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Muskoka Bay Resort makes sure that everything is perfect so that you can enjoy the wedding and sink in all the love around. Their professional team makes sure that all the services provided are...

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If you dream of having a non-traditional wedding on a ship or ashore, then Muskoka Discovery Steamships and Discovery Centre is the perfect venue for your wedding day. Their experienced &...

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Getting married in Gravenhurst? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

What are the best months for a Gravenhurst wedding?

The best months for a wedding in Gravenhurst are the end of May, the beginning of June, or September. These are the best months to have an outdoor wedding, especially if you don’t want to be hot all day. You should avoid July and August because the temperatures are higher during these months.

What are the popular wedding styles in Gravenhurst?

All the places in Gravenhurst are known for their pleasant appearance. The place has its charm. They usually go with the Canadian wedding style. This city has everything you need to tie the knot, from gorgeous wedding ceremony venues to vast reception sites.

Some of the most popular wedding styles of the city and its surrounding areas are classical celebrations at elegant banquet halls. Lodge and cottage wedding venues are ideal for a small wedding if you wish to give a rustic touch to your big day.

Are there any major events in Gravenhurst that we should consider when planning our wedding?

The wedding license is the first thing you should keep in mind while planning your wedding in Gravenhurst or any part of Canada. There is a specific legal procedure that must be undertaken in Ontario.

You must obtain a marriage licence before getting married. The license is valid for up to 90 days (3 months) and can be used to get married anywhere in Ontario. To receive a license, you must be 18 years old or have parental or guardian authorization.

Should we consider any wedding venue locations near Gravenhurst?

There are many small as well as luxurious wedding venues in Gravenhurst and its surrounding areas. The city and its surroundings are so beautiful and charming that you will feel like a dream scene. Some of the popular locations near the city offering gorgeous Ontario wedding venues are:

There are numerous inexpensive wedding venues in the Muskoka region; all you must do is choose the ideal one for you.

How much is a wedding venue in Gravenhurst?

Gravenhurst wedding venues are reasonably priced and can be accommodated within your budget. Whether you desire a small wedding ceremony or a lavish wedding reception, you will find everything that meets your needs and budget.

Gravenhurst wedding packages are available in many options. The event venue and style always determine the cost of a wedding rental in this city.

How far in advance should we plan a wedding in Gravenhurst?

When it comes to wedding planning in Gravenhurst, you should begin one and a half years before the big day. Small and inexpensive wedding venues in the city tend to fill up quickly.

To get the ideal wedding venue in Gravenhurst, you should begin preparing at least 12 months ahead of time.

What questions should we ask when looking for a wedding venue in Gravenhurst?

  1. Does the food service included as part of the package?
  2. Is there anything more I need to pay for besides the package?
  3. How much should I pay upfront?
  4. What is the total number of rooms that have been assigned to us?
  5. What is the main point of interest in this location?
  6. What is the least expensive option for this location?
  7. Is it permissible to consume alcoholic beverages in the wedding venue in Gravenhurst?
  8. Is there a designated smoking area?
  9. How long should the ceremony last?
  10. Will there be any other reservations made at the same time?
  11. What is the maximum number of guests that the location can accommodate?
  12. Who should be contacted if something goes wrong with the plan?
  13. In case of a medical emergency, do you offer assistance to the nearest hospital or clinic?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gravenhurst Wedding Venues

  • How much do wedding venues cost in Gravenhurst?
    The cost of the wedding venues in Gravenhurst ranges from $115 per person. The average capacity for a wedding venues in Gravenhurst is 114 people. The total price for a wedding venues in Gravenhurst is $13,110.