Hamilton Wedding Photography

Are you planning a wedding in Hamilton? You’ll want an amazing wedding photographer to capture all the details of your day: the little touches, the love, the hidden moments. Lucky for you, we’ve handpicked the best wedding photographers in Hamilton for you with pricing, packages, portfolios and reviews!

Marc Mikhail Photography

While they mostly capture the blissful moments in a wedding for couples here in Canada, Marc Mikhail Photography's team has also clicked for couples across the borders in the United States....

AC Images Photography
AC Images Photography


  • 2. year
  • AC Images Photography is a wedding photography business operating in Hamilton (Ontario). The entire roster considers wedding functions a creative story and offers phenomenal services to make the...

    Marco Martorelli Photography

    Marco Martorelli Photography pushes the creative and romantic boundaries of wedding photography in Canada. Marco never fails to capture the breaths and heartbeats of the special moments that will...

    Rose Quartz Imagery

    Rose Quartz Imagery is a company that creates memories for couples that you can keep forever. The company is situated in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. However, if you are looking to get them at a...

    Danielle Blancher Photography

    Danielle Blancher Photography is run by a single woman called Danielle. She has a slightly different approach to working with her clients than most other companies out there. With all her...

    Mendes Photography

    MendesPhotography has crafted exceptionally stunning memories for several couples. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, the photography company is owned by Valter Mendes, who is well-known for his...

    Light Scape Photography

    Light Scape Photography is a renowned wedding photography business based in Hamilton. They serve Greater Toronto Area to Niagra and abroad. The award-winning founders focus on giving perfect...

    Kate Watkinson Photographs

    Kate Watkinson Photographs is a photography company that is based in Hamilton, Ontario. Kate Watkinson is the company owner, and she runs the business. Kate is a professional in capturing moments...

    Melissa Northcott Photography

    Melissa Northcott Photography has crafted exceptionally stunning memories for several couples. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, the photography company is owned by Melissa Northcott, who is...

    Kayla Potter Photography

    Kayla Potter Photography is a famous photography company for providing services at wedding events. Be it, grooms or brides, this firm can bring the best out of anyone on their special day. The...

    A Flash in Time Photography

    A Flash in Time Photography is a dedicated wedding photography business based in Hamilton (Ontario). The professional team believes in creating magic through their cameras in wedding functions and...

    Sylvia + Franco Photography

    Sylvia + Franco Photography, located in Hamilton, Ontario, offers stunning wedding photography services to newlyweds. It has a special wedding catalogue that contains tons of photography services...

    Pixelesque Photography

    Situated in Hamilton, Ontario, Pixelesque Photography is owned by Saharsh Cherian. He also happens to be the main photographer of this artsy venture and can take up any photography style, be it...

    Michael Goencz Photography

    Michael Goencz Photography is a Waterdown, Ontario-based wedding photography service provider. Michael Goencz, the owning and operating man of this photography venture, has an amazing hand at...

    Kathy De Merchant Photography

    Kathy DeMerchant Photography is a photography company led by Kate DeMerchant herself. Kathy started her profession in photography after she saw her wedding pictures. She makes sure that all the...

    Hand 2 Eye Photo + Cinema

    Hand 2 Eye Photo + Cinema is a wedding photography and videography service provider based in Ontario. The firm offers its services throughout the Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Greater Toronto...

    Foto Flare Photography

    Foto Flare Photography is a famous photography company that is based in Hamilton, Ontario. The team of this photography company is entertaining to work with. The company is renowned for its...

    Fleur De Lis Photography

    Fleur De Lis Photography is a photography company that is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Alexis McGillivrau is both the owner and the main photographer of the company. They are very good at doing...

    Jay Gunter Photography

    Specializing in photojournalistic wedding photography, Jay Gunter Photography is one of the best-rated companies you’ll find in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The team also excels in contemporary and...

    Laura Amendola Photography

    Based out of Ontario, Laura Amendola Photography is a professional photography firm. It is one of the finest in the industry because of its owner, Laura Amendola. She has built a huge brand out of...

    Fumio Photography

    Fumio Photography is a photography company based in Hamilton, Ontario. Ryan Tonegawa is the lead photographer of the company. The team is a specialist in delivering some breathtaking images to its...

    Madison Rose Photography

    Madison Rose Photography is based in Hamilton, Ontorio. Madison Rose is the founder of the company, as the name suggests. She loves to travel, and her services can be availed anywhere around the...

    Serena Swan Photography

    Serena Swan is a professional photography company that specializes in wedding photography. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the company offers its services in Hamilton, Toronto, Niagara, and...

    Rohullah Kabir Photography

    Rohullah Kabir Photography & Films strives to think outside of the box and go the extra mile to capture every memorable moment. The team works hand in hand with all their couples to create and...

    Alyssa Alkema Photography

    Alyssa Alkema Photography is a wedding photography business that operates in the Southern Ontario Region. The photography style of Alyssa Alkema in wedding functions includes contemporary,...

    Janet Trost Photography

    Janet Trost Photography is based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The team is open to travel and can cover any event in the city. Janet pays close attention to every detail in the wedding and makes...

    Mountain Studio

    Mountain Studio is a Hamilton, Ontario-based photography venture with Jessica Eastman being the lead photographer. She loves capturing the special moments and emotions from weddings through her...

