Calgary Wedding Videography

Calgary wedding videographers offer flawless wedding videos as beautiful, individual and unique as your relationship of exceptional quality. View wedding videography services, packages, reviews and samples. Contact your favourites and request pricing for free!

Alexander Documentarian

Alexander Documentarian caters to your every demand and budget. It also covers all gorgeous moments of your day, beginning from bridal and groom preparations to the first dance and then to...

Third-Reel Production

Third Reel Production combines fun with professionalism, covering all amazing moments from the start of your event to the finish. All you have to do is to complete the contact form.

Rocky Mountain Studios

Finally, Brett and Jason understand what professional wedding videography entails. This means that you end up creating beautiful, lasting memories when you contact them for your wedding. All you...

UnVeil Video

Creativity is the heartbeat of every wedding. Every couple is unique and, therefore, deserves something that suits their taste. UnVeil Video responds accordingly. All you have to do is to complete...

Red Finch Studios

Red Finch Studios can cover events as far as Southern Alberta at no extra cost. It offers services from the beginning of the event to the end and gives you breathtaking films from your wonderful...

Visionary Weddings

Your love story is much more than just pictures and sound; it is an experience that you have to feel. Ethan's passion is to make the wedding film that gives you those emotions you felt on your...

Glass Stone Cinema

Glass Stone Cinema Ltd offers world-class wedding video and photography services. They capture every moment with your loved ones in a creative, stunning, and cinematic way.

Castano Films

Castoño Films gives you the ability to plan your ideal wedding coverage starting at a customizable package and gives you a long-cherished memory of your big day.

Sweet Currant Video and Photo

Let’s complete the form and the team, which comprises professional and talented members with different areas of expertise, does all it requires to capture all the marvellous moments of your...

NightSchool Films

NightSchool Films commits to just one event per day so that they can give your wedding ceremony the full attention it needs. Their videographers make sure to capture every precious moment....

Dream Day Films

At Dream Day Films, they help couples relive their weddings to not worry about missing or forgetting anything. Instead, they make sure you have a beautiful film to enable you to relive your big day

Dan Kim Studios Photo and Film

Dan Kim Studios is a Calgary-based videography and photography company specializing in video coverage and creating films for your wedding event using various video styles, including storytelling,...

Chivalry Productions

Chivalry Productions renders exceptional services and works closely with you to make your wedding film just what you want.

Play Tree Productions

Play Tree Productions covers weddings from creative angles that are less conspicuous and minimal distractions and does an amazing edit. Afterward, they deliver your final video to you in the...

Fusion Photography and Videography

Fusion Photography is a company unique in its way. They bring to reality what you envisioned, giving you exactly what you desire on your special day.



At Dreamwakes, they value high-quality productions, which they create for their clients. They will capture every detail and every special moment to offer you a beautiful memory to remember and to...

Legend Production Films

Complete the form and Legend Production Films offers you an opportunity to view that special day like it was repeating itself, giving you that phenomenal and amazing feeling.

Reminiscences Wedding Studios

The firm has a license to work at most of the National Park. So if you are planning to use one of those locations without any hassle, it is proper. The team also has an excellent history of...

Ring Tail Films

Reach out, complete the form and figure out that Ring Tail Films stands out with its great storytelling ability and videography approach. The videographer avoids staged acts and emotions. Instead,...

Project 7 Media Group

At Project 7 Media Group, the goal is to provide brides and grooms with short films that capture all the emotional moments of the special magical day, starting from the preparation of the event to...

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What do Calgary-based wedding videographers provide?

Weddings are special events and memories to cherish forever. Wedding films are the best way to preserve these memories and revisit them whenever you want to. Among the many preparations related to the wedding, Calgary wedding videography requires careful consideration before making a choice.

Transform your special day into a magical experience to remember forever with the assistance of a professional Calgary wedding videographer. Calgary videographers can create a magical moment through their lenses, capturing all the finest aspects of the day, to share with your family and friends, and preserve the essence of the day forever.

Which wedding videography styles, videographers use in Calgary?

Calgary wedding photography and wedding films come in different styles to match the preferences of the bride and groom. The Alberta wedding videography includes coverage of many different ceremonies associated with the wedding as well.

From covering engagement sessions to the first dance, from family portraits to dances, the Calgary videographer offers you all. Calgary wedding videographers also cover different styles of weddings namely the Asian wedding ceremonies, Indian weddings, African weddings, elopement ceremonies, and destination weddings.

The styles of videography offered include cinematic, short formats, documentary styles, and storytelling options, and the final wedding films are offered in many different digital formats.

What equipment do wedding videographers in Calgary use?

Wedding videography in Calgary uses special and hi-tech equipment to ensure higher quality output and resolution of your wedding films and photos. These are much better than the videos captured on ordinary cameras and bring forth the essence and highlights of the day in a sophisticated manner.

Alberta wedding videography is known for the expert filming and editing in any of the different formats you like. It captures the reactions and the emotions of the friends and family in your wedding while keeping the couple in the limelight.

How long is an average wedding video provided by wedding videographers in Calgary?

The wedding video length is totally up to the couple who are getting married. They can decide on the length of the wedding films and the aspects they want to see in them.

Calgary wedding videographers offer a variety of packages to match your budget and other preferences. You have been planning your wedding for many days and it is a special moment in your life. You want it to be perfectly captured and you do not want to miss out on any moments.

You can check the samples of the wedding videography in Calgary before deciding on the number of hours you want your film to be. You can choose a specific part of the day made into a wedding film and the rest of the day captured through Calgary wedding photography.

How much does a wedding videographer cost in Calgary?

There are multiple packages offered by Alberta wedding videography and you have to choose the package that best fits your requirements. There are usually two cameras offered by Calgary wedding videographers in a wedding. You can choose to have an additional camera which will cost you slightly more.

If you are looking for small, short wedding films, then the price will be lesser when compared to you opting for a full-length feature film of the wedding. The type of output will also have a bearing on the cost.

What is included in a wedding videography package in Calgary?

Most of the Calgary wedding videographers will offer a highlights reel or an edited wedding film as part of their package. Some Calgary videographers might give you raw footage. You can also get a short and edited clip to share with friends and family or to post on your social media.

Do I need a 2nd videographer for my Calgary wedding?

This is dependent on the length of the wedding films you want. You can choose a single videographer if it is only a short film that you need. But if you want a longer feature film, then you need another videographer to cover the wedding.

How far in advance should I book a wedding videographer in Calgary?

Calgary wedding videographers are in high demand all through the year. It is, therefore, better to shortlist your wedding videography in Calgary once you have started planning for your wedding, preferably 6 months before your wedding if possible.

Should we consider any wedding videographers near Calgary?

There are quite a few Alberta wedding videography firms and Edmonton wedding videography firms, which offer you unmatched services in covering your wedding and creating a lovable memory to cherish for years to come.

What questions should I ask a Calgary-based wedding videographer?

When hiring a Calgary wedding videographer, you can check the following to ensure they match your expectations:

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