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Banquet Hall Weddings Prices
State Capacity Unit Price Wedding Price
Ontario 282 $41 $11,562
Alberta 283 $26 $7,358
British Columbia 251 $42 $10,542
Québec 282 $38 $10,716
Manitoba 298 $36 $10,728
Nova Scotia 155 $19 $2,945

Banquet Halls

Banquet halls are the most popular and common choices for a wedding venue. It is true, especially for couples living in metro cities where they can invite many guests. Many people prefer banquet halls for weddings because of their convenient location; mostly in the centres, their affordable prices, relatively cheap, and their capacity for every type of celebration; from small to large. You can also find many multicultural venues from Russian to Indian banquet halls to make your special day extra special. All in all, if you’re searching wondering about “where are the best banquet halls near me”, then you are at the right address since our complete guide has all the necessary information for your dream wedding banquet.

Since they are all-inclusive venues, wedding halls serve many functions related to a couple's most special day; engagement, wedding reception, ceremony, after-party, and many more that you can think of. Renting a banquet hall comes with many advantages. First, they are easily accessible with public transportation, and most of them provide on-site, ample parking services. Second, experienced staff at these venues are used to host grand events like weddings, so you can be sure that everything will be taken care of from catering with delicious cuisines to decoration. Also, they usually have an event planner on the location that will help you with all the details necessary to have the wedding of your dreams. Third, they are mostly counted as affordable wedding venues because they offer several packages that you can tailor to your needs and preferences.

The best part of the wedding reception halls is that the season in which you plan to have your event does not matter. Be it rains, excessive heat, harsh winter weather, wedding banquets are suitable for all seasons with their air conditioning systems, heating, and outdoor venues that can be used for spring and summer celebrations. Moreover, your privacy is ensured because only one event can be held at the same time in these venues.

Last but not least, hotel banquet halls offer top-notch accommodation with fully-equipped rooms for your guests to crash after a fantastic night without worrying about making their way home. Decide on your needs and preferences and start looking for top, nearby banquet halls.

Banquet Hall Prices

When searching for ‘banquet halls near me,' you will be surprised to see the various price ranges offered by these kinds of venues. There is no exact amount stated simply because your cost changes according to several factors. The first one is the number of your guest. If you are thinking about having a small and intimate wedding, your chances of finding a relatively cheaper banquet hall are higher. 

Affordable banquet halls also offer several wedding packages that include reception hall hire, in-house catering, wedding decorations, and many more. However, to have a more inexpensive wedding, you can look for banquet halls outside or without catering. To make your search easier for ‘cheap banquet halls near me,' you can set this as a criterion. You can bring your food or alcohol or make a deal with a supplier to your taste. 

Sizes of Banquet Halls

Be it an elite banquet hall by the beach or a fancy one with gardens, you can find the ideal one that suits your needs and the size of your event. Your chances to find big banquet halls are higher since these venues are traditionally used for huge events, especially for weddings with many guests. Hotels with banquet halls also offer great dancefloors and ballrooms to make your guests as comfortable as possible. Wouldn’t it be nice to dance the night away in a spacious setting with a top-tier restaurant at your service?

However, you can also find many top-tier, small banquet halls with a perfect backdrop, such as the lake or riverside. Since the budget per person rates determine your total cost, you can have your dream wedding in any location you want without worrying!

Wedding Banquet Styles

Weddings are such colourful thanks to multiculturalism in Canada. The experienced staff at banquet halls acknowledges that weddings are one of the universal traditions globally, and they are celebrated differently by everyone. Hence, they try to make all the necessary adjustments to make sure that you celebrate your love with tradition in the very best way possible. 

Along with the venues making necessary adaptations, many of them serve exclusively for different cultures. Russian, Afghan, Portuguese, Polish, Armenian, and Indian banquet halls are just a few. You can find many of them with affordable rates whose restaurants or catering services are specialized in your cuisine and staff to ensure that no tradition is skipped.

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