Calgary Wedding Photographers

Located in Calgary and currently searching for a fantastic and affordable wedding photographer to capture all the special moments of your special day? Look no further! Here is a list of the most popular wedding photography teams in Calgary with packages, portfolios, and reviews to take the stress out of choosing. Narrow down your favourites and request quotes from your seat!

Studio Lumen

The company has expert photographers that are easy to work with and provide fun along the line. They are great at their job due to the experience that has been gained over the years. They are a...

Lucid Photography

The photographers are flexible people who easily accommodate any need of the couples. Their experience in the business has taught them how to calm tensioned nerves down and coordinate everyone for...

Winter Lotus Photography

Ping and Kenny are great to work partners who can synergize with themselves, the couple, and the environment to take the perfect shot. They are known for the high-quality pictures and clarity of...

Kristyn Harder Photography

Kristyn Harder is a photographer who is personable and professional. She has an accurate view of details and a natural photography style. She captures wedding memories perfectly. Ensure you...

Matt Lowden Photography

The company's start-up prices include additional time, digital files, one event per day, high-resolution images, different locations, and engagement shoots. Their wedding packages also include...


Good pictures bring back memories fresh. MHPWeddings with its suitable services might be the best choice for some couples. Mike is a passionate photographer with numerous options to suit one's...

Wild Heart Photography

Wild Heart Photography offers services that best suit your style. They help newlyweds feel relaxed while they capture every moment of your big day. If you would like to book a session with them,...

Tkshotz Photography

For your dream wedding collection, you need to choose a professional photographer like Tkshotz; they have the best to offer. You can fill the form to book a session with them and to discuss your...

Nicole Lynn Photography

The team has trained professionals that show forth their expertise in the photos they produce for their clients. Their wedding packages are well-coordinated and very easy to create, depending on...

Evolve Photography

One of the best ways to keep your wedding memories fresh is by choosing the right photography services. Good pictures bring back old memories. This is why couples are ready to pay a lot to get the...

Ashley Daphne Photography

This company has different backdrops carefully chosen in Alberta for the couples to take lovely pictures with. They can capture all moments in the events both large and small. They are confident...

JM Photography

They give couples high-quality images using the locations and environmental factors at their best. You can be comfortable while working with JM Photography. Jeremy will make the process all fun...

Paisley Photography

The company is known for making their guests pleased and satisfied when they deliver their collection of images to them. They spend quality time with you capturing the best moments. Together with...

Terry Photo Co

The company is a flexible one that easily reaches out to clients and never stops communicating with them. They are very accommodating and take great pictures from very nice angles. Looking out for...

Nicole Sarah Photography

Sarah and her team offer a comfortable and effortless experience. All photographers have different packages. So book a session with them and learn what they have to offer you.



The services and products provided by this company are a wide range so that couples will select the ones that suit their budget and style. Zev takes his clients to heart, meeting with them first...

Adele Marianne Photography

Wedding pictures are the most important pictures to keep, so you must book a professional photographer that will cover every detail of your wedding. With Adele photography at your wedding, she...

Joanna Jensen

Photography is an essential part of the wedding, particularly because you still got the images to look forward to after the whole event, therefore giving you a fresh memory of your wedding once...

TAIT Photography

Their experience in photography makes it easy for married photographers to capture the best times and happenings of your special day. They are very creative photographers that rightly interpret...

Sarah Beau Photography

Sarah Beau Photography is a professional wedding photography business in Calgary. Sarah would be glad to be part of your big day to help you create candid and treasured moments. She covers a...

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How far in advance should you book a wedding photographer in Calgary?

After you've been engaged, you'll certainly hear a lot of advice from well-meaning friends and relatives about when you should book your vendors and other bits of information and we understand that it might be hard to consider all of it. Luckily, we're here to help!

The average engagement in Canada lasts roughly 19 months and the average engaged couple books their wedding photographer in Calgary 12 months before the wedding date. However, this might vary depending on region and customs. Of course, depending on the conditions, engagements might be considerably shorter or much longer.

Why is it necessary to book your wedding photography so far in advance? Unlike other wedding providers like florists, caterers, tux rentals, and so on, photographers can usually only book one wedding per day. As a result, when the photographer books a popular date, that day is reserved and becomes unavailable for others.

Which wedding photography styles do photographers use in Calgary?

You've decided to hire a wedding photographer in Calgary. So, where do you begin? One of the most crucial steps in finding the ideal wedding photographer is deciding on the wedding photography style you want for your big day. You should have a broad concept of the different wedding photography styles so you can explain to them exactly what you're looking for when looking for a photographer to capture your wedding the way you pictured it. Here are the most popular wedding photography styles in Calgary:

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Calgary?

One of the questions we get asked most is, "how much should a wedding photographer cost?”. The cost will vary depending on what is included, the photographer's expertise, talent, and how they manage their business. Prices for wedding photography in Calgary range from $1500 to $6000+, with most packages costing between $3000 and $4000. If you're looking for affordable photographers, get in touch with as many providers as possible to locate the best match for your needs.

A wedding photographer is more than a vendor; they will be present throughout the day. They're your guide, and the procedure requires cooperation. A wedding photographer should make you think, laugh, feel at ease, and truly get to know you. Don't forget to make sure that the photographer does professional work and that their work resonates with you. That’s why you shouldn’t book the first and the cheapest, risking something that will last forever about your wedding.

What is included in a wedding photography package in Calgary?

There are a lot of wedding photographers out there, and they all have distinct services to offer. The following elements are usually included in most wedding photography packages:

In addition to these, there may be some extras. If you're thinking about hiring an out-of-town professional photographer, you will need to pay their travel and accommodation costs. You can also consider having an engagement session or increase the number of photos. Since the prices vary greatly, it would be better to sit down with your photographer and break down the price considering every element so as not to be disappointed afterwards.

What questions should you ask a Calgary-based wedding photographer?

To find the best photographer in Calgary for you, you should ask the right questions, starting with the primary style of the photographer. Then, you can ask questions related to their experience in weddings. Small photography companies might not have the necessary resources to photograph multiple weddings on the same day, so make sure that yours is the only one.

Then, proceed with asking what the contract entails, whether there's insurance and backup equipment, and what happens when the photographer is ill. You can ask questions related to editing, packaging and pricing. Don’t be shy and ask as many questions as possible to find the perfect match!

What are the best wedding and engagement photo locations in Calgary?

These Calgary settings are some of the best possibilities for your engagement and wedding photos, whether you want a more rustic or urban vibe, a historic building, or something a little quirkier:

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