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Why is wedding photography so important?

It's completely okay to question whether hiring a professional wedding photographer is important. You may wonder whether it is worth spending money on wedding photography after paying for everything else. It is well worth the money to hire a professional wedding photographer rather than handing the job to an amateur. The photographer's sole purpose is to capture everything on your wedding day so that you don't miss a single moment or aspect. Additionally, wedding photographs are more than just images that you and your partner will keep. These are images that will be passed down through the years, from generation to generation. Wedding photos will also catch all of the details you will inevitably miss on your most special day!

What should you look for in a wedding photographer?

How do you know which wedding photographer to hire when there are so many fantastic ones on the market? It all relies on your photography and aesthetic preferences, as well as the approach you want your wedding photographer to adopt on your big day. Look for a wedding photographer with a can-do attitude that listens to you and gets your vision. Chemistry is really important since you'll be working with your photographer for nearly 3 hours. That's why you need to understand each other to not get disappointed with the end product. This is another reason to schedule an engagement session. You will have the opportunity to spend time with your photographer and learn about their working style.

You should also look for a wedding photographer with a consistent body of work. Even if they have many good recommendations, overall coverage quality and consistency in style are so key! Education, experience and awards are among the other factors that can set a photographer apart from their colleagues. Also, every photographer's perspective, style, shooting, and editing skills are distinct. Don't expect a wedding photographer to shoot in the style of someone else's work that you like.

How many photos should a wedding photographer deliver?

Depending on which wedding photography package you choose, the number of photographs you receive varies. On a full day of wedding coverage, you will probably have between 600 and 800 photographs on average. At the end of your engagement session, you will end up with around 100 photos. However, more photographs do not necessarily mean a good thing. Quality is far more important than quantity!

How long should bridal party photos take?

This is when the bridal party and the couple are photographed together. Bridesmaids, whole bridal parties, then groomsmen are the sequence we recommend photographing before the ceremony. The bridesmaids will be able to leave, touch up their makeup, and get ready for the ceremony. You can also have your photoshoot before your wedding day, in a different location, such as a beach or your favourite park.

It should take 30-45 minutes to photograph the entire wedding party. Get as many poses as you can think of during this period. Before moving on to more fun and creative pictures, start with the basics, must-have wedding photos. Finally, we recommend using the last 15 minutes of this time to take individual photos of you with each of your bridesmaids or groomsmen since we know how much they mean to you.

What makes a great wedding photographer?

Whether you agree or disagree, the experience a photographer brings to a wedding is what makes all the difference. Courage, creativity, and the photographer's vision to think outside the box are what makes a great wedding photographer. Great wedding photographers have their own style and approach for capturing beautiful shots. They also make use of cutting-edge technology to create one-of-a-kind experiences. A great wedding photographer isn't afraid to cross boundaries and explore the world of technology. Additionally, most wedding photography services offer second shooters to ensure that your most special moments are captured perfectly. If you want your wedding photos with different backdrops, make sure that your photographer accepts working in multiple locations.

What is the essential equipment for a fantastic wedding photoshoot?

  1. Camera and backup camera: It's important to have more than two cameras since many things can go wrong.
  2. Medium Zoom Lens: This lens is great for wedding portraits and photojournalistic style.
  3. Telephoto Lens: It’s a longer lens to shoot events from a distance, like the wedding ceremony or first dance.
  4. Wide-angle lens and prime lenses: The wide-angle lens allows you to capture architectural details or large groups of people. The prime lens can help you shoot in low-light situations while also providing a beautiful depth.
  5. Speedlights: It’s an external flash to use in nighttime weddings or dark churches.
  6. Bonus—Drones!: Drones are being used by more wedding photographers and soon-to-be newlyweds to document their special day. The creative options for wedding drone photography are infinite, from once-in-a-lifetime venues to gorgeous aerial storytelling.

What are wedding photography styles?

Before selecting a wedding photographer, it’s important to learn about different wedding photography styles to find the ideal one for you. Whether you want an edgy feel or a romantic ambience, your photographer can bring your vision to life. Here are the most popular wedding photography styles for your big day:

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Canada?

If you wonder how much wedding photographers charge, we can't give you an exact amount since the price is affected by many factors, from location to experience, time of the year to equipment. This is why you need to ask a photographer several questions before signing a wedding photography contract.

A skilled photographer will cost you between $1000 and $3000 on average. Depending on where you live, the pricing may vary. While it may appear to be excessively pricey at first, keep in mind that a wedding photographer often spends 30-40 hours on each wedding. Photographers participate in planning sessions and, unless you hire a local one, often need to travel to your location. If you’re trying to find an affordable wedding photographer, don’t hold a wedding during the high season, book in advance, hire a photographer for fewer hours and find a local professional.

What is in a wedding photography package?

When evaluating different wedding photography packages, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

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