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Your wedding is going to be one of the greatest days of your life - why wouldn't you want to capture it with the best Toronto-based wedding videographer? Our WeddingHero team has handpicked the top-rated wedding videography services in Toronto based on reviews, portfolios and packages so that you can relive your wedding for decades to come!

Naturally Captured

The team covers all your important wedding moments and creates shorter films for social media sites to share your memories with family and friends. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of...

Summer Hill Weddings

Summer Hill Weddings offers you a variety of packages to choose from based on your needs and preferences. Once you have decided on your package, you can make an easy digital payment. They will be...


With a strong presence in the market for over 26 years, we aim to serve the clients with the utmost care, passion and professionalism. The clients have the option to choose from different packages...

Inthemoment Productions

They make sure you avail of various packages and give you the option of customizing the package based on your need by making an easy online payment. They are awaiting your response for weeding and...

Kenzerama Productions

They offer you packages at a competitive rate and allow you to customize your package based on your preference. They are awaiting your response for weddings and other special events to make it a...

Epic Motion Films

Epic Motion Films offer you a complete suite of wedding services so that the bride has an opportunity to choose from their favourite options, making easy payments. The firm is looking forward to...

Fresh Canadian Content

You can select from various wedding packages that the Fresh Canadian Content offers according to your need at competitive rates and make easy online payments. The firm is looking forward to your...

Outside In Studio

We’re a team of creative cinematographers crafting wedding films and commercial works fuelled with personality and style. Making beautiful things in the Toronto area and beyond.

Bright Sky Wedding Designs

After serving in the market for over a decade they have captured a sizable market in the wedding industry. They offer packages best suited for their clients, and they also have the option of...

Origin Weddings

With an option to choose from a wide variety of packages, you can now customize your package based on your need. They look forward to working with you.

TVE Productions

TVE Productions is dedicated to creating quality, authentic and captivating images that will help relieve your special day for years to come. The crew is highly experienced and delivers to their...

Captivate Photo + Cinema

The motto of the firm is to provide seamless service to the clients, to choose from several packages and giving you the option of customizing the package to suit your need. They accept digital...

Truelove Wedding Films and Photography

They offer you to select from various packages or personalize your package based on your need and preference by making easy digital payments. They look forward to weddings and other special events...

QT Films
QT Films


They offer you packages based on your need, preference, and budget. You can customize your package, and they accept online payments for their service. They are looking forward to working with you....

Xpression Video Productions

The packages they offer are available at competitive pricing, and you can customize your package based on your needs and demands. They look forward to making memories with you.

Norris Films

With a strong prominence in the market, they offer you various videography packages based on your need with easy payment options. They look forward to working with you.

Sure Hearts Weddings

You can now avail of various wedding videography packages that Sure Hearts Weddings offers based on your need at an affordable rate by making easy digital payments. They will be looking forward to...

Hidden Light Films

When it comes to choosing packages, you have various options to select from based on your need and demand. You also have the option to make easy digital payments for services. They hope to hear...

Brightside Films

Brightside Films has been in the market for over ten years to serve the clients with care, passion and professionalism right from the pre-wedding ceremony to final production. They have the option...

Sung Filmography

They offer you competitive pricing for their packages and customized packages based on your need and preference. They look forward to working with you to make your special day a grand success.

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What do Toronto-based wedding videographers provide?

Making your memorable day live fresh in your memory for years to come is the main objective of a wedding videographer in Toronto. Ontario wedding videography firms offer comprehensive wedding photography and videography packages in Toronto.

As part of the Toronto wedding videography services, you can get edited clips of your wedding day, complete coverage of your wedding day, edited feature films in the style you want, physical prints of the photos you need, online albums, and much more.

Which wedding videography styles do videographers use in Toronto?

Toronto wedding cinematography offers the perfect blend of pictures with a storytelling narrative, making it interesting and exciting to watch, after many years in the future. Apart from the compelling storytelling style, the wedding films are also made in multiple other styles like:

The choice of style and coverage is up to the customers and based on your choice, you can get the wedding films made.

What equipment do wedding videographers in Toronto use?

Depending on the coverage and the style of Toronto wedding video you choose, the videographers will be choosing the equipment they would need. Generally, a wedding videographer in Toronto will have the below equipment as part of their kit.

How long is an average wedding video provided by wedding videographers in Toronto?

If you opt for a short Toronto wedding cinematography, it can be over in a matter of just 8-10 minutes. In case of a complete Toronto wedding videography for an hour, then it might extend even to an hour.

The raw footage of the wedding films is also shared often by the wedding videographer in Toronto.

How much does a wedding videographer cost in Toronto?

The brand reputation of the Toronto wedding videography firm, along with the experience and the expertise of the photographers will have an impact on the price of Ontario wedding videography. There will also be different packages with varying prices that you can choose from.

What is included in a wedding videography package in Toronto?

Most of the packages offered by Toronto wedding cinematography will include a short film and a complete feature film. Some wedding videographers in Toronto provide you with raw footage of the entire event for keepsakes. You can choose the different options and styles based on which the package might offer.

Do I need a 2nd videographer wedding for my Toronto wedding?

The requirement of a second wedding videographer in Toronto will depend on the number of hours that you want to get covered and the kind of coverage you want to go for. It will also vary based on the wedding venue and the size of it.

How far in advance should I book a wedding videographer in Toronto?

It is better to have your wedding videographer in Toronto booked well in advance to ensure that you have the best camera in town. According to experts, it would be advisable to book your wedding photography and videography packages in Toronto at least a year in advance.

Should we consider any wedding videographers near Toronto?

Many Ontario wedding videography firms offer you different packages and shooting styles that you can opt for your wedding. Also, Toronto wedding photography firms will have a better familiarity with the location and the venues unlike a wedding videographer from outside.

Other options you can explore include Mississauga wedding videography, Vaughan wedding videography, Hamilton wedding videography firms for your wedding coverage.

What questions should I ask a Toronto-based wedding videographer?

It is important to question the Toronto wedding cinematography firm to know if they can understand your expectations and deliver them as you would need.

A few questions that can give you an insight into the minds of the wedding videographer in Toronto would be:

Knowing what your wedding videographer in Toronto is capable of in advance will help you make the right choice.

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