19 Wedding Colour Schemes You'll Never Get Tired Of

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Our seasonal wedding colour ideas will help you pair the perfect shades. Decide on your wedding colour palette, and the rest will fall into place—from wedding decorations to the dress. For maximum inspiration, check out our favourite wedding colour schemes below!

wedding colour schemes

Spring Wedding Colours

Springtime comes with a bunch of pretty colours you can use to craft your colour palette. Maybe you like pastels if you're thinking about a spring wedding.

March through June are the months when softer shades are popular. However, spring isn't just about pale pinks and light blues. Deep, cool colours are reminiscent of earlier months and their rainy forecasts. Below are some of the most beautiful wedding colour schemes for spring.

spring wedding colours

1- Sage Green And Lavander

Against a natural backdrop, this colour combination is a stunning choice for an outdoor wedding. It also works for a vintage/modern wedding, offering vibrant colours that are both romantic and lovely.

sage green wedding

Chair Flair

Chair Flair

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2- Peach, Lilac And Yellow

These colours would make a beautiful spring sunset wedding. Your guests will be surprised and inspired by the combination of yellow and peach with lilac. The statement-making couple will love this combination. The warm palette is perfect for a sunset wedding.

peach wedding theme

3- Pink, Green And Beige

This colour combination might be a good choice if you are looking for rustic wedding colours in spring. This subtle blend of pink and greenery resembles everything soft about nature and will be a nice touch for your wedding party.

You can also decorate with white tablecloths with green centrepieces and pink touches. Depending on what you're into, you might think about pink khaki ties, corsages, suits and more.

pink wedding

Lux Event Rental

Lux Event Rental

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4- Blue And Yellow

This is the perfect colour combination for a May spring wedding that's both masculine and feminine. Warm yellow adds romance, and bright blue adds glam. We suggest yellow bouquets and blue attire for your wedding party; it adds a modern twist to the traditional wedding.

blue wedding

Design Mantraa

Design Mantraa

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5- Fuchsia and Gold

Traditionally fuchsia is a summer hue, but many brides are combining it with blues and golds to make it perfect for a spring wedding! Let's face it, we're always up for starting new traditions, so if you're one of them, try it out!

fuchsia and gold wedding

Summer Wedding Colours

A lot of couples choose bright oranges, yellows, and blues for their colour scheme when planning summer weddings. But you can colour outside the lines too! Summer weddings look great in tropical greens, punchy primary colours, and rustic neutrals. Check out the following inspirational ideas.

summer wedding colours

6- Mint And Pink

The colours mint and pink are perfect for a princess-themed wedding. Together, they create a serene and bright ambiance. Consider pink for your wedding cake and invitations. Add mint edible flowers and hot pink letter invites to your cake. Very unusual, but very popular.

mint and pink wedding

7- Dusty Blue And Burgundy

Another popular colour combination for summer weddings is burgundy and dusty blue. The white bride with burgundy bouquets, the dusty blue bridesmaids, the rustic wood tables with burgundy centrepieces and dusty blue candles, the dusty blue wedding cakes with burgundy flowers... These are all great ways to make your summer wedding feel classic and romantic!

burgundy wedding theme

8- Pastel Rainbow

If you want more colour than just one pop, we suggest selecting a rainbow-inspired palette. If you're looking for a fun and playful pastel wedding colour scheme, then light pink, turquoise, purple and orange might be your choice.

rainbow wedding

9- White And Green

Weddings in the backyard look fantastic in white and green. Create an intimate, yet vibrant atmosphere. Use greenery and strategically placed drops of white to cover walls in floral arrangements.

Together with your bridesmaids, wear a white calf-length gown. Place a Grecian greenery flower crown in place of a veil to complete the look.

white and green wedding

Paradise Events

Paradise Events

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10- Mixed Jewels

This is the theme you're looking for if you would like an elegant wedding theme that fits into any environment. These colours have a rich saturation that is named for gemstones like amethyst, sapphire blue, citrine, purple, emerald and red.

