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Don't get us wrong: we adore summer weddings, but an elegant Canadian winter wedding has its own set of advantages, and we're all for it! We will cover it all in this article, winter engagement photos, wedding dresses, what to wear for a winter wedding as a guest, and tons of winter wedding ideas to give you inspiration for your big day!

winter wedding

1- Winter Wedding Venues

If you're a fan of winter weddings, there might be no better place for you than Canada to host your big day! From city to city, coast to coast, there are plenty of places that would be perfect for your winter ceremony. 

Whether you have envisioned having a completely outdoor winter wedding or want to opt for a cozier combination of an indoor winter wedding ceremony and an outdoor winter couple shoot, there are plenty of options.

winter wedding venues

2- Why Choose a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are becoming more popular day by day, and you read it here first. Summer weddings are quite lovely and joyful to have, but there are some serious perks to having a winter wedding that we will be discussing.

  • Fewer Weddings

First of all, with a busy schedule of other summer weddings, many guests will be inclined to accept invitations to your cozy winter wedding celebration. The truth is, it is less likely to have too many weddings going on during that time.

outdoor winter wedding

  • The Weather

Some additional reasons to have a winter-themed wedding is because winter wedding venues are usually geared to having inside weddings, meaning you don't have to worry about the outside temperature or humidity like you would on a summer wedding date.

a winter wedding

  • The Venue

In addition, having a winter wedding is usually less costly, meaning you will easily find cheap winter wedding venues and be nearly limitless in selecting the wedding date.

winter themed wedding

  • Travel and Accommodation Costs

If you have family members that will need to travel long distances to your wedding, luckily, travel costs are cheaper during the winter. Meaning it wouldn't make the difference whether you're currently searching for winter wedding venues in Ontario, winter wedding venues in Sydney, winter wedding venues in GTA, or winter wedding venues in Toronto.

Flight and accommodation prices will be at an all-time low, which will benefit all guests regardless of which cozy winter wedding venues you're choosing from or where the venue is located in Canada.

  • The Photographs

A few other perks are that you'll be able to have a stunning winter couple shoot without being hot and sweaty for the entirety of the shoot!

winter engagement photos

3- Winter Wedding Holidays

Although winter weddings usually have tons of dates available in terms of when to host your big day, there are some holidays we thought you might want to keep in mind to make sure all your guests will be able to attend! 

  • Hanukkah – December 
  • Kwanzaa – December 
  • Christmas – December 25 
  • New Year's Eve – December 31 
  • New Year's Day – January 1

planning a winter wedding

4- Winter Wedding Ideas

  • A Location That’s Easy To Get To

When planning a winter wedding, it's best to choose a place that's easy to get to. Snow offers fantastic photo opportunities, yet to stay ahead, choosing an easily accessible venue can help everything run smoothly on your big day!

winter wedding ideas

  • Warm Beverages

As soon as your guests arrive at your wedding ceremony, take care of them. A warm drink will help to help get everyone in the mood and warmed up on a colder day. Organize for your ushers to greet guests with mulled wine or hot chocolate as they arrive at your ceremony.

best winter wedding ideas

  • Seasonal Treats

Small gestures show your visitors that you appreciate their presence and get everyone excited for a day of celebration. Serving your guest with a seasonal treat also does the trick. Think of things within your theme, such as cinnamon, candied apples, or anything related to your winter wedding style!

winter wedding style

  • Cozy Throw Blankets

Warm blankets could be purchased or rented and made available to guests on the wedding day. Guests would be grateful for an extra layer to cover themselves and keep cozy in. If necessary, and within your winter wedding budget, you could arrange for guest transportation to their cars after your wedding reception.

cozy winter wedding venues

5- Winter Wedding Themes

There are many fun and creative ways to incorporate a theme into your wedding, especially in a winter wedding. Selecting the right wedding theme will allow you to be coherent when it comes to your winter wedding decorations, which will make your big day even that much more memorable! Luckily, there are so many winter wedding themes we figured we would list a few to inspire you! 

