8 Wedding Decoration Trends That Will Be Huge in 2022!

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Weddings in 2022 will be all about intimacy and fun! It's all about entertainment at wedding venues. Couples can even plan scents on-site, and eco-friendly details are huge this year. Here's what's hot in wedding decorations for 2022!

wedding decoration trends

1- Micro Weddings

In recent years, simplicity has become increasingly popular at weddings. The trend is also towards intimate weddings. Weddings in 2022 will be small and entertaining, with just a few guests, the closest friends and family invited.

micro wedding

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Foundry Room

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2- Mid-week and Brunch Weddings

The interest in weekday and daytime weddings, which started in 2021, takes its place among the trends in 2022. Fewer guests make these functions easier to plan.

Venues are more available during these times compared to weekends and evening hours, and they have reasonable price options, so people are more interested in midweek weddings and brunch weddings.

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3- Multi-Day Weddings

It doesn't have to be out of town! How about spreading it out over a few days while planning your wedding? While everyone is in town, they can take the opportunity to plan pre-and post-wedding events.

You can have a three-day weekend experience that allows guests to celebrate with you on the wedding day and create some additional memories with friends and family.

4- Eco-Friendly Weddings

Recently, couples have been looking for ways to host responsibly. This means reducing waste and trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Wedding venues are getting greener, and couples are opting for more delicate options like air-purifying plants, dried flowers, and offering paper straws over plastic. As for wedding favours, potted flowers, saplings and products with seeds stand out.

eco-friendly wedding

Are you looking for a more sustainable way to celebrate your big day? Here are some ideas: Green Wedding Ideas: 15 Eco-Friendly Options

5- The Atmosphere of the Venue is Changing (Literally!)

Soon-tobe-weds want to give their guests a truly unforgettable experience. For example, they are not satisfied with details that only taste and look good. The fragrance also becomes a part of the wedding decorations. We're not just talking about scented candles here.

Consider scented stationery, different scents for each room, and different scents for each song the live band plays. Recall that for the Duchess of Cambridge's big day. She changed the mood of the entire Westminster Abbey with Jo Malone's Orange Blossom candles.

wedding candle

6- Vivid and Natural Colours

In 2022, green and white weddings are still popular, but bright colours are in. This year, decor items, especially pastels, are the saviours of creating a lively and romantic vibe.

wedding decoration trends

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7- Interior Decor Takes Off

Couples often preferred living room furniture in 2021, especially for outdoor weddings. This decoration was so popular with its comfort and elegance that it made the 2022 wedding decoration trends.

Whether indoors or out, you can use furniture such as armchairs, carpets, and floor lamps.

wedding decoration trends

8- Vintage Decor Items

Bridgerton, a popular TV show set in the Regency era, has a serious influence on wedding trends. As the year's wedding dress and evening dress trends are inspired by the magnificent, feminine outfits of this era, so are wedding decoration trends.

The flamboyant elements of the period blend into the 2022 wedding trends with "cottagecore," the popular decoration trend of recent years. Velvet armchairs, gold ornaments, and tables with carved legs make weddings more nostalgic and elegant.

vintage wedding decor

Paradise Events

Paradise Events

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We touched on the decoration trends that will dominate 2022 weddings. But did you know that you can get professional help to bring these ideas to life? For this, you can contact the wedding decoration companies in your city and turn your dream decor into reality!

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