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With hundreds of stores and thousands of various wedding dress designs in Toronto to choose from, finding a dress that fits your body and your budget might be difficult. But it's not the case with WeddingHero. We've handpicked the best wedding dress stores and designers in Toronto and listed them with photos, services and prices. Whether you're looking for an affordable rental dress or the most exquisite one, you'll surely find it on this page!

Camellia Wedding Gown

It is a well-stocked designer boutique with a lot of experience and expertise in its field. You can find dresses in different designs here that conform to the highest standards of quality and...

Brosche Bridal

This is a unique place as it gives an array of useful services to the clients regarding clothes. The professional staff will take every care to give you a perfect service.

Je Vis Bridal
Je Vis Bridal

East York

For custom-made bridal outfits, it provides excellent services. The designs are a breath of fresh air, thanks to the youthful designer who masterfully creates them. A 50% deposit is required for...

Felichia Bridal

It will give you enough reasons to smile when you reach to buy your wedding dress. Right from the variety of wedding dresses to their price and everything in between is just right for a good...

Nadia Lef-Dressmaking and Alteration

Alteration and custom-made dressmaking go hand in hand here. No doubt, a custom-made dress provides a host of benefits. It will fit perfectly, and you won't have to spend anything extra on...

Chandan Fashion

There is a vibrant South Asian community settled in Canada. This store offers them special occasions clothes that are culturally relevant to them. There is a large variety, and choices are truly...



It is an interesting concept fashion store. It has got a wide collection of outfits and accessories. The prices are reasonable, and the best part is the level of personalized service. It has got...

Diva Bridal Boutique

You can trust this place to give you some of the best bridal gowns and wedding attire for your friends and family members. It provides you excellent service, and the choices are amazing.

The Brides' Project

It has provided a 24/7 drop box at its office located in Toronto. You can drop your wedding dress and accessories in it if you live in the city or nearby. For people living far off, you can use...

Vogue Sposa Bridal Boutique

This store offers an interesting choice of dresses to choose from and offers great customer service too. You will love its designs and the overall ambiance of the place. Everything is aligned well...

Lil Miss Dress Up

We all want to dress up our little ones in style. This store provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. It is a local business that needs your support too. Everything is produced locally,...

Emma Paige
Emma Paige


It creates designs that are an absolute joy to behold and wear. The personalized level of service is another plus point of the store. The owner will develop a personal equation with you and work...

Belo Fashions Boutique

The store has done very well over the years and continues to do strong. It has a vast collection of dresses, plus the level of service is superb.

Papilio Boutique

It is very conveniently located in Toronto. Its European lineage, high quality, and reasonable price are reasons that customers are drawn towards it. It accepts payments from all traditional and...

Paloma Blanca

It is a renowned bridal label that is 100% Canadian. You will find its quality to be top-notch and the designs simply stunning.

Becker's Bridals

It provides an in-house designer as well as designs from other designers. This makes it very ideally placed to fulfill all your bridal dresses' needs.



It is a very resourceful bridal boutique. The location is very accessible. There is ample choice of dresses, and top to it off, the customer service is excellent. You will have a gala time...

Labl Studio

This bridal boutique has everything that a wedding needs. Everyone can benefit from their services at a competitive price. The store accepts cash and other forms of digital payment methods as well.

House of Lorraine

Designer gowns are a luxury that everyone craves. It offers that luxury with an affordable price tag. You will fall in love with the collection here and relish a bespoke outfit that will make you...

Serge Jevaguine

He is a creative dress designer whose designs are rooted in tradition and femininity. You cannot help but fall in love with its beautiful collection and admire his passion for this work.

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What types of wedding dresses can I find in Toronto?

A wedding day is special, and what makes it too special are the small components that make the entire day. From decorations to catering, from photography to dresses, many things make the day special. Toronto wedding dresses have a special place in every wedding in Ontario.

If you are looking for wedding dresses in Toronto, then here are some interesting options you can choose at the bridal stores in Toronto.

A small visit to the nearest Toronto bridal boutiques will open up plenty of options to choose from.

Should I consider any bridal stores near Toronto?

The Toronto bridal boutiques have a lot of options for Ontario wedding dresses catering to different cultures. If you are planning a wedding in Toronto or near the city, then it is a better choice to opt for wedding dress stores in Toronto. You can also check the Mississauga bridal stores to get what you need.

How much does a wedding dress cost on average in Toronto?

The wedding venue and the kind of wedding you plan will dictate the kind of wedding dress you would need. Depending on the dress you choose, the cost of the wedding dresses in Toronto will vary. There are also options to rent a wedding dress in Toronto if you want the same.

How can I find affordable wedding dresses in Toronto?

There are many bridal stores in Toronto offering affordable wedding dresses to those who seek them. You can also rent a wedding dress in Toronto or opt for used wedding dresses in Toronto. Off-the-rack wedding dresses in Toronto will also reduce the cost.

Search for affordable wedding dresses in Toronto and you will be surprised to find many bridal stores in Toronto offering the same.

Is it cheaper to have a custom-made wedding dress in Toronto?

A custom wedding dress in Toronto is another option you can look at if you want to have a bespoke design. This is more cost-effective if you use materials that can easily replace the expensive silk and lace. You can also use blended fabrics for wedding gowns.

Once you have the design and the material, you can find many Toronto bridal boutiques offering the choice to get your dress sewn. Some of the best bridal stores in Toronto offer discounts during specific seasons and making use of them is another way to reduce the cost of your bridal gown.

How far in advance should I buy my wedding dress in Toronto?

Irrespective of whether you choose to rent a wedding dress in Toronto or get a custom wedding dress in Toronto, the sooner you book your dress, the better your chances of getting it.

vDelivery of wedding dresses in Toronto can take as much as 5 months and there are also chances of you needing an alteration. It is therefore wise to order your wedding gowns in Toronto at least 9 -12 months in advance. If not, at least before a period of 6 months would be a good choice.

What questions should I ask when looking for a wedding dress in Toronto?

Getting the best wedding dresses in Toronto is all about knowing where, how, and when to look. To help you in this quest for the best wedding dresses in Toronto, here are some questions you can ask the bridal stores in Toronto.

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