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Our WeddingHero team has hit the streets to bring you the best florists offering a dazzling array of blooms for your special day in Calgary. Check their services and prices on WeddingHero pages and get one step closer to making your event truly one-of-a-kind with the best wedding flowers!

Serendipity Florals

Paulina Sin, the founder of Serendipity Florals, is an extremely talented and passionate florist who gives her 100% in bringing your vision to life. She is very easygoing and will easily...

Dee Vine Petals

Dee Vine Petals is one of the most reliable florists in Calgary. Dana is the head florist and owner of this company, and she comes with over twenty years of experience in floral design. She...

Paisley Floral Design

Suppose you are looking for the best and affordable floral decor service provider for a special event around Calgary. In that case, Paisley Floral Designs are the go-to choice for most because of...

Sweet Pea Designs

If you are looking for a customized floral arrangement, you have to look up the designs at Sweet Pea Designs no matter the occasion. They offer a variety of styles, including modern, vintage,...

VaVa Bloom
VaVa Bloom


VaVa Bloom in Calgary, Alberta, specializes in tailored wedding floral designs. The experts here provide you with a free consultation session to outline your floral vision and trust them to make...

Small Flower

Small Flower (Floral Studio) is where you can meet all your floral needs for weddings and events. This florist will work with you from the beginning so that she can have a broad understanding of...

Purple Orchid Flowers

They offer you to select between different packages suited to your need or customize the package depending upon your need and preference. They also work on an hourly basis. Their services offer...

Yara Flower Art

Yara Flower Art gives you the freedom to choose from a whole variety of roses and other flowers and in the arrangement of your choice. Provide the date and the time, and you can have your flowers...

Lil' Pink Daisy Florals

Lil' Pink Daisy Florals is hands down the expert in all kinds of floral services for special events and home decor. If you are based out of Calgary, Cochrane, Banff, and Canmore, you can book...

Avenida Flowers

Avenida Flowers is a renowned wedding florist in Alberta that focuses on using the best flowers to create incredible floral designs. This company has a talented team of professional florists who...

The Romantiks

The Romantiks is a one-of-a-kind wedding floral firm in Calgary. Even if their main operations are based in Canada, they are flexible to work with couples across the globe. The sister duo floral...

Gaia Roses
Gaia Roses


Gaia Roses excels in creating beautiful handcrafted rose designs and arrangements and also customized letter designs. They are the best company to choose if you share a similar ideology and start...

Grasslands Flower Co

Grasslands Flower Co. is a studio in South Calgary that provides a diverse set of floral services that meet the needs of all types of clients. This florist can accommodate any culture, background,...

Flower Aura By Natasha

Flower Aura By Natasha customizes your chosen selection of flowers according to your preferred colours and budget. She works with all kinds of designs, including contemporary, classic, and more....

Confetti Florist

Confetti Florist is always happy to help couples find the best flowers for their most important day. They are a versatile and flexible company that is always ready to adapt to your style and...

The Urbana Group

The Urbana Group is a company that aims to give wedding couples an unforgettable floral experience on their wedding day. When you book for their services, you will have access to a wide range of...

Rose Designs

If flowers are the best way to convey messages, these fresh and beautiful flowers are probably a level up on that. The chance to keep your memory fresh and cherish it forever is an added advantage...

Flowers By Janie

Flowers By Janie is a boutique floral studio company specializing in designing fresh flowers for your wedding day. They provide a complimentary consultation session to understand your needs and...

Xpressive Roses

It is now time to make your flowers delivered with a message and not just on a card but the flowers themselves. You can now customize your flower arrangements to your preference and for any...

Mandala Floral Inc

Suppose you are looking for the best one-stop floral decor and gift shop for your or someone else's wedding. In that case, Mandala is the top choice in McKenzie Towne because of their vivid choice...

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What are the most popular and common wedding flowers in Calgary?

From centerpieces on the table to the bouquet in the bride’s hand, flowers have a great part to play in any wedding. Wedding flowers in Calgary vary based on the season of the wedding. The Calgary wedding florists generally use flowers that are fresh in the season for decoration and also accommodate the wishes of the couple.

During the spring season, you would find fragrant flowers like stephanotis, sweet peas, lilacs, peonies, hyacinths at the wedding florist in Calgary. Alberta wedding flowers include chrysanthemum, hydrangea, orchids, zinnia, etc. during the summer, sunflowers, Gerbera daisies during fall, and jasmine, amaryllis, etc. during the winters.

If you are not looking for seasonal flowers, then you can opt for any other flower of your choice. A wedding florist in Calgary would find your choice of flowers to make your wedding day special.

What are some alternative wedding bouquet options in Calgary?

If you do not want to go the classic bouquet way at your wedding, then here are some options to explore with your wedding florist in Calgary. There could be many reasons why you don’t want to use flowers, like pollen allergies.

You can check with the wedding bouquet in Calgary to know the different wedding bouquets and options you can choose for your wedding.

How many flowers do I need for my Calgary wedding?

Flowers are an integral part of every wedding. They have a place almost everywhere from the bridal bouquet to the centerpiece on the guests’ tables. Before deciding on how many Alberta wedding flowers you would need, you have to decide on the places where you want the flowers.

You would need flowers for:

You have to first decide on the places where you need the flowers and the kind of display you are looking for. Once you have decided on where it will be easy to decide how many flowers you would need to order from Calgary wedding florists.

Is it okay to use fake flowers at my Calgary wedding?

It is perfectly fine to use fake or faux flowers in your wedding, especially if you are allergic to flowers. The silk wedding flowers in Calgary offer you an interesting and rich look at your wedding.

If you are looking to save money though, then it would be prudent to get the real flowers for your wedding. Since the silk wedding flowers in Calgary are more expensive than the natural ones, it would be better to get real wedding flowers in Calgary.

How far in advance should I order my wedding flowers in Calgary?

You would be surprised to know the kind of demand for wedding flowers in Calgary. Whether you want to buy seasonal flowers or opt for exotic varieties, it is advisable to choose your display and flowers well in advance. You can contact your wedding florist in Calgary at least 7 months or more in advance.

Should we consider any wedding florists near Calgary?

There are plenty of Calgary wedding florists in Alberta and you can choose the kind of wedding florist you want based on your preferences. It would be better to hire a local wedding florist or choose from the Edmonton wedding florists for your wedding.

Who pays for wedding flowers in Calgary?

In most traditions in the country, the Alberta wedding flowers and related expense is borne by the groom’s family. However, the bouquet for bridesmaids and flowers for them has to be taken care of by the bride. There are also Edmonton wedding florists who can provide all that you need for the wedding.

How much do wedding flowers cost in Calgary?

The cost of wedding flowers in Calgary will vary based on the places where and how many flowers are being used. The kind of flowers will also influence since seasonal flowers might be cheaper than exotic kinds.

What questions should I ask when looking for a wedding florist in Calgary?

Here are a few things to ask your wedding florist in Calgary before you order your wedding flowers.

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