That hitch-free wedding with a spice of nature is readily available at Hubertushaus. This perfect wedding destination is the place for you, so do well to fill out the form and take a price offer...
The venue offers various packages such as Short and Sweet Ceremonies and Micro Weddings. Each package includes different amenities; the only request from couples is a marriage license. Please...
Lavender gardens, lush greeneries, rustic wooden decor, and more await at The Lavender Farm. Fill out the form now to get free price quotes!
For a classic, glamorous, modern wedding with all the laughter you can muster, DoubleTree by Hilton Kitchener is the perfect destination. Fill in the information form today and get a price quote....
Nothing beats a traditional celebration that fosters a harmonious relationship within the family and community; that is why choosing this type of venue from the Kitchener Portuguese Club Inc. for...
Descendants is an idyllic place with a great atmosphere to celebrate your wedding—the descendant staff work to ensure that our guests are left with beautiful memories after every wedding...
The staff at pine valley chalet will ensure you and your guests feel welcome even as they help make your day less stressful. The fee is affordable, and inspection is free. You can reach out today...
Concordia Club is undoubtedly the vintage venue you need for your classic wedding. A child-friendly atmosphere with a rich and dynamic culture-laden event that breathes harmony and friendliness....
This all-inclusive wedding area is within walking distance away from the city center. Being surrounded by your favorite books and guests, the intimate wedding venue is awaiting you. To know more...
Crowne Plaza is the perfect location to host your big day without stress on you as there is enough staff to handle the day. The hotel's array of amenities makes it a befitting venue to create your...
Waterloo Region Museum is here to help couples create a magical beginning and a memorable wedding. It has a friendly staff that is ready to make a grand and breathtaking wedding celebration...
Charcoal Steak House services and packages can be availed at a reasonable price. It is an ideal event venue to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime event for its excellent service and delectable...
That fun wedding you desire can be achieved with Core Lifestyle, and you also get to keep fit as you plan and have your wedding ceremony. Do well to fill out the form to enjoy this fantastic...
Walper Hotel is a classic venue that can cater to all your needs in one location. It offers a home away from home feeling to your guests and leaves them with enough memories to last a lifetime....
If you’re looking for a simple, rustic, country life celebration of love in an exotic venue, Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort has all the aura of the place to be to start great beginnings. Creating a...
A wedding at The Lancaster smokehouse would surely leave your guests with a lot to talk about - from the food to the welcoming staff and the serene environment. Inspection of the smokehouse house...
The necessary service you will need to tag your big day Langdon Hall Country House and Spa offers success. The country house has professional staff and a great environment where you can create...
2nd year
For a change in the status quo and a new outlook for your events, THEMUSEUM is your stop to add the grandeur and grace, the novelty and eclectic taste of art and happiness to your event. Get a...
The Catana Estate is a luxurious property that would ensure that your wedding day shall be nothing less than a fairy tale. Contact the wedding team of this luxurious venue by filling in the form.
Sugar Run
2nd year
Sugar Run has a dedicated and passionate team that will ensure your big day turns out memorable. You would not want to miss out on creating beautiful memories with your guests at this charming...
2nd year
The Bingemans is a well-rounded venue that has tailored all wedding packages and services for your event needs. It has a vast capacity of facilities that guests may explore throughout the event....
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Getting married in Kitchener? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

What are the most popular wedding dates in Kitchener?

If you wish that temperature should be comfortable, choose the summer months between June through August. But, during this season tourists will visit in more numbers. So, it is better to plan in advance if you need accommodations for your guests for your Kitchener wedding.

The second-best season is spring. It will be moderately cold during this season. The possibility to find cheap wedding venues in Kitchener will be more during this season.

What are the most popular types of weddings in Kitchener?

When talking about popular places to get married in Kitchener, most couples choose church weddings. With the 19th-century church standing tall, many couples feel chapel weddings to be the best in this beautiful city. Full-day retreat-style weddings are popular as well.

Also, Waterloo wedding venues near Kitchener are most couples' favourites. Here, the outdoor wedding style is preferred. Barn wedding venues in Kitchener are among the popular choices as well.

The common thing you can find in all wedding styles is the couple’s happiness and delicious food.

Consider these factors when booking a banquet hall in Kitchener:

Keep the number of guests you wish to include in your special day in mind when looking for a banquet hall in Kitchener. If you have 500 people planned for your day, the banquet space should be able to accommodate them all.

It may seem huge when space is blank, but wedding supplies will quickly fill it. Your guests will need some space to roam about, and you'll need enough room for your first dance, a buffet, a DJ setup or band, and a bar if you want one.

Remember that the best locations book up quickly, so don't wait too long to secure your banquet hall in Kitchener. If you see a lovely ballroom available on your preferred date, act quickly and put down a deposit to avoid missing out.

What type of wedding do you want to have? Are you looking for something contemporary or something with a bit of history? The vision you have for your big day plays a big part in deciding on the ideal banquet hall in Kitchener.

Kitchener banquet halls frequently hold multiple events at the same time. If there will be other events taking place at the same time as your wedding, you must ensure that your guests and those attending the other function will be comfortable.

Last but not least, make sure that the ventilation and air-conditioning work well enough to make your guests comfortable if you're planning a summer celebration. For a winter wedding, your venue should have a good heating system so that everyone feels comfy.

Are there any major events in Kitchener that we should take into mind when securing our wedding venue?

In Waterloo Region, Canada Day in Downtown is an annual event. So, if you plan to choose one of the wedding venues in Kitchener Waterloo, remember this event. You can accordingly plan your wedding.

For restaurant wedding venues, it is better to ensure that you go through the rules thoroughly. Each place be it a restaurant, hotel, or banquet hall follows a unique set of rules.

Should we look into any other wedding venues in the Kitchener area?

The good thing about this city is that you can find lavish yet affordable venues nearby. Ontario wedding venuess exude both elegance and homely vibes.

To find relatively cheap options, you can consider Elora wedding venues. Also, wedding venues in Guelph will not disappoint you with the gorgeous backdrops they offer.

If you’re looking for more industrial and luxurious, you can check out the fantastic wedding venues in Cambridge. There is high demand for Stratford wedding venues as well.

How much should we spend on a Kitchener wedding venue?

Wedding venues in Kitchener are affordable. You can always find wedding ceremony locations that charge within your budget. It means that you need not have to spend huge to get married in Kitchener.

You can find all-inclusive wedding packages, usually offered by hotel wedding venues in Kitchener, which will help you save a lot of money. The overall cost of your celebration will differ based on the venue you choose.

When should we book our wedding venue in Kitchener?

Naturally, unless you decide your wedding date suddenly, it is better to start planning in advance. At least 12 to 18 months of instigation of your wedding planning will help. When you are a foreigner, advance planning will help you save on flight charges as well.

When you plan things in advance, you can compare outdoor wedding venues in Kitchener and decide on the one that comes within your budget. So, make sure to begin your planning at least a year before your wedding to save cost and time.

What should I ask when booking my wedding venue in Kitchener?

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