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With just one click, you can view Edmonton's top-rated wedding florists that offer the best blooms to suit your tastes. Start here to get information about their services, packages, and prices with a click. Obtain free price quotes and get perfect wedding flowers!

Heather de Kok Floral Design

Heather de Kok Floral Design is a floral studio in Edmonton that uses the freshest blooms to create elegant floral arrangements. Heather de Kok Floral Design has worked for more than 15 years in...

Cerise Floral Studio

The Cerise Floral studios have the best-in-class team of floral designers with a great experience. They make your imaginations realistic by blending them with their ideas and creativity, creating...

Two Buds Floral Artistry

Two Buds Floral Artistry is at the backbone of elegant and beautiful weddings. The team here will recreate your vision to have unique flower arrangements that will awe your wedding guests. The...

Graham and Lane Florists

Graham & Lane Florists is the go-to florist for your big day. Having served in Edmonton for 40 years, Graham &Lane Florists has worked with hundreds of brides, and their work has always been...

Funky Petals Flower Shop

Funky Petals Flower Shop, Edmonton has been open for over 15 years in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They are proud of providing the best service, designs and quality of flower...

Hypnotic Bloom

The Hypnotic Bloom is a floral design company specializing in floral designing for weddings and other special events with a great designer team who has mastered floral designs. They provide the...

Laurel's On Whyte

Laurel's On Whyte is a renowned wedding floral firm that has been around since 1992. During this time, they have created a strong reputation in Edmonton because of their high-quality services....

Fleurs Flowers

Fleurs Flowers believes that every floral wedding design should be unique. This is why they provide special and unique services to their clients to match their expectations. If you are unsure what...

FaBLOOMosity Floral Atelier

When it comes to getting creative, the team at FaBLOOMosity does not leave any stone unturned. They are very wise and can turn things around to make any event look mesmerizing and memorable. They...

Studio Bloom

Studio Bloom is a florist in Edmonton who is passionate about creating designs that appease her clients. Having worked in the floral industry for many years, she can tailor a solution that matches...

Best Buds Flower Company

Best Buds Flower Company is a business in Edmonton that caters to wedding flowers. Their services are geared towards making sure that a client will have a beautiful venue that has been perfectly...

Magnolia Floral Artistry

Magnolia Floral Artistry is a studio that offers a unique service that has set them apart from other floral studios in Edmonton. By using blooms that have been dried and preserved, you will avoid...

Petals On The Trail

Whether you want to convey your best wishes or your heartiest condolences, the flowers and the arrangements from Petals on the Trail will leave a definitive trail of memories to cherish. With a...

Bloom and Memories

Bloom & Memories is a very special company with aspects of the services provided. Operating in Edmonton, Bloom & Memories specialize in preserving beautiful