Wedding Dresses Calgary

Our WeddingHero team has hit the streets to bring you the top-tier bridal shops and stores with gorgeous wedding dresses in Calgary. Check their services, availability and prices on WeddingHero pages and get one step closer to create your dream wedding look!

Novelle Bridal Shop

The wide range of designers on display here and the fact that it is a mostly female-run store make shopping a unique experience. You will love the personalized and candid level of service here,...

Ethos Bridal Group

Ethos bridal group will impress you with your personalized service and range of quality bridal wear. The store has been around for a long time, and the fact it is still going strong adds to its...

The Bridal Centre

With a long history and attention to detail, The Bridal Centre will impress you with its wide collection for just about anyone. Do visit them and decide for yourself if the hype is worth it or not.

20/20 Tailoring

Alteration requires meticulous craftsmanship. An ill-fitted garment can ruin a personality, no matter what. You will find the fitting and alteration services of 20/20 tailoring to be of top-class...

Lovenote Bride

With two large and spacious stores and buying either in-house or outside brands, Lovenote Bride is uniquely placed to fulfill your needs. The variety, quality, and service are all the best that...



Enjoy the luxury of a designer gown for a wedding from here. You will fall in love with its intricate details and fine look. Everything from the fabric's selection to the way it is put together is...

Novia Mia Bridal Boutique

This boutique makes shopping for your special day so much easy. Thanks to their top-notch service and stellar designs. Professionalism and commitment to quality are their defining attributes.

Powder Bride

The impressive array of international designers that it carries makes it a very diverse bridal store. You will be hard-pressed to find such a variety anywhere else. That is why it is worth your...

S2 Bride
S2 Bride


Suppose you are looking for a premium bridal store in Calgary, then head straight to this store. It has all the high-end bridal costumes to make you feel like royalty on your wedding day.

Lillia's Dressmaking

With a focus on customer satisfaction and dedicated service, this company is one of its kind for providing top-notch altering services. It will leave you pleasantly surprised. There is a reason it...

Mari's Bridal Alteration

A professional seamstress with abundant experience giving professional altering services, what more can you ask for? You can now confidently sport your wedding gown and don't have to worry about...

rococo BRIDES

Due to its vast array of collections and professional staff to personally attend to you, rococo BRIDES will give you great service and a satisfactory experience and meet your expectations.



It is a novel idea and one that benefits the customer a lot. The one-to-one service is great, and the company makes sure that every customer is a happy customer.

LilyRose Bridal

The wide selection of colourful wedding gowns for the brides and the bridesmaids will surely impress you. The different prices and rental packages also make up for a wholesome shopping experience.

20/20 Alterations by Kim

Professional altering services are hard to find. If done professionally and with attention to the details, they can work wonders for your dress. 20/20 Alterations by Kim will infuse a new life in...

Dry Cleaning by Dave

You can count on Dry Cleaning by Dave for providing an excellent dry cleaning service. The company is well-equipped and experienced enough to provide you with a great service.

Lis Simon
Lis Simon


A designer outfit that caters to all your fashion needs and that too at an adorable price range. That is what you get from this designer house. The collection is chic and timeless, and there is no...

Kryssi Kouture by Ruffles and Bowties

The company produces stunning designs to make your baby girl shine like a true star it is. That quality endears it to its young clients and their proud parents as well.

Sonia's Bridal Studio

The customer-centric approach and range of designer outfits make it worthwhile to visit this store and get something for your special day.

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What types of wedding dresses can I find in Calgary?

Many factors contribute to the success and beauty of a wedding. The most important is the dress, especially the bridal dress. If you are looking for wedding dresses in Calgary, then you will find them in plenty.

There are different styles of wedding dresses available in the many bridal boutiques in Calgary. You can find the most conventional of the Alberta wedding dresses to the latest trending wedding gowns in Calgary with ease.

You can shop for vintage wedding dresses in Calgary or opt for a boho wedding dress in Calgary depending on your whims and fancies. There is no cause for worry if you are looking for plus-size as you can easily find plus-size wedding dresses in Calgary too.

You can decide on the wedding dress based on the theme of your wedding and the venue. Depending on your budget, you can look for wedding dress rental in Calgary or other bridal shops in Calgary for used wedding gowns as well.

Should I consider any bridal stores near Calgary?

There is no shortage of stores selling Alberta wedding dresses. A simple search of “wedding dresses near me” would give you an astounding number of results. From used wedding gowns to brand new trending wedding dresses, there is an option for everyone in the city.

There is also many wedding dress rental in Calgary for those looking for a budget option. Choose the bridal stores in Calgary or Edmonton bridal stores, depending on your budget and other factors.

How much does a wedding dress cost on average in Calgary?

The cost of Alberta wedding dresses will depend on the dress you opt for. If you choose an off-the-rack wedding dress or a retired-style wedding gown, you would be surprised with the deal you get.

Additionally, you can check second-hand wedding dresses in Calgary, if you are tight on your budget and you are fine with a used wedding gown. If you do not mind giving up your gown after the wedding you can choose a wedding dress rental in Calgary to rent your wedding dress.

How can I find affordable wedding dresses in Calgary?

There are beautiful wedding gowns to match everyone’s style and budget in the city. Many stores offer affordable wedding dresses in Calgary and you can shop from them to get yourself the dress that fits into your budget.

You can also look at the many discount wedding dresses in Calgary or the off the rack wedding dresses in Calgary to further reduce the stress on your budget. If you are not very keen on designer exclusive gowns, you can also shop at second-hand wedding dresses in Calgary.

Is it cheaper to have a custom-made wedding dress in Calgary?

Often, you might end up loving a wedding gown that is priced beyond your budget. You do not have to lose heart though. You can choose your favourite from the Calgary wedding dresses and have them made in different materials of your choice from a seamstress.

Choosing blended and synthetic fabrics will make the dress less expensive. You can also try using chiffon or taffeta in the place of silk and lace to reduce the cost further. You can check the nearest bridal boutique in Calgary to know if they can make the dress of your choice at a lesser cost.

How far in advance should I buy my wedding dress in Calgary?

There are two factors to consider when buying your wedding dresses in Calgary. The discount season, when everything is up for sale, might be the best time to shop for Alberta wedding dresses. However, if you are looking for an exclusive wedding dress, you can book it at least 8 months in advance.

There is a chance of you looking for wedding dress alterations in Calgary closer to your wedding. But you will have your chosen wedding gown available for alteration if you have booked in advance. Many bridal stores in Calgary also offer free alterations to the brides.

Also, when you are booking in advance, choose a style that will not be out of fashion during your wedding and will make you look chic despite the time-lapse.

What questions should I ask when looking for a wedding dress in Calgary?

Searching for wedding dresses in Calgary will require you to know about the latest trends in wedding gowns and also about the bridal shops in Calgary. Here we have a few things you might want to ask the bridal stores in Calgary before making a purchase.

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