Wedding Catering Calgary

Located in Calgary and currently searching for a fantastic wedding catering company to turn your event into a feast? Look no further! To take the stress out of choosing, here is a list of the top-rated wedding caterers in Calgary with packages, services and reviews. Narrow down your favourites and request quotes from your seat!

Urbane Culinary

Urbane Culinary is a popular company located at 10-1420 40 Ave NE T2E 4P9 Calgary (Alberta). This culinary company is passionate and committed to offering fantastic catering services for weddings...

Alpine Catering

Alpine Catering is a professional catering company that provides amazing services to give you a beautiful wedding. It is located on 78th Avenue in Calgary (Alberta). This catering company offers...

Food Box Catering by Chef James

Located at Skyview Point Crescent in Calgary, Alberta, Food Box Catering by Chef James is a catering company that can offer complete planning for your wedding. It is a locally licensed company...

Devour Catering

Devour Catering is located at 538 42 Ave SE T2G 1Y6 Calgary (Alberta). They are focused on wedding planning and making sure you have the hassle-free dining wedding party you desire. This catering...

Noble Fare Catering and Events

Noble Fare Catering & Events is situated at 925 11 St SE T2G 0R4 Calgary (Alberta). The catering and events company specializes in offering professional services for weddings and other events. It...

Personal Thyme

Personal Thyme is a catering company that is located in Calgary, Alberta. This company provides creative catering services for wedding receptions. They offer gourmet quality catering and private...

Spirits With Smoke Inc

One of Calgary's finest wedding drinks services, Spirits With Smoke Inc, is the best place for you to get your drink packages. It is an innovative company that operates out of Calgary, Alberta and...

Jerusalem Shawarma

Jerusalem Sharwama is a catering company with a specialty in providing exotic Palestinian dishes for weddings. It is located in Calgary, Alberta. The homemade approach to these menus shows the...

Lino's Catering and Consulting

Lino's Catering and Consulting is a catering company with a beautiful reputation. This reliable business is situated at Township Road in Calgary, Alberta. The customer service here is incredible,...

Country Encounters

Country Encounters, a delectable culinary experience synonymous with a delectable culinary experience, is proud to serve South West Alberta and South East BC, providing its guests with a...

Stuff'dYYC Food Truck and Catering Event

Stuff’dYYC Food Truck and Catering Events is the perfect catering company for serving a late-night addition at your wedding reception. The picnic-style food is great and will be enjoyed by your...

Taiko Taco
Taiko Taco


Taiko Taco is a food truck that gives a tasty experience. It is a unique service that you can use to serve your friends something different. This food truck is located on Meridian Road in Calgary,...

Olivella Events and Catering

Olivella Events and Catering is a professional catering company that provides outstanding catering services for wedding celebrations. It is located in Calgary, Alberta and is ready to give you the...

Miss Tilly`s Catering

Miss Tilly’s Catering is an exceptional catering company that provides outstanding catering services for wedding celebrations. It is located in the South East of Calgary, Alberta. Established in...

Sprout'd Katering (formerly Secret Chef)

Sprout's Katering, formerly known as Secret Chef, is a catering business that provides incredible culinary experiences for couples’ weddings. It is based out of Calgary in Auburn South view,...

Wise Guys Liquor

If you need a plug for wedding drinks as you prepare for your big day, Wise Guys Liquor is the best place for you. Wise Guys Liquor is located in Calgary, Alberta, and it is ready to help you pick...

The Travelling Teacups

Travelling Teacups is a catering company with a specialty in providing a traditional tea party experience at weddings. It is located in Martinridge Grove in Calgary, Alberta. The team will leave...

Ernie's Mobile Barbecue and Catering

Ernie’s Mobile Barbecue & Catering specializes in family-style BBQ hog roasts, amazing, delicious meats, and side dishes for wedding celebrations. It is located on Frontier RC in Rockview County,...

Fork and Farm Catered Events

Fork+Farm has located at 920 28 Street Northeast #20 T2A 6K1 Calgary (Alberta). Fork+Farm Catered Events is a superb wedding organizing company with a great selection of personalized menus. This...

Sticky Ricky's

Sticky Ricky's is a food truck that is widely known all around Calgary. This catering company specializing in giving catering services different from the norm and can serve as alternative...

Made Foods
Made Foods


The focus of Made Foods is providing easy-to-eat healthy products that taste delicious and are convenient to use. With a menu that caters to a variety of dietary needs, their menu features fresh...

Catering By Design

Catering By Design is a specialized company that renders quality catering services for weddings and other events. The company is located at 2611-3rd Avenue S.E T2A7W7 Calgary (Alberta). The...

Andrea the Bartender
Andrea the Bartender


  • 2. year
  • For an amazing bartending experience on your big day, Andrea the Bartender has got you covered. She is a one-person team that has got you covered. Andrea stays at Crowchild Trail in Calgary,...