    Rajmy Sayavong Photography

    Situated in Hamilton, Ontario, Rajmy Sayavong Photography offers professional wedding photography services. You get one prime wedding package including all the necessary value-packed services to...

    Katie Nicolle Photography

    Katie Nicolle Photography is a firm run by one person called Katie Nicolle. It is a photography firm that specializes in providing services at wedding events. Katie is a very experienced...

    William Joseph Photography

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is full of many wedding photographers. However, there is one company that stands out from the rest. William Joseph Photography is based out of Hamilton and one of the...

    Nusreta Durek Photography

    Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Nusreta Durek Photography specializes in wedding photography. Knowing how important your wedding day is, they ensure that every moment is captured and provided to you...

    Samantha Bauer Photography

    Samantha Bauer Photography is a firm based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, specializing in wedding photoshoots. Although they are situated in Hamilton, their services can be available in Toronto,...



    LightOut is a stunning wedding photography business that operates in the Hamilton region. The experienced photographers of LightOut are always passionate about capturing unique moments in wedding...

    Keri Lynne Photography

    Keri Lynne Photography is the face behind the camera, the one making silly faces at you to get you to smile. She has always been interested in photography but didn’t pick up a camera until her...

    Katie Marie Photography

    Katie Marie Photography is a photography company whose owner and the main photographer is Katie Silva. The photography company is based in Hamilton, Ontario. Katie is a pro in doing her job. She...

    Alexandra Del Bello Photography

    Alexandra Del Bello Photography is a photography business that specializes in photojournalism services in different wedding functions like engagement, reception, ceremony, late-night parties, and...

    ASC Photography
    ASC Photography


  • 3. year
  • ASC Photography is based in Hamilton, Ontario. The photographic style that they deal with is contemporary and photojournalism. Amanda DeMelo is the owner and the main photographer who blends an...

    Geoff Shaw Photography

    For couples that may not have much experience in front of the camera and value those in-the-moment shots. Geoff Shaw Photography encourages individuality, playfulness, and spontaneity to capture...

    Amer Nabulsi Photography

    Amer Nabulsi Photography is a very creative engagement and wedding company. This company is run by a single guy called Amer Nabulsi. But he does get a lot of help from his several assistants and...

    Elizabeth in Love
    Elizabeth in Love


  • 2. year
  • You can guess that Elizabeth in Love is a very creative company from the name itself. It is a photography firm that specializes in providing services at wedding events. The firm is owned and run...

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    Which wedding photography styles do photographers use in Hamilton?

    There are many wedding photographers in Hamilton, each excelling in their different styles of photography. You have to decide whether your choice is just conventional or you want to make a short film of your wedding day. Depending on your choice, you can choose your Ontario wedding photography.

    There are four major categories and styles of wedding photography in Hamilton, you can opt for. Knowing the photography styles will help you make the right choice for your wedding.

    How far in advance should you book a wedding photographer in Hamilton?

    The wedding photographers in Hamilton plan their schedules as early as a year early and in some cases, more than a year. It is, therefore, better to book your wedding photographer in Hamilton at least 12 months in advance.

    Many wedding planners suggest that you book the Ontario wedding photography as soon as you book your wedding venue. If your wedding is in the peak season, generally between May and October, book your wedding photographer in Hamilton well in advance to get your slot.

    How much does a wedding photographer cost in Hamilton?

    One of the major deciding factors for booking an Ontario wedding photography firm would be the cost. The factors influencing the cost for wedding photography in Hamilton include the number of photographers, number of cameras, hours of coverage, style of photography, etc.

    You can find that the cost varies for the Hamilton wedding videography based on the package you choose and the season plus venue of your wedding. You will also find many cheap wedding photographers in Hamilton, Ontario.

    What is included in a wedding photography package in Hamilton?

    Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the landscape, wedding photographers in Hamilton, help in creating the best memories of your wedding. From creating stunning photographs to gripping videography, Hamilton’s wedding videography will stun you with the experience.

    As part of the wedding photography packages, you can expect:

    You can also opt for some upgrades from the bouquet of options offered by wedding photographers in Hamilton.

    Should we consider any wedding photographers near Hamilton?

    There are many options for affordable Ontario wedding photography companies. You have to decide based on your expectations, the wedding venue, the style of photography you want, etc.

    If you are planning your wedding in Hamilton, then the Hamilton wedding videography firm would be the optimal choice in terms of familiarity and cost. You can also choose Mississauga wedding photographers, Kitchener wedding photographers, or any Toronto wedding photographers to capture your wedding professionally.

    What questions should you ask a Hamilton-based wedding photographer?

    Knowing and aligning with the mind of your Hamilton wedding photographer will guarantee you the best result. If you are wondering what should you ask before you hire wedding photography in Hamilton, then here are a few pointers to help you.

    1. Availability of the photographer at your chosen venue.
    2. Experience of the photographer who will be doing the shoot.
    3. The number of cameras and the kind of coverage they offer.
    4. The styles they have worked on and the portfolios
    5. Packages and details
    6. If there would be any conveyance or other additional charges
    7. Album and online availability of the photos
    8. Delivery timelines
    9. Backup plans and equipment.
    10. Policy on cancellation

    These questions can be a good starter to understand the Hamilton wedding photographer and whether they match your expectations.

    What are the best wedding photo locations in Hamilton?

    Some locations you can consider for your wedding photography in Hamilton are:

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