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Silver Lakes Golf and Country Club
3rd year
Responds in 9 hour

In Newmarket, Ontario, this wedding venue offers scenic beauty and exquisite culinary service, making a couple’s special day even more memorable. Fill out the form to acquire a price estimate and...

50 - 175

Country Cut Flowers fills the air with fragrance, covers every inch of its grounds with flowers, and provides a surreal wedding experience to the bride and groom. The scenic setting paves the way...

50 - 50
Holland Marsh Wineries
3rd year
Responds in 0 hour

Holland Marsh Wineries captures the rustic spirit of a traditional vineyard wedding in Ontario. Prepare to wine, dine, and experience the magic of this lovely location on your big day. Book a tour...

10 - 200

Waterstone Estate and Farms is a unique wedding venue space in Newmarket, Ontario. It is the ideal countryside venue if you want to enjoy the rolling hills' magical backdrop and the equestrian...

50 - 225
Madison's Greenhouse Banquet and Chapel
3rd year
Responds in 2 hour

Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet and Hall is a fairy-tale wedding venue that is perfect for those who want the bliss of a natural wedding setting. Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet and Hall wedding prices...

50 - 275
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Getting married in Newmarket? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

  1. Ask your Newmarket wedding venue organizer to give you the final quote before the event, including all taxes
  2. Plan well before your wedding date to avoid mishaps
  3. Research and visit all the beautiful banquet halls in Newmarket before finalizing your venue
  4. Budget your wedding wisely. And choose affordable wedding venues which complement your budget
  5. Go through all the rules and regulations that you have to follow.

What is the best time/season to have a wedding in Newmarket?

The months of March to July can be considered as the best time for big or small weddings in Newmarket. This is because, in these months, you get the ideal temperature and weather for perfect wedding ceremonies.

The sky remains clear, which allows some excellent photoshoot options. Also, the spring season brings huge discounts in almost every Newmarket wedding packages.

Couples can capitalize on this move by planning their wedding well ahead of time and selecting the best and the most affordable wedding venues in Newmarket in the best possible season.

In Newmarket, what are the most popular wedding styles?

Rustic and vintage-style wedding events are some of the most common Newmarket wedding venue styles. Couples here like to get their event covered in vintage decorations. Cars from the early to late 90s gives one of the best entries for couples possible.

Also, the country-like environment gives the rustic wedding events a totally unique look. The events are quite sober when it comes to decorations, as people like to keep it simple. But this is not the case every time.

You can also see modern wedding venues in this beautiful city. Banquet halls in Newmarket offer some of the most beautiful options to get married in modern style.

With all the decorations and planning done, the wedding venues here are really some of the perfect places where you can transform and organize almost any type of wedding event.

Are there any major events in Newmarket that we should consider when planning our wedding?

Newmarket is a joyful place where you can see one or the other event happening throughout the year. So, to know about these dates, make sure you go through the local and national calendars.

Also, take suggestions from your region's wedding venue in Newmarket on whether or not you should avoid or coincide your celebration with a particular date. Also, make sure you go through all the rules and regulations one has to follow in these times.

Are there any wedding venue locations around Newmarket that we might consider?

There are numerous locations near Newmarket that would make your wedding a complete dream come true experience. Ontario wedding venues offer couples everything they need for their special day and some more. Here is a list of the best locations if you want to expand your venue search:

Apart from this, you must do your due diligence before finalizing any wedding venue.

How much is a wedding venue in Newmarket?

All the events done in Newmarket are completed in a very affordable manner. This is because the rates in Newmarket are quite less compared to other big cities. Also, the abundance of options for almost every type of wedding-styled venue keeps the prices competitive.

To make your event an affordable one, make sure you select inexpensive wedding venues in Newmarket within your budget. Don't overextend your budget at any cost.

How far out should we plan a wedding in Newmarket?

1 year is supposedly the best period of time when you should start planning your event. Anything more than 1 year is a plus point, but all the Newmarket wedding venues suggest you must start it a year ahead at least.

Anything less than this would rush the whole process, and you might end up regretting one or the other decision you took.

What questions should we ask when looking for a wedding venue in Newmarket?

Following are some of the important questions you must ask your Newmarket wedding venue:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Newmarket Wedding Venues

  • How much do wedding venues cost in Newmarket?
    The cost of the wedding venues in Newmarket ranges from $91 per person. The average capacity for a wedding venues in Newmarket is 113 people. The total price for a wedding venues in Newmarket is $10,283.