    Red Seal Dining

    Red Seal Dining is located at 5227 Barron Drive NW T2L 5T7 Calgary (Alberta). It is a large company in Calgary that offers impressive catering services for weddings and other events. This company...

    Great Events Catering
    Great Events Catering

    1 review(s)


    Great events catering is an award-winning company located in Calgary. This popular company is highly recommended for couples who want unique and wonderful delicacies for any wedding type. Great...

    Brie and Banquet Wild Catering Co.

    Brie & Banquet Wild Catering Co. is located at 140, 7920 42 Street SE T2C 2T5 Calgary (Alberta). It specializes in the wedding catering business. The team is committed to curating unforgettable...

    Oliver and Bonacini Catering

    Oliver & Bonacini Catering is a catering business with innovative dishes and memorable catering. Situated in Calgary, Alberta, and other locations, this company will bring the style and amazing...

    Visionary Catering

    Visionary Catering is a catering company specializing in giving the awesome catering services required for a wedding. It is one enterprising company located in Calgary, Alberta. It specializes in...

    Rocky Mountain BBQ

    Rocky Mountain BBQ is beautifully located at 321, 5303 68 Ave SE T2C 4Z2 Calgary (Alberta). Rocky Mountain BBQ is more than just a place to have your wedding party and a heaven on earth location...

    Whippt Kitchen

    Whippt kitchen is a popular company specializing in catering and making amazing cakes and other desserts for weddings. Whippt kitchen is located in Calgary, Alberta, and is 7 minutes from the city...

    Salon Catering

    Salon Catering is a professional catering company that provides full-service catering for weddings. They specialize in fine catering services that are perfect for your big day. The catering...

    True Spirits Mobile Bar

    For an amazing bartending experience on your big day, True Spirits Mobile Bar has got you covered. It is located in Calgary, Alberta, and it specializes in incredible mobile bartending services,...

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    What do wedding caterers in Calgary provide?

    Caterers, as you would be aware, provide beverages and food for events like weddings, engagements, and other ceremonies. Calgary catering companies offer you a complete package of services which include initial consultation, menu preparation, food preparation, creation of the perfect presentation, delivery of the food, etc.

    If you are looking for wonderful and delicious food, served most appealingly, then you are looking at professional catering services in Calgary at work. When you search for “wedding caterer near me”, you would be surprised by the number of Alberta wedding catering companies that pop up on your search screen.

    With every event being unique, you need a unique experience and a unique menu. You can get a customized menu from Calgary catering companies.

    What are the most popular food options at Calgary weddings?

    Deciding on the wedding menu could be quite a challenging yet exciting task. Imagine all the tasting you can do before you select the menu. The wedding catering in Calgary offers a wide variety of options. Some of the popular options, comprising the latest trends, offered by many Alberta wedding catering companies include:

    What are the cheapest food options for a wedding in Calgary?

    There are plenty of restaurants that offer wedding catering in Calgary. Considering your venue in a restaurant will help you save quite a lot on the catering cost.

    You can also look at brunch items or breakfast items that will have a lesser impact on your budget. You can go for a cuisine-based lunch which will also have a lesser impact on cost, especially Thai, Mexican and Indian cuisines. Hosting your meal at the caterer’s will also reduce the cost of transportation.

    Should we consider any wedding caterers near Calgary?

    There is plenty of wedding catering in Calgary that you can opt for. You can check the reviews of the Alberta wedding catering companies and choose the one that fits your requirement with good reviews. You can also choose Edmonton wedding caterers, near Calgary for your requirement.

    How much does a wedding catering company cost in Calgary?

    Calgary catering companies offer a variety of packages to cater to different occasions. You have to check the package that suits your preferences to know how the same is priced. Depending on the inclusion of an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, the Alberta wedding catering price might change.

    The number of guests and the kind of menu also play a role in the pricing decided by catering services in Calgary. If you wish to have an open bar, it would add more to the expense.

    What is the average cost per person for wedding catering in Calgary?

    The cost per person for wedding catering in Calgary will vary based on the menu you choose. The inclusion of an alcoholic beverage might also have an impact on the cost. Depending on the venue and other options you will have further changes in per-person cost for wedding catering in Calgary.

    How can I cater my wedding cheaply in Calgary?

    Having the venue at the same place as caterers will eliminate transportation costs.

    Another option to reduce the cost of wedding catering in Calgary would be to choose an Asian cuisine or a brunch menu.

    How far in advance should I hire a wedding caterer in Calgary?

    It is better to book your wedding caterers in Calgary, at least 6 months in advance. But it would be better to search for “wedding catering near me” from the date you fix your marriage, or a few more months in advance.

    What questions should I ask when looking for a wedding catering service in Calgary?

    Here are a few questions you can ask the Alberta wedding catering before hiring them:

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