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State Capacity Unit Price Wedding Price
British Columbia 150 $52 $7,800
Ontario 196 $50 $9,800
Alberta 214 $34 $7,276

Outdoor & Garden Weddings

Having a whimsical outdoor wedding practically guarantees a glorious backdrop. With the wide-open spaces, stunning landscapes, and plenty of wedding themes, it's certainly not surprising to see why more and more couples choose outdoor wedding venues. Whether it's at a beautiful garden wedding, rustic barn, or an elegant backyard wedding, the beauty of wedding reception and the ceremony is unparalleled at these spots. If you are wondering about “where are the best outdoor wedding venues near me”, then you’re at the right address. Get inspired with this complete guideline about wedding decorations, ideas, ways to find relatively cheap wedding venues, and many more to plan the perfect celebration. 

Outdoor & Garden Wedding Types and Themes

There are many types and themes for outdoor weddings. The most popular ones are farm and barn weddings. These are usually wedding destinations a little bit far from the city where you can have a weekend getaway with your loved ones. Choosing to have an estate wedding is ideal for this sweet escape since they offer you and your guests accommodation. Similar to them, there are also cottage weddings for more intimate celebrations. The wedding themes that are dominantly used in these facilities are rustic and country in which tons of natural or nature-inspired elements are incorporated into beautiful outdoors. More and more couples are going back to simpler times with relatively inexpensive weddings rather than planning huge, luxury events. 

The other popular type is casual, backyard weddings in beautiful garden venues. They are ideal for couples who would like to have the freedom to get creative as they want. Along with the wedding reception and ceremony, having a backyard party is a perfect idea to continue with even more fun.

Hotels are also perfect for outdoor weddings since they are all-inclusive venues with many facilities. You can have your reception, ceremony, and wedding party in one place without worrying about transportation and accommodation since your guests can crash after a joyful day. As they are used to hosting these kinds of significant events, fantastic wedding decor and food are also guaranteed. You can choose to have an outdoor, waterfront restaurant wedding, rooftop celebration, big or small garden venues for a beautiful wedding among their facilities. 

Camp weddings are also a rising trend among nature lover couples and outdoor enthusiasts. They offer prime time for quality experiences with friends and family for a perfect wedding weekend. They are ideal for couples looking for small wedding venues to catch up and make lasting memories with their beloveds. Along with the traditional attires, fun wedding activities such as various sports can turn the celebration into an adventure. Not surprisingly, wedding parties are so entertaining at these facilities with drinks and food cooked on the campfire. Tent weddings can save you from unfavourable weather conditions, guaranteeing non-stop festival vibes! 

Golf course venues and are ideal for spring weddings with their lush, manicured grounds and panoramic views. Moreover, majestic forest wedding venues offer an enchanting, romantic celebration in the woods. The smell of the pine trees, birds chirping overhead, sunlight reaching its way through the treetops... Besides, greenhouse wedding venues bring the outdoors inside elegantly using unstructured greenery hanging above the bar, covering chairs and framing the seating chart.

Outdoor Weddings Decoration Ideas

After finding your venue comes the most fun part: wedding decoration! Outdoor venues go well with rustic weddings, which are so trendy among couples. As cool wedding ceremony ideas in beautiful gardens, you can use a big tent to create a cozy feeling. For your aisle decoration, you can use greenery and lit lanterns, a boardwalk over a pond, bright and bold flower petals, glass flower vases, and many more. You can prefer an antique folding screen, white curtains, a birch tree structure, and many more for your ceremony backdrop. Finally, you can use rose petals, confetti, or balloon drops for your wedding entrance.

As wedding reception ideas, you can use lanterns as centrepieces to place flowers for your table decor. Wooden planks, driftwood, and chalkboards are among the popular wedding signs. For your outdoor wedding lighting, you can prefer string lights, taper Candles on tables, and more. As you can deal with wedding suppliers for your decor, you can also come up with cheap decorations by creating them yourself. Do not forget to make a decor checklist to create an elegant wedding. 

Prices of Outdoor Wedding Venues

Finding the perfect outdoor venue isn't easy, especially with plenty of prices that suit every budget. Deciding on your guest number should be the first step since you can look for small, intimate wedding venues or grand ones. You can have a simple wedding at an inexpensive, affordable venue by deciding on your essential needs such as food, decor, and beverages or a luxury celebration by putting your preferences first. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to check wedding packages provided by venues. These packages come with discounted rates, and they can be tailored to your taste! 

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