With a warm ambience, modern interior, high-quality service and professional catering team. University of New Brunswick Saint John is here to ensure that you cherish each moment of your special...
To reserve your space, Port Saint John request you to sign a Venue Rental Agreement and deposit a certain amount. They will give you an invoice for the rest of the payment. This place has...
With stunning views of the lake and professional services, Lily Lake Pavilion enables you to make your dreamed wedding come true. For unforgettable memories with your family and friends on your...
Royal Kennebeccasis Yacht Club is the perfect performing venue with lots of historical flavours. The clubhouse is considered one of the most beautiful wedding locations in the city as its...
A lovely venue, with a picturesque background for your perfect wedding photos, exchange vows with your loved ones at Saint John Marina, with the breeze in your hair and the beautiful, vast sky...
Hilton St John is a venue that boasts style and luxury. If you want a lavish wedding ceremony or a grand reception, then this is the perfect venue for you. Book this elegant venue today by filling...
Dufferin Hall offers a full range of banquet amenities, catering services and professional and friendly staff to make your day hassle-free and extra special. Plan and enjoy your ceremony at this...
With its water view and location within major cities & towns in Southern NB, access by vehicle, water plane or boat, Bates Barn is the perfect setting for your wedding or event. No matter the...
Camp Glenburn is a lovely, cosy venue situated right in the lap of nature, with beautiful natural scenery. The warm, relaxing set up with surely give your guests a homely feeling. At the time of...
Evandale Resort welcomes you on your dream day with its fascinating offerings. You can find out more about the venue by filling out our brief form, get immediate price quotes or book the venue...
Homeport Historic B and B is a place for intimate weddings and receptions, and if you are one of those couples looking for a quaint place to celebrate your special day with your loved ones, then...
Delta Hotels by Marriott Saint Johns is a perfect place to get married. Its great event spaces, professional staff and excellent decoration abilities make this place an ideal location to exchange...
Art consciousness in you could lead to choosing Saint John Arts Centre as a wedding centre as you would be having your wedding in a historic setting with extremely intricate arts and crafts...
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Getting married in Saint John? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

What is the most popular season for a wedding in Saint John?

The best time for a wedding in Saint John is early summer and early fall. Mild temperate weather prevails during this time of the year, with less chance of rain or extreme heat or humidity. So, you would be able to enjoy your big day without sweat and a sweater.

What are the most common themes for weddings in Saint John?

Saint John is a perfect place for romantic celebrations. The most popular wedding style in Saint John is the fairy-tale wedding. Outdoor weddings are popular in North Brunswick. Traditional elegant weddings do happen here.

Also, hotel wedding venues in Saint John are quite in demand. With their skilled staff and top-notch services, they can provide everything you're looking for, from catering and decorations to accommodation.

Some unique wedding venues in this city are its beach venues, bayside venues, and villas. Boat events are also in demand. The best thing about this location is that you will find a Saint John wedding venue for both lavish events and the cozy boho celebrations by the Bay of Fundy.

You will find common in all wedding styles that you will be relishing the flavour of love and romanticism.

Should we consider any major events in Saint John when planning our wedding?

The first thing that should be strictly followed is the Laws of Wedding. So go through the rules of a wedding in New Brunswick. Like other cities, Saint John also has a set of unique rules to be followed by the ones getting married there.

A marriage licence is a must for getting married in Saint Kohn, New Brunswick.

Where should we consider if we want to have a wedding near Saint John?

Wedding locations in Saint John are aplenty, and you can find everything you're looking for in this city. However, if you would like to expand your search for a place, New Brunswick wedding venues won’t disappoint you. Here is the list of the best, near locations:

How much does a wedding venue typically charge in Saint John?

There are venues of different price ranges. Saint John wedding venues come in a variety of price ranges. They are affordable for any budget.

There are many inexpensive wedding banquet halls in Saint John, hotels and chapels, all of them would be having good facilities, just you will need to discuss your plan with them. Also, there are lavish villas with extraordinary facilities, which you would be able to call a big-fat wedding in Saint John, NB.

The entire wedding packages would depend upon the wedding venue you select in Saint John and the style of wedding you prefer.

How far in advance should we plan a wedding in Saint John?

A wedding in Saint John should be planned and scheduled at least 12 to 18 months ahead of time. Prior planning will assist you in finding the best wedding packages and organizing the entire event.

Cheap wedding venues tend to be booked early, so if you want your favourite place, then you should just book it in advance. The wedding celebration will be executed in a more planned manner if everything is settled in advance.

What questions should I ask when meeting with my wedding venue coordinator in Saint John?

Apart from asking about the availability and package pricing, you need to be sure of a few points, like:

  1. How many people can the Saint John wedding venue accommodate?
  2. Is catering service included in the package? What else does the package include?
  3. Is there any other event scheduled in that venue on the same day?
  4. What about bathrooms, wedding party rooms, a lounge, a drinking area, and a coatroom?
  5. Is there an area set aside for smokers?
  6. Is there a designated outside location for a cocktail reception?
  7. What is the lowest price?
  8. What are the best attractions of the wedding venues in Saint John?
  9. Do you offer any assistance to the nearest hospital or clinic in the event of a medical emergency?

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