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Why is music so important at a wedding?

Wedding music is the ideal way to set the tone for the day and relive priceless memories of friends and family sharing your special day. Over the last decade, the popularity of live wedding bands in Canada has steadily increased. Wedding singers are now one of the top bookings, and wedding DJs are highly sought-after wedding entertainment professionals.

The soundtrack to your wedding ceremony is your wedding songs. It creates a romantic mood and allows your guests to share your excitement. For most guests, music makes the experience; music helps relax and puts people at ease.

The element of the wedding that guests will remember the most is the wedding entertainment. Best wedding songs energize the crowd, and an enthusiastic crowd makes for a fantastic celebration. The joy of the couple's newlywed status is amplified by music, which gets everyone in the mood to celebrate.

Should I have a DJ or a live band at my wedding?

When it comes to wedding reception music, you have two choices: a DJ or a live wedding band. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and there is a winning option for any budget. But which option is best for you? It will rely on various factors, including your preferred musical genre and your venue's space restrictions.

If you have a pretty set budget, a wedding DJ would be the right choice for you if you want the most bang for your buck. A band splits the price among all members, so they might be more costly when comparing the cost per person of a fantastic wedding band and a great DJ.

Also, if you dream of a night of dancing to the fantastic mix of your favourite top wedding songs, a wedding DJ service is the best way to go. However, if you want high energy and lots of crowd interaction, a wedding band would be the right option for you.

The other important factor is where you need music at your celebration. If you need music in different locations during the day, your DJ will need to either connect to the house sound system or provide multiple sound settings so they can physically shift between locations.

Multiple configurations are significantly easier for a band. You could have the guitarist play acoustic for the ceremony music, then add three additional instruments for a cocktail-hour jazz quartet, and then have the remainder of the band perform as an eight-piece for the reception music.

Last but not least, if you have a spacious venue, you can easily set up a stage for a live wedding band. However, a DJ would be ideal if you need as much space for the chairs and tables since their setup takes less space.

How do I choose the right DJ or music band for my wedding?

When choosing a wedding music band or DJ, get a wedding song list and confirm that they specialize in your favourite genres. Find out their policy on taking specific song requests and how they handle announcements to ensure it matches your style.

You'll want to consider your guest list and your friends' energy levels — if you're having a small celebration with a lot of children, a couple of hours of crowd-pleasing classic wedding songs for young and old may be all you need.

What music styles can I choose for my wedding entertainment?

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to wedding entertainment ideas in Canada. You can consider hiring a wedding pianist for the most beautiful wedding ceremony songs. All in all, who wouldn't want their grand entrance to be accompanied by classical and royal wedding music?

For your cocktail hour music, a string quartet can create the perfect ambience for your guests to mingle while waiting for you. Country wedding songs are also great options for this part of your celebration.

We recommend playing instrumental wedding songs since they complement the atmosphere by providing perfect background music when it comes to wedding dinner music. Also, you can consider hiring an indie wedding DJ who will play soothing, alternative songs.

Finally, it’s time to liven up the party with the most popular wedding dance music and playlists. Modern wedding songs are perfect for this event. Last but not the least, Canada is the ultimate place for multicultural wedding entertainment. From Italian to Jewish wedding music, you can easily find everything you’re looking for!

What questions should I ask a wedding DJ or a music band?

We're sure you remember such celebrations where the DJ or band played great wedding songs, and everyone danced till they couldn't any longer! You, too, can have a night like this by asking the right questions we’ve listed below:

Where can we find the best wedding bands and DJs in Canada?

Canada hosts some of the best wedding musicians in the world. Couples mostly choose among the top-rated Ontario wedding bands & DJs. You can consider the following nearby cities if you’re planning your special day in and around the province:

British Columbia wedding musicians are also in high demand. This province offers everything you’re looking for, from string quartets to folk bands. You can check out the popular wedding bands and DJs in Vancouver if you’re considering a BC wedding.

Let’s not forget the beautiful Prairie provinces. Alberta wedding bands & DJs are popular among soon-to-be-weds since they offer various genres and rates. For your Alberta wedding music, you can check out the two following locations:

For the best Manitoba wedding entertainment, Winnipeg wedding bands & DJs won’t disappoint you. You can also check out the most sought-after wedding bands & DJs in Montreal if you plan to have a Quebec wedding.

What’s the average cost of a wedding DJ and live band in Canada?

Wedding DJ and music band prices vary according to various factors. As you can find many affordable wedding entertainment options, you can also choose among the musicians in high demand by paying more.

The first factor is the number of wedding band members. If there are fewer people to pay, your expenses will be less compared to an 8-piece band. If you're searching for a relatively cheap wedding music band, you can consider booking less known, 3-piece function bands.

The other factor is the seasonal prices. If you're considering a wedding in the off-peak season, late spring and early fall in Canada, the cost will be higher. Moreover, if you're heart set on the band or DJ from another city, you should also take travel and accommodation expenses into mind.

Last but not least, performance time is one of the other things that affect how much a DJ or a band for a wedding. Wedding musicians generally perform two sets of around an hour. Don’t forget to ask how much they charge per hour if you want more.

Is it cheaper to have a band or DJ at a wedding?

DJs are often less expensive in the pricing war, and rates vary depending on equipment demands and whether the event is weekday or weekend.

Since there are more people to pay, a wedding band will be more expensive than a DJ. Of course, there are some exceptions. Well-known DJs can cost as much as live wedding music bands.

What’s included in wedding DJ and band packages?

Although inclusions in each package differ greatly from one DJ to another, you find the following information in each wedding DJ and band packages:

How many songs do a DJ and live band play at a wedding?

Wedding DJs usually play 15 to 20 songs an hour. With each song averaging about 4 minutes, wedding music bands play 7 to 10 songs in one set. So, the number of songs played changes according to the performance time.

What songs do wedding bands and DJs play?

The type of songs played will probably change whether you’re hiring a wedding band or a DJ. For instance, there are many songs that a DJ may play that would not work with a live band. DJs are better for fun, top wedding dance and party songs.

If you're creating wedding playlists for the top wedding songs of all-time – classics like "All of Me" and "Can’t Help Falling In Love"— booking a live band would be the better option. They offer great performances for popular, romantic and upbeat wedding songs, whether modern or classic.

What equipment should a wedding DJ and a music band have?

Different wedding music bands offer various instruments and have different equipment because of that. However, they all need the necessary cords, cables and sound systems to perform in the best way possible. For wedding DJs, the following list of equipment is necessary for all:

Do we need to rent a stage for a live wedding band?

A live music wedding band typically does not require a stage, but renting one can improve the look and performance of any live entertainment you book.

The choice depends on your budget and the layout of the venue. Stages can be costly to hire, but some venues include them in their wedding packages or even provide them for free, so it's always worth looking into your options.

What different moments in my wedding do I need music for?

While thinking of every song that will be performed on your wedding day may be overwhelming, there are a few key moments to plan carefully. When planning your big day, don't forget to choose wedding songs for the following nine key moments:

How much do you tip a wedding band or a DJ?

It might not be easy to know how much to tip wedding musicians, but tipping is a great way to show your appreciation for their efforts. To avoid last-minute scrambling on the day of a big wedding, we recommend putting the cash tips into envelopes well ahead of time.

Giving your band or DJ a 10 to 15% tip is a lovely gesture, especially if they have to move a lot of heavy equipment from one place to the next. A $25 to $50 tip per band member is fair for musicians.

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