Given its timeless elegance and easy glamour, it's no wonder this classic jewel-toned colour combo is a long-time wedding favourite. This theme provides the opportunity for couples planning a black-tie affair to create the wedding of their dreams.

mixed jewels wedding

A Chair to Remember

A Chair to Remember

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Fall Wedding Colours

It is likely that you already have your perfect fall wedding colours in mind if you are planning an autumn wedding. If you're still planning, we've compiled some of the best fall wedding colours for your colour scheme, dress your party, and set the tone!

You can't go wrong with these fall wedding colours. You can pick any combination of colours from our list, but feel free to mix and match!

fall wedding colours

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11- Green And Brown

The colour combination of green and brown is a laid-back yet lively one for a castle wedding. Use green stationery with floral accents in brown to give your wedding a classic feel. Use brown as the background colour for your venue's decor. Add green to the brown background to make it pop.

green and brown wedding



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12- Crimson Red And Gray

Crimson and gray make great fall wedding colours for boho-themed weddings. Have the guys wear gray suits with crimson ties. Dress the girls in crimson red dresses and yellow bouquets to match the men.

Lay out mismatched grey, crimson red, and dogwood chairs in the lounge. Use crimson red napkins on gray tablecloths, and dogwood, red and gray centrepieces as an alternative.

crimson red wedding

Peachy Green Events

Peachy Green Events

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13- Burgundy And Gold

Burgundy and gold are the perfect colour combo for a vintage wedding. They're both strong colours and they need a calm turquoise to balance them out. Burgundy is popular for bridesmaids' dresses, chair decor, and tablecloths.

Don't be afraid to use gold on the dinnerware, place cards, and menus. Match them with turquoise napkins and floral arrangements and centrepieces in all three colours as well.

burgundy and gold wedding

Elle Weddings

Elle Weddings

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14- Orange And Blue

Outdoor weddings in these colours will have a wanderlust vibe. Put on blue stilettos and a blue and orange flower crown to make a bold statement. Your bridesmaids may also wear blue dresses.

Make your wedding decor a nude-coloured backdrop with orange and blue colours. With its blend of brightness and depth, the nude colour is an excellent choice for balancing blue and orange.

orange and blue wedding

15- Dusty Yellow And Maroon

An autumn backyard wedding will be perfect with yellows and maroons. Their combination creates a beautiful and romantic wood theme. Choose maroon-coloured bridesmaid dresses. Choose maroon, yellow, and ivory bouquets to compliment them. Decorate the venue with the same colour scheme and greenery.

yellow and maroon wedding

Dream Party Decor

Dream Party Decor

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Winter Wedding Colours

It's easy to gravitate towards winter's signature shades when planning a winter wedding. Nevertheless, festive colours go beyond the usual red and green hues.

Whether it's icy blues, splashy magenta, or frosted metallics, there are many combinations to highlight winter's full palette of colours-mainly because every shade can be wintry in the right tone. To help you choose your wedding colour scheme, we've listed the most beautiful shade combinations.

winter wedding colours

Contemporary Chic

Contemporary Chic

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16- Black, White, And Gold

Want to transform your winter wedding from something basic into something spectacular? While a nod to the holiday season, black, white, and gold give the wedding look a bit of enchantment. Imagine an elegant ballroom filled with white tablecloths, gold candle holders, and elegant centrepieces - this is the effect you achieve with this colour scheme.

black and gold wedding

Sara Baig Designs

Sara Baig Designs

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17- Gray and Metallic

For colour inspiration, look to the winter weather. Everything from tablescapes to ceremony backdrops can benefit from the serene blue of a clear winter sky. To add a bit of extra magic, add some metallic notes.

gray and metallic wedding

Debut Event Design

Debut Event Design

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18- All White Theme

Make your guests feel like they're walking through a winter wonderland by going all white. From lucite seating to classic white cake, let falling snowflakes and icicles inspire your vision here. If you want a few scattered pops of colour, add a dash of wintergreen. You'll end up with a timeless look.

white wedding

A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember

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19- Emerald Green, Garnet Red & Snowy White

The emerald green and red colour palette are perfect for the Christmas holiday season. Why not incorporate traditional colours and merriment into winter weddings since many incorporate a holiday feel. The colour motif shows its timeless style by working with almost any wedding venue.

emerald green, red and white wedding

Ethereal Creators

Ethereal Creators

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