Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport
2nd year
Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport has complete planning tools starting from the timeline, layout, checklist, menus, and up to the big day itself. They handle all of it to let you focus on your special...
Coast Cafe Bar
2nd year
Old Toronto
The culinary experience of Chef Eduardo appeals to many guests and creates a beautiful experience for couples on their special day. Coast Café Bar does not offer substandard services to guests. It...
Menus and services at Granite Brewery and Tied house are flexible to meet guests' needs. They offer these many features at great prices. Reach out to place by filling the booking form of the venue...
StartWell’s campus is expanded to Niagara Street to create a community space for customers to remember the time spent here. Additional services and rental time can be provided to each couple on...
Coffee Oysters Champagne
2nd year
Old Toronto
The experienced team of the Coffee Oysters Champagne creates extraordinary food items that exceed the couple's expectations, from seated prix fixe menu for corporate events to social cocktails for...
Daniels Spectrum
2nd year
Old Toronto
Daniels Spectrum runs 13 hours on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends. It is easily accessible. Hearing assist devices are available upon request. Get married at Daniel Spectrum, a unique location...
Courtyard by Marriott Toronto Downtown has various wedding packages to make your wedding day as you dreamed. Also, the wedding price is affordable and will suit your wedding budget. Contact them...
If you are looking for a trendy, modern wedding venue with tasty food, this place is perfect. Get a free price quote right now by filling out the form.
10,000 $7,500
St. James Cathedral Centre Event Venue wedding packages are well-designed for a great wedding day. Communicate with the venue today by filling out the form and request a price quote for a...
Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport wedding cost is reasonable, and the wedding packages are well-designed to suit your needs. Get in touch with Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport...
Lost Craft x High Park Brewery is a unique and magical place to bring your vision to life. Let their friendly and professional staff make this the wedding or event of a lifetime. Fill out the...
The Albany Club wedding packages are designed perfectly for a stunning wedding day; also, the wedding cost is affordable to suit your wedding budget. By filling out the form and request a price...
Blu Ristorante
2nd year
Blu Ristorante is an elegant, well-planned, and structured restaurant and event venue with a blend of urban and exclusive designs for your wedding – both the quite large and intimate wedding plan....
The payment policy at The Costume House requires that you make an initial deposit of 33% of the total fee with a signed rental agreement to secure the venue. They coordinate security needs...
Jubilee Queen Cruises
2nd year
Old Toronto
Jubilee Queen Cruises wedding cost is affordable, and the wedding packages they provide contain many qualified services for a complete wedding. Contact them today by filling the form and get a...
The High Park Club wedding prices are affordable. Also, the wedding packages are designed perfectly to suit your wedding budget. Request a price quote today by filling the form for a memorable...
Delta Toronto Hotel wedding packages are great for your special day, and the wedding cost is affordable and suitable for your wedding budget. Get a price quote from Delta Toronto by filling the...
Relaxed Garden setting. This beautiful heritage building has lots of character, surrounded by trees, beautifully lighting at night. The cobble stone courtyard is surrounded by rose gardens. The...
Peter Pan Bistro is a boutique venue in the city's centre for the best wedding reception, outdoor dining and gathering with a very affordable price package. Modern Bistro, dedicated to great...
St. Clement of Ohrid
2nd year
East York
St. Clement of Ohrid wedding cost is affordable, and the fantastic location with the excellent wedding packages will make your wedding day one of a kind. Contact them by filling the form and...
The Fifth
2nd year
The Fifth wedding price is affordable, and the wedding packages are perfectly designed with fantastic service to suit your budget so you can have a memorable wedding day. Please, fill the form...
The Hockey Hall of Fame wedding cost is reasonable and well-thought-out. Also, wedding packages are designed perfectly to suit your wedding budget. Fill out the form now and request a price quote...
Artscape Daniels Launchpad
2nd year
Old Toronto
The staff of the Artscape Daniels Launchpad works closely with couples to bring their wedding dreams into reality. They will listen to your ideas about your special day and do the same at your...
Belmont Event Space
2nd year
Belmont Event Space wedding cost is affordable, and the wedding packages designed with experienced services to suit your requests. Get in touch with them today by filling the form and plan for a...
Village Loft
2nd year
North York
Village Loft is a famous venue that hosts weddings across New York. Their team provides tailor-made wedding packages to suit each couple and their unique expectation and style. To know more about...
Vantage Venues wedding cost is well-thought-out. The wedding packages are designed perfectly to suit your wedding budget with various excellent services by filling out the form and requesting a...
Lithuanian House cost is reasonable, and the wedding packages are designed perfectly to suit your wedding budget. By filling the form, request a price quote to celebrate the unforgettable moments...
Toronto Public Library wedding prices are very reasonable, and the wedding packages are well designed for a perfect wedding day. Get the price quote by filling the form for a fantastic wedding day...
FountainBlu Event Venue wedding price is well-thought-out to suit your budget. Also, wedding packages have qualified services to form your perfect wedding day. Get in touch with them today by...
Centennial College Event Centre
2nd year
The Centennial College Event Centre wedding venues are doubly satisfying for your wedding or the wedding of your loved one. While the newlyweds start on their new life together, you feel a sense...
Applewood The Shaver House
2nd year
Applewood Shaver House has been delivering magical memories to couples on their special day for many decades. The venue is ideal for your private wedding. Fill the form to make a reservation and...
Donalda Club
2nd year
North York
Donalda Club's wedding price is reasonable, and the wedding packages they provide contain many services for a successful wedding day. Get a price quote today by filling the form and start the...
The Super Wonder Gallery
2nd year
Old Toronto
At Super Wonder Gallery, they work with you to bring your dream wedding to a reality. Get married at Super Wonder Gallery. Reach out by filling the form to book the venue for your upcoming event.
Island Yacht Club wedding cost is well-thought-out, and the wedding packages can customize in a way that suits your wedding budget. Make the first step towards a beautiful wedding day by filling...
Beverley Halls
2nd year
Old Toronto
Beverley Halls wedding packages are unique with qualified services, and the wedding costs are very affordable to suit your wedding budget. You can communicate with them by filling the form and get...
Beanfield Center
2nd year
Old Toronto
Beanfield Center wedding packages are well-designed with many services to suit your wedding budget. Their dedicated wedding team will work with you to make your wedding the way you wish....
York Mills Gallery
2nd year
At York Mills Gallery, they offer a complete scope of services. From stylish decoration to in-house production and qualified catering services that are essential elements for a flawless and...
2nd year
At Canoe, they aim to leave a life-long positive impression on every guest who steps into the venue through its intelligent, emotional, and enthusiastic service. Take your wedding to the next...
The Great Hall wedding cost is affordable and well-thought-out to suit your wedding budget. Please fill out the form and get a price quote for a memorable wedding day in this outstanding venue to...
The Tempered Room
2nd year
Old Toronto
You have to book the venue for the event at least 72 hours before the event. The space is available for rent from the evening hours, but full-day buyouts are also available if interested. Besides...
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How to find cheap wedding venues in Toronto

