just some minutes from the beautiful village of Elora, will give you a fantastic experience and make your wedding worthwhile. Make sure you fill out the form,...

50 - 225
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Getting married in Elora? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

What is the best time of year for a wedding in Elora?

The best time to visit Elora is between May and September for the adventure-loving couples looking beyond a simple romantic wedding. As the average temperature in the region is mostly around 62 degrees F, it makes it ideal for an outdoor wedding.

Many Elora wedding venues specialize in the wild form of a wedding and include outdoor activities in their wedding packages. However, these are more suitable for small weddings and, therefore, ideal for couples looking for an intimate experience with their loved ones.

What are the popular wedding styles in Elora?

There is no particular wedding style that is unique to the place. However, many couples seek a thrilling marriage ceremony over a simple traditional and romantic one.

Hence, wedding venues include many such practices to provide a unique experience for visiting couples to get married in the conservation park.

On the other hand, wedding venues such as Elora Mill and Irvineside Farm have set up a new wedding theme for couples. These wedding venues are trying to revive the local folk style, which was long lost.

Last but not least, there are many elegant banquet halls in Elora for couples who want to follow in the footsteps of their parents by having a traditional reception.

Are there any major events in Elora that we should consider when planning our wedding?

Elora does not have any unique local festivals native to the area. However, it is famously known as the organizer of The Elora Festival, which holds classical music concerts. Music lovers worldwide visit the place to enjoy some of the best classic music Canada has to offer.

If the visiting couples wish to enjoy this festival, along with a grand wedding in Elora, then it is suggested that they should reserve hotel rooms if they have many out-of-town guests.

Should we consider any wedding venue locations near Elora?

If for some reason, you want to search other places near Elora, you're in luck because Ontario wedding venues can provide you with everything you’re looking for. The following list includes the popular connected cities among soon-to-be-weds:

How much is a wedding venue in Elora?

The popularity of Elora as a tourist place has gone up extensively since the last decade. Tourists from all over the country visit the place to enjoy Elora Gorge Conservation Park's scenic beauty and Querry Conservation Area. Later is considered to be a very romantic Elora wedding venue for many couples.

Many of the couples arrange a small wedding in the area. Brewery weddings happen to be the best option for this. Several Elora banquet halls include passes to visit music concerts which are another attraction in the area.

So, the overall cost of wedding venues depends on many factors. Some of them are the season, the popularity of the venue and services included wedding packages. Also, the number of your guests is a huge factor. The more, the pricier!

How far in advance should we plan a wedding in Elora?

This usually depends upon the extra package that the couples wish to include in the standard Elora wedding packages. Alongside, the duration of the visit is also a factor, along with the season. Many couples ask for extra facilities in the standard wedding packages at the last moment. This should be avoided.

If the couples are comfortable with the standard wedding packages, booking the venue 3 months earlier to the wedding is better. For additional packages, booking should be done at least 5 months earlier.

What questions should we ask when looking for a wedding venue in Elora?

  1. Is our preferred date available?
  2. How many guests can the venue hold?
  3. What are the regulations while getting married outdoors?
  4. What are the extra facilities that can be added to the wedding packages?
  5. What are the time limits of getting married outdoors?
  6. Is organizing a wedding in Elora Quarry Conservation Area legal?
  7. Are there any noise restrictions?
  8. Can we hire outside vendors?
  9. What’s the policy on cancellations?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Elora Wedding Venues

  • How much do wedding venues cost in Elora?
    The cost of the wedding venues in Elora ranges from $142 per person. The average capacity for a wedding venues in Elora is 137 people. The total price for a wedding venues in Elora is $19,454.