Woodstock Golf & Curling Club is one of the best wedding places in the New Brunswick region, and the testimonies of the clients are proof of that. Along with a customer-first policy and feasible...
Wu Centre
2nd year
Contact the team at the venue for more information on the wedding options offered by them!
Spacious, alluring venue and ticking all your requirements, Fredericton Convention Centre is an inviting venue hand-crafted to wrap your special events into memories. Reach out to Fredericton...
Fredericton Inn is the right wedding space for couples who want everything to be settled thoroughly and perfectly. With its skilled catering staff, you are in for a marvellous wedding that will...
Contact the team at the venue for more information on the wedding options offered by them!
Gallery 78
2nd year
Gallery 78 is one of the unique wedding venues in New Brunswick. The impressive mansion is perfect for an intimate event. You can work with the gallery’s event coordinator to execute your vision...
At the grand Crowne Plaza Fredericton-Lord Beaverbrook, the event management team handles accommodations and catering to cleanup duties. They ensure that you receive the highest standards of...
Contact the team at the venue for more information on the wedding options offered by them!
Book Killarney Lake Rotary Centennial Lodge for a simple yet elegant feel. It will go above and beyond to cater to all your needs and make your event an unforgettable one.
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Getting married in Fredericton? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

What is the best time of year for a wedding in Fredericton?

If you wish to avoid crowds, the best time to plan your Fredericton wedding is December and January. During these months, this place is visited by a lesser number of tourists. The peak tourism season in this area is in July.

So, if you wish to avoid crowds, it is better to avoid July. When you plan your wedding during busy seasons, there are chances that you cannot enjoy outdoor wedding venues due to high demand. Even during busy seasons, you might have to spend more on Fredericton wedding banquet halls.

What are the popular wedding styles in Fredericton?

Most couples prefer intimate rustic celebrations in this city. So, most of them look for wedding tent rentals in Fredericton as they do not have many guests. For grand and luxurious, some couples opt for Fredericton hotel wedding venues.

Some wish to get their wedding ceremony in a religious spot in this city. Also, as Fredericton is the home for many breweries, some couples choose to get their reception done in breweries. Irrespective of the style you prepare, you can find affordable wedding packages in this beautiful city.

Are there any major events in Fredericton that we should consider when planning our wedding?

Fredericton hosts the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival every year. This festival attracts not just regional but also internationally renowned rock, blues, and jazz artists. Also, the city hosts many music-related events.

Wedding venues in Fredericton can provide you with the right details about upcoming events in Fredericton. So, you can accordingly plan your wedding.

Should we consider any wedding venue locations near Fredericton?

When it comes to wedding venues in New Brunswick, you can find many connected cities to Fredericton. These cities offer the best backdrops, food and services for your big day, whether it’s a small wedding or a grand celebration:

How much is a wedding venue in Fredericton?

The overall spending on Fredericton weddings will differ based on different factors. It depends on what type of wedding package you choose. Also, it will differ based on the location of the banquet halls.

However, the relieving news is that your wedding in Fredericton will not create a big hole in your savings. Rather, you can find many affordable wedding venues. Also, regardless of your budget, you can expect the best service from wedding venues in Fredericton.

How far in advance should we plan a wedding in Fredericton?

A well-planned beginning will take you halfway towards success! This is more so important for your big day. Let us consider you take a lot of time comparing service providers before choosing one. In this case, you need more time.

Irrespective of your nature, it is better to begin planning at least 12-18 months before your wedding. This much time will help you find the best deals for Fredericton wedding venues.

Let us consider that you have plans to travel from elsewhere to Fredericton for the wedding. Planning and booking early flights will help you save a lot of flight charges as well.

You can compare different Fredericton wedding packages and can try to negotiate the best price. All these things become possible only when you have a lot of time for planning and decision-making.

What questions should we ask when looking for a wedding venue in Fredericton?

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