Finding an affordable venue is one way to save on costs, and we're all about helping you stay on budget. But if you're on a tight wedding budget, finding an inexpensive wedding venue can be tough.

Using a traditional wedding venue gives you more amenities and services. Those conveniences, however, usually come at a price.

But don't let that stop you from finding a cheap wedding venue. It's not hard to find an option that suits your needs within your budget with a little research and a lot of thinking outside the box. Check out these tips:

  1. Organize your wedding ceremony and reception at the same place
  2. Get married midweek with a brunch reception
  3. Take a nontraditional approach to venue selection
  4. Keep your guest list to a minimum
  5. Consider shortening your reception (think 2 hours instead of 4)
  6. Bring your own alcohol
  7. Choose an all-inclusive wedding package

Types of affordable wedding venues available in Toronto

You don't want to spend all your budget on the venue. Affordable weddings don't have to be backyard BBQs. Cheap wedding venues in Toronto come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular ones are:

1. Chapels, churches, or places of worship

You should consider getting married at a synagogue, church, chapel, or other houses of worship if you want a spiritual wedding ceremony. There aren't a lot of costs attached to these sacred spaces, and some even have reception halls.

2. Conference centers

Conference centers are full-service event spaces with everything from wedding catering to accommodation! Facilities like these host small to medium-sized weddings and provide all-around hospitality without breaking the bank.

3. Museums, libraries, and art galleries

Often known for dramatic architecture, amazing exhibits, and curated collections, museums and libraries are works of art in their own right! They can save you a lot on wedding decorations because they provide such an impressive backdrop.

4. Restaurants

Being married at a restaurant is great when you're a self-described "foodie" couple. You get the drinks, the tables, food, chairs, and the service staff all included in the price of restaurant wedding venues in Toronto. Many have private rooms for a wedding DJ and band, and a dance party!

5. B&B

The perfect place for a small outdoor wedding reception, with cute guest rooms on-site and a lovely garden. Then there's a built-in brunch after the wedding. How about an eggs benny?

6. University or college

There are plenty of romantic spots to say "I do!" on college campuses, even if weddings aren't the first thing that comes to mind. You have lots of options for hosting a spectacular, affordable wedding, from chapels to historic libraries!

Services included in cheap Toronto wedding venue packages

All-inclusive wedding packages are not only cost-effective but they're also packed with the best. Their "all-inclusive" aspect plays a big role in this. But what's this all-inclusive thing we're talking about?

You can get everything you need for your wedding with all-inclusive packages. The great thing about this is that all of these things (and more) can be included in one price, including on-site wedding planners, entertainment, photographers, and food.

Budget-friendly wedding packages are great because everything you need and want can be covered in one place without paying extra for stuff you don't want or need. Also, all-inclusive, affordable wedding venues in Toronto offer great accommodations for guests travelling from all over the world.

Consider these cities when looking for cheap wedding venues near Toronto

We've listed some of the most popular connected cities where you can find some of the best cheap wedding venues in Ontario for an unforgettable experience at a budget-friendly price: