Winnipeg Wedding Videography

Wedding videographers in Winnipeg provide perfectly captured wedding videos that will help you to relive your most treasured moments for a lifetime. Click now, check out the Winnipeg-based leading wedding videography studios in their field, and obtain price quotes from your seat!

Black Iris Studio

Black Iris Studio has been in the market for over ten years serving clients with the same level of enthusiasm, passion and professionalism. They offer a wide range of services and the clients can...

Low Light Productions

Low Light Productions offers its services to various locations that include Winnipeg, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. They give you an option to choose from various packages for your wedding by...

JP Media Works

With over five years in the filmmaking industry, they offer you various packages to choose from at competitive rates. It also allows you to customize your packages and make easy online payments....

Lyndon Labayan Films

Lyndon Labayan Films offers you packages at competitive market rates, and they also give you an option to customizing your package based on your need. Once you are done selecting your package, you...

Lightstruck Photo Project

They offer you various packages to choose from based on your need and demand by making easy digital payment. They are waiting for your response for weddings and other events.

Prairie Film Co.

Thanks for taking out the time to check our profile. For any queries, they are just a call away. They look forward to working with you.

Michael J. Scott Productions

The team captures your special day using sophisticated technology, and the business is liability insured. They look forward to more weddings and other events to make it a huge success.

Greg Mardero Film

Greg Mardero Film offers packages with additional add-ons, or you can personalize your package based on your need and budget by making easy online payments. They are looking forward to your...

Fade to White Films

Fade to White Films has been in the market for over ten years offering choices between various packages based on the clients' needs allowing you to make easy digital payment for using their...

ZionProduction LLC

The wedding videography packages that ZionProduction LLC offers are available for competitive rates, and the team is looking forward to working with you to create countless memories. You can...

Old Coal Media

Old Coal Media allows you to select from various packages by making easy digital payments. They look forward to making memories with you.

Visual Koroma

Visual Koroma offers you to select from various packages based on your need and preference by making easy digital payments. The packages are available at competitive pricing. They look forward to...

Kip and Kyle Videography

With a variety of packages to choose from, and alternatively, you have the option of customizing your package based on your need making easy online payments. They are awaiting your response for...

Everett Derksen

The company takes each wedding differently by incorporating new ideas and concepts to serve the clients in the most sophisticated style. With a variety of packages at your disposal, you can now...

Laferriere Film

Laferriere Film gives you the option of customizing your wedding package based on your need and budget. They accept online payment for packages. They look forward to working with you.

Prairie Wedding Films

They offer the option of customizing the packages based on your need and preferences. They look forward to making memories with you.

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What do Winnipeg-based wedding videographers provide?

Winnipeg wedding videography firms have comprehensive packages that are lucrative and affordable for couples. They have various styles of videography that you can check in their portfolio and choose for your album.

You can choose any style of videography to cover your wedding day that includes right from getting ready, entry, to intimate moments and fun moments at the party. You can also include a destination videography shoot in your album.

Which wedding videography styles do videographers use in Winnipeg?

Videographers in Winnipeg offer various videography styles for couples on their wedding day. These include:

You can also suggest a special style during consultations if you have one in mind. You can opt for any of these and incorporate them into your album. Whether you like candid, spontaneous shots or want a properly posed videography, firms will cater to all your requests.

What equipment do wedding videographers in Winnipeg use?

Wedding videographers in Winnipeg use various equipment that is highly sophisticated with varied functionalities and give high-definition footage. These can be various forms of DSLRs, full-frame mirrorless cams, drones for aerial shots, and Cinema EOS.

Make sure you check the kind of equipment included in your package and that the cost of the package is justified according to the equipment standard.

How long do wedding videographers provide an average wedding video in Winnipeg?

A wedding teaser can be of 3-5 minutes, while a trailer can last from 4-8 minutes. On the other hand, a short film consisting of only a few moments from a single ceremony can be 3-7 minutes. You can otherwise opt for a full film covering the entire day that will cover every small and big moment throughout your day.

This is a better option to choose as you can keep the entire day as a memory. Most couples often opt for long films stretching over an hour or so, covering all ceremonies from getting ready till the end of the day and all ceremonies in between.

How much does a wedding videographer cost in Winnipeg?

Prices of affordable wedding videography in Winnipeg vary based on videographers’ experience and the equipment you want to use. Some firms only provide videography and no photography services, which charge less price.

Drone videography looks fabulous, giving major wedding goals and stays as an extraordinary piece forever your lives. These can come to be a bit high-end but can be well accommodated within a tight budget by most Winnipeg and Manitoba wedding videography firms.

What is included in a wedding videography package in Winnipeg?

Winnipeg wedding photography and videography package include ‘I do’ ceremony footage and other important ceremonies. On request, it may also include getting ready shots, family pictures, and other fun times and moments from where your guests and families are having a gala time.

Do I need a 2nd videographer wedding for my Winnipeg wedding?

Yes, a 2nd videographer is always a good idea as it becomes easy to assist each other in terms of finding the perfect angle, lighting, and pose. A 2nd videographer is also important if your package includes long hours of a photoshoot or entire day coverage.

How far in advance should I book a wedding videographer in Winnipeg?

You must do at least four months booking if it is an experienced and highly-awarded firm as these firms are often on a tight schedule and booked entirely for the wedding season. This leaves you enough time to reschedule in case of emergencies or negotiate terms with the firm.

Should we consider any wedding videographers near Winnipeg?

Yes, Winnipeg houses various in-demand and highly awarded wedding videographers who are experts in different videography styles. Finding a local studio is the best in terms of cost-effectiveness and constant counseling sessions.

What questions should I ask a Winnipeg-based wedding videographer?

You can ask questions about:

Some couples also like to have pre-wedding shoots and special destination shoots after the wedding. These are some of the most-asked questions by couples.

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