Your Guide to Hosting a Beautiful Rustic Wedding

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Have you fallen in love with rustic weddings and want to find answers to your questions? From rustic wedding venues and decor to wedding cakes and creative ideas, there are tons to discuss. So let's get started!

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What Makes a Wedding Rustic?

Even though the concept of a rustic wedding has gained popularity in recent years, the truth is that classic wedding styles have been more common. A rustic wedding theme is influenced by the beauty of the countryside, combines rustic elements such as wood and metal, and is typically based in the outdoors.

If the idea of a casual celebration in the country makes you feel excited, then a rustic wedding could be the right choice for you. Let's continue with places where you can have a perfect rustic wedding!

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Rustic Wedding Ideas

Unique crafted elements, tablescapes with beautiful timber backdrop features characterize a rustic affair, a good mix of country and vintage wedding styles. If you want to host your own rustic event and don't know where and how? Here are some ideas for you:

Rustic Outdoor Wedding

As we already know, a rustic wedding has references to beautiful outdoors with natural elements. Most couples choose to have their rustic-themed celebrations in the fall when nature creates the perfect background while transforming itself and creating a rich colour palette. Gardens, backyards, barns and farms are perfect settings to realize your vision.

If you have some questions regarding the weather conditions in your mind and fear that it might rain, you can add a wedding tent by talking with a rental company. These structures both protect you from unpredictable weather and create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

rustic outdoor wedding

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Rustic Winery Weddings

Elegance and romance are the most popular things that come to mind when talking about rustic winery weddings. A neutral tone paint palette with golden touches fits well in various settings, from basic to extremely elegant, and everything in between. Natural-feeling textures can also add to the intensity of your style.

You can have a spring or elegant rustic fall wedding in many venues such as estates, vineyards, wineries and breweries. There is no doubt your guests will be content with delicious food paired with exquisite wines.

rustic winery wedding

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Rustic Wedding Ideas for Winter

Having your wedding at a rustic wedding spot will be a beautiful experience for both you and your beloveds in the winter. If you're planning a rustic-themed winter wedding, consider wedding venues such as mountain resorts, lodges, and ski resorts.

You can also combine your celebration with the holidays. Gathering everyone for the holidays might become easier since they are all around anyways and can help you decorate your venue within the theme.

rustic wedding ideas for winter

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Rustic Wedding Cake

Whether you're getting married outside during spring, in the mountains, in the winter, or on a farm in autumn, rustic touches to your wedding cake will contribute to the overall feel of your event.

The great thing about rustic wedding cakes is just how beautiful they are with their simple looks. Everything is nice, symmetrical, and perfectly positioned; everything seems to have been handcrafted specifically for your special day. Here are the 10 rustic wedding cake designs we can't get enough of:

  • Naked Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers
  • Berry Wedding Pie
  • Single-Tiered Wedding Cake With Decorative Acorns
  • Two-Tiered White Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Cake with Greenery
  • Wedding Cake Featuring Gold Foil Detailing
  • White Wedding Cake With Wood Motif
  • Wedding Cake Wrapped in Vines and Wildflowers
  • Naked Wedding Cake With Jam Filling
  • Buttercream Wedding Cake With Decorative Flowers and Pinecones

rustic wedding cake

Rustic Wedding Photos

Your wedding may come to an end, but your rustic wedding photos will last a lifetime. Because of that, you need to discover or create amazing locations for your photoshoot. The more options you have, the more unique your photo album will be. Here are 10 perfect rustic photography ideas to help you get started:

  • Incorporate a fun looking vintage bike
  • A truck that matches your wedding decor
  • A classic country wedding backdrop, hay bales
  • Rent a vintage chair
  • Beautiful oversized specialty balloons
  • Great and inexpensive photo prop, frames
  • If you are hosting your wedding in a lakeside venue, take a boat ride
  • A vintage drophead car
  • A fun wedding decoration and photo prop, teepee
  • Nature - everything from sunsets and lakes to woods and leaves

rustic wedding photos

Rustic Chic Wedding Decor Ideas

One of the biggest mistakes that couples make is thinking of a rustic wedding as a casual, laid-back one. Even though most of them prefer to have one because of the simplicity, you can still have a modern rustic wedding in a venue with lots of luxurious amenities.

From wedding centrepieces and colour schemes to sweetheart tables to card boxes, decorating your venue with a rustic theme is no easy task. It requires thorough planning and patience. Creating a wedding checklist and keep track of your plans.

Rustic Colour

Rustic weddings are a lovely way to show off your fashionable tastes in a warm and inviting environment, and it requires a beautiful colour palette. Rust and green, navy blue and red, blue and yellow, burgundy and yellow, burgundy and blush, lavender and dusty rose, teal and orange, purple and gold are only a few of the splendid rustic wedding colour combinations.

rustic color

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Everyone should agree that nothing beats a gorgeous table filled with your loved ones, and to that end, there are many centrepiece ideas for every couple and budget. Opting for olive branches as a table runner has recently been one of the most popular trends.

You can also include a fresh look by displaying fruits and vegetables in colours that matches your overall feel. Wowing your guests with wildflowers such as daisies, sunflowers, or chamomile might be a perfect idea as well. You can incorporate velvet and others elements you desire!

rustic wedding centerpieces

Rustic Sweetheart Table Ideas

A sweetheart table is where the bride and groom sit privately facing the guests. You may adapt it to your style or use it to make a bold statement – the choice is yours. You can decorate it with greenery, roses, tropical foliage, candles, crystal glassware, chandeliers and more!

rustic sweetheart table

Rustic Wedding Box For Cards

Rustic wedding card boxes come in various shapes and sizes, and they aren't all boxes; you can find more interesting options. You can choose whatever you want: baskets, wooden containers, barrels, milk churns, sticks, briefcases, and post boxes. One of the biggest advantages of these boxes is that you can quickly repurpose or remodel an old item into a card container.

rustic wedding box for cards

Rustic Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are probably among the most popular elements that come to mind when thinking about rustic celebrations. Greenery, both lush and affordable, is taking the spotlight, and brides can't get enough of it! Magnolia leaf, mint, dusty miller, rosemary, and ivy are also used in unconventional forms.

From rustic bouquets with wildflowers and boutonnieres for the groom's suit to centrepieces and aisle decor. Let's not forget the dreamy arches adorned with beautiful unstructured flowers!

rustic wedding flowers

Rustic Wedding Dresses

Unstructured gowns without stiff skirts and hoops are ideal if you're looking for a laidback look at rustic wedding venues. Layers of cascading lace, and off-the-shoulder necklines, delicate flutter sleeves are popular among brides with a bohemian sensibility.

Cotton and linen, for example, are lightweight fabrics that feel relaxed and flawless. You can combine your rustic wedding dress with straw hats, cowboy boots or tonal sandals, and minimalistic gold jewelry.

rustic wedding dresses

Rustic Bridal Hair & Makeup

While choosing your rustic makeup look, you should pay attention to several factors, such as your eye and hair colour. Brown eyes will be highlighted by purple and bronze, while blue eyes will be intensified by turquoise, silver, and copper.

If you have dark hair, apply natural wedding makeup or focus only your eyes with smokey tones. Choose warm tones such as gold and copper if your hair is blonde. For red-haired brides, neutral and pink tones might be just perfect. And finally, if your hair is coloured, consult your makeup artist to get the best opinion.

For a rustic wedding, the bride's hairstyle should be plain, beautiful, and soft. Hairstyles that are light, somewhat messy, and not perfect are ideal. You can use flowers and leaves to create a beautiful look and add more romance to cozy country-style gatherings.

rustic bridal hair and makeup

Rustic Dress Code

"What should a guest wear to a rustic wedding?" is one of the common questions we get asked. Although attending a rustic wedding is less formal than attending a semi-formal or black-tie evening wedding, it does not mean that you don't need to dress up. At a rustic wedding, pretty casual dresses fit in wonderfully.

rustic dress code

It's a good idea to wear nice shoes that won't get stuck in the grass or on the barn floor. So that your heels don't sink into the grass, look for wedges and block heels. You might also want to bring a sweater or jacket because rural wedding venues like barns or gorgeous meadows can be unpredictable in terms of weather.

For a rustic wedding, men's wear can range from cowboy boots, suits, jeans, and casual hats to vests and coats. Just what you'd wear to any other outdoor wedding! Medium-coloured linen, cotton, or tweed jackets or suits in greys, tans, browns and blues are an excellent choice.

rustic wedding attire

Rustic Wedding Venues

Now that we covered pretty much everything about rustic wedding venues, let's find the ideal rustic venue for you. Barn and farm wedding venues are a sub-group of rustic wedding themes that are becoming more popular because they are budget-friendly and exciting. A barn wedding will effortlessly match any celebration, whether you're imagining a special day rooted in rustic elegance or adopting a more contemporary twist.

One of the other popular settings is rustic winery venues. You can tie the knot in picturesque vineyards or take cool wedding photos in estates and drink world-renowned wines with delicious foods in cute wineries and breweries. Lucky for you because Canada has all that!

However, these are not the only settings you can have an amazing rustic wedding. Any outdoor venue where you can incorporate this style becomes an ideal location in the city centre or countryside. You can check out various garden venues in your city as well.

rustic wedding venues

Rustic Wedding Venues Edmonton

With its spectacular national parks, incredible festivals and creative dishes, the capital of Alberta, Edmonton, offers fantastic rustic venues for any couple and budget. From barns to estates, you'll be sure to find the ideal one for your special day!

Rustic Wedding Venues Ottawa

The capital Ottawa is the largest and probably the most diverse city in Canada. Whether you're looking for an urban brewery or an estate to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Toronto has everything you need!

Rustic Wedding Venues Montreal

Rich history, myriad attractions, unique culture and friendly vibe make Montreal a perfect place to have a rustic wedding. A wide range of estates, spectacular vineyards and elegant wineries are all waiting for you!

We hope we've given you plenty of ideas to bring your dream rustic-style event to life - from the wedding venues to the bridal gowns and suits, to the hair, makeup, and cake. Don't wait to plan your rustic wedding if the concept of cozy and romantic appeals to you!

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