Shadbolt Center is a well-known venue for offering a wide range of options in Burnaby. The team spares no effort to provide you with what you would like for your wedding reception. This facility...
In the heart of Burnaby, Holiday Inn Express Vancouver-Metrotown boasts a wide range of options. It offers everything you might need to tailor your wedding. In this facility that provides comfort,...
Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Centre is the definition of glamour and elegance, so trust that your wedding will be any way you want it to be. Top-notch services and fantastic cuisine are what...
Burnaby Hall is a privileged location for wedding parties, birthday events, and bridal showers. It provides excellent arrangements, wedding planners and event workers to guide you during the...
The JOEY Burnaby has numerous wedding, and reception packages to meet your needs have been provided. You can adapt the packages to make them economical to suit your specifications. It is one of...
Element Vancouver Metrotown
2nd year
Element Vancouver Metrotown has beauty and elegant sophistication, making it a perfect spot for wedding parties. The hotel is suitable for wedding parties, bridal showers, ceremonies and...
Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse provides what you would like for your wedding reception. The venue provides you with a smooth and elegant service that will render your experience here memorable. The...
The venue is open to any outside vendors since they aim to give each couple the best experience by being situated in the natural beauties of the Burnaby area. Please complete the form to learn...
Hilton Vancouver Metrotown
2nd year
Hilton Vancouver Metrotown is the perfect option to plan a wedding, banquet, shower, rehearsal dinner, etc., in Burnaby. It provides indoor facilities with three separate wedding packages that...
Here you will have something matchless. The venue will take you back 100 years ago. For a unique wedding set in the 1920s, contact the venue by filling the form.
Executive Hotel and Conference Centre
2nd year
Brentwood Town Centre
Burnaby's Executive Hotel & Convention Center is a venue for weddings and celebrations in Burnaby. You and your friends will enjoy the award-winning food of the Corporate Chef. You can adapt the...
Riverway Clubhouse is known for its flexible and customizable services. It provides what you would like for your wedding reception. With its spacious event space, gorgeous views and attentive...
If you are looking for a spacious venue for your wedding, Bill Copeland is a perfect choice. You will enjoy an unforgettable occasion. You can now get a free price quote by filling out the form.
Burnaby Lake Pavilion provides you with what you would like for your wedding reception. The venue provides you and your guests with luxury, breathtaking scenery, and professional service. You will...
Royal Palace is well-known for providing a wide range of services. It provides what you would like for your wedding reception. The professional team goes down to the last detail, giving equal...
Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre is an award-winning venue specializing in perfection. The team here will make sure everything is according to your dreams. Please fill the form and get...
Alan Emmott Photo Gallery
2nd year
Alan Emmott Photo Gallery is a historic building with welcoming event spaces. The team here will provide you with everything you need and prefer. To have a perfect vintage wedding, contact the...
Firefighters Banquet Centre
2nd year
Firefighters Banquet and Conference Centre has a reputation for offering numerous services, including wedding services. The venue and the staff spare no effort to ensure that your dream day comes...
The restaurant Hart House is very inexpensive, and numerous parties, wedding, and reception desks have been installed to accommodate your requirements. Deer Lake Park provides an abundance of...
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Getting married in Burnaby? Here are some of the key points you need to know:

What is the best time of year for a wedding in Burnaby?

67 % of the wedding in Burnaby is held between June and September, while 23% of weddings in British Columbia takes place in August.

What are the popular wedding styles in Burnaby?

Weddings in Burnaby can occur in a variety of styles. Some of them are as follows:

House of Worship- if you want a religious wedding ceremony, Burnaby hotel wedding venues with ballrooms are perfect for these types of events. You can also check elegant wedding banquet halls in Burnaby. Other popular styles are vineyard, park and farm weddings in this city.

Another popular style has been the royal style. The wedding venues in Burnaby which give you royal essence are mansions. If you want an extraordinary, splendid celebration, then you can go to the clubhouse wedding venues.

For an intimate and cozy celebration with your loved ones, you can consider the chic restaurant wedding venues in Burnaby. Great food and lots of laughter guaranteed!

Are there any major events in Burnaby that we should consider when planning our wedding?

To get married in this city, you will need to get a marriage license three months before your wedding in Burnaby. It is not necessary to be a resident of British Columbia to plan your wedding here.

There is no such restriction in getting wed in Burnaby if you have the proper license.

Should we consider any wedding venue locations near Burnaby?

There are several amazing wedding venues near Burnaby to choose from. If you want some simple cozy arrangements for your wedding in Burnaby, then you can go for church weddings or mountain restaurants.

However, if you want to expand your search for a place, British Columbia wedding venues near Burnaby have a lot to offer with the beauty and elegance they exude. Here’s a list of the popular locations:

How much is a wedding venue in Burnaby?

There are a variety of packages offered by the Burnaby wedding venues. You can choose the one which fits your budget. The amount depends on the choice of your wedding venue, and it depends upon the wedding style as well.

The hotels and banquet halls in Burnaby are affordable for any budget. If you wish to go for a Mountain Clubhouse or Burnaby Lake Pavilion, then it may be a little up with the price.

But again, you will find a variety of packages under each category of wedding styles and wedding venues in Burnaby.

How far in advance should we plan a wedding in Burnaby?

It is recommended to plan your wedding in Burnaby at least 12 to 18 months ahead. This will let you choose from the variety of wedding venues in Burnaby and help you get discounts, and most importantly, you will be saved from the last moment's havoc.

So, planning your wedding a year ahead is a wise thought.

What questions should we ask when looking for a wedding venue in Burnaby?

  1. Is the venue's catering service included in the package?
  2. What is the total number of guest rooms available?
  3. What is the center of attraction of this location?
  4. What is the most affordable price for this location?
  5. Is it legal to drink alcohol in the venue?
  6. What is the time limit for the party?
  7. What is the maximum number of guests that can be accommodated at the venue?
  8. Will there be any other booking on the day of our wedding?
  9. Will we be charged for anything except for the package?
  10. Do you offer any assistance to the nearest hospital or clinic in the event of a medical emergency?

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