  • Winter Wonderland: A classic, but in our opinion should never be forgotten, is having a classic winter wonderland wedding ceremony. This theme is usually coupled with snowflake decorations and icy accents in every corner.

winter wonderland wedding ceremony

  • Holiday Cheer: Considering winter weddings are usually around the holiday period, why not highlight and hold onto that cozy feeling and incorporate it into your wedding day. This theme entails the red+green colour scheme, involves tons of greenery and ornaments.

rustic wedding ideas for winter

  • Icy Blue: The icy blue winter-themed wedding includes tones like blue and silver with tons of glossy details involved. It also entails crystal accents that add tons of glamour to this timeless theme.

winter wedding snowflakes

  • Winter Sport: If you're an athletic couple or just happen to love winter sport, you can also choose to host a ski-themed wedding. Think of traditional ski-lodges in the mountains, where you could serve your guests gluhwein upon their arrival, followed by an overnight stay and perhaps a few days of winter sport.

winter wedding places

Hopefully, some of these suggestions sparked your imagination. This shows that winter wedding themes are technically endless and are not limited, although they are usually inside weddings. You can get as creative as you'd like; after all, all that matters is that you and your partner enjoy your big day to the fullest!

6- Winter Wedding Decorations

The options for winter wedding decorations are plenty. Whether you're having a winter wedding on a budget or going all out, there is something within the winter wedding theme for everyone. 

Whether you're hosting a backyard winter wedding or something more extravagant like a winter mountain wedding, the options for winter wedding venue decorations are applicable to any location.

winter wedding decorations

Our suggestions for the best winter wedding ideas include utilizing out-of-the-box colours, experimenting with lighting design, experimenting with florals, choosing new textures, and building off the setting of your wedding venue. 

Some other suggestions to decorate for your winter wedding, whether we're talking about rustic wedding ideas for the winter, intimate winter wedding ideas, or classic winter wedding options, include blooming branches, icy blue tones, hanging lights, simplified colour palettes, or green tones!

where to have a winter wedding

7- Winter Wedding Dresses

Winter wedding gowns aren't all created equal. The style of your wedding, your bridal tastes and the venue all play a role. If you prefer to keep things classy and potentially minimal, a long-sleeve crepe gown with an open back or high neck is a stunning option.

winter wedding dresses

Tulle layers, lace, and beading are always stunning for more traditional brides. Crochet lace, tiers of ruffles, and needlework are great accents for bohemian tastes, especially with airy fabrics.

long sleeve wedding dress winter

A retro-inspired style like a tea-length dress is simply chic for a cozier and intimate winter wedding. You can also consider a black wedding dress that goes perfectly with the white background. At the same time, ultra-luxe accents like metallic materials, feathers and rhinestones are perfect for a holiday-themed evening celebration.

what to wear over wedding dress in winter

Winter Bridesmaid Dresses 

If you're planning a winter wedding, you'll need to think about winter bridesmaid dresses in addition to warm colour palettes, unusual floral arrangements, and gorgeous venues. 

Your winter bridesmaid gowns may benefit from a sleeker silhouette. Consider an architectural floor-length gown with off-the-shoulder cutout sleeves or a sequin-dusted structure mermaid. 

While you would believe that a winter wedding necessitates long sleeves, this is not the case. Fabric is another critical factor, and you may want to go with thicker options like taffeta, crepe, or tool.

winter bridesmaid dresses

8- Winter Wedding Groom’s Attire

After all, what sets a winter wedding groom apart from those in other seasons? I'm glad you asked! Mixing textures, patterns, and materials, in more cold-weather colour palettes is the key— think satins, woven fabrics, matte, rich burgundy, velvets, and slate blue (not to mention the ever-formal, ever-bold white).

winter wedding attire

9- Winter Wedding Shoes

As a winter bride, you'll have more options when it comes to wedding shoes: classic pumps come in not only silks and satins but also crisp patent leathers and suedes too. Even a pair of bridal boots can work for the occasion, especially if they're embellished with ostrich feathers and velvet. 

The use of rhinestones and jewels nods to the holiday season. Meanwhile, for a winter bride, basic leather slip-on loafers or pointed-toe boots are understatedly beautiful and timeless. You’ll have an endless selection of winter wedding shoes to pick from, whether you prefer something traditional or something a little more daring.

winter wedding shoes

10- Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

When choosing what to wear as a winter wedding attire, you should first consider the dress code and venue of the event. This is one of the simplest ways to figure out if your outdoor winter wedding guest attire will work or not. 

A long veil or gown paired with a shawl for the evening is a good example of a winter wedding outfit. Some other outfits to consider are long sleeve dresses, classy jumpsuits, chic suits, velvet fabrics, statement coats, etc.

It is considered helpful to enclose information on good outdoor winter wedding guest attire in your invitations. You can address it in a cute way by enclosing a section named "winter wedding guest style" or "suggested winter wedding attire" in your winter wedding-themed invitations.

winter wedding guest dresses

We've explained everything you need to know before starting the planning process of your winter wedding. Now, it’s time to find your winter wedding venue with WeddingHero and take care of everything from wedding photography to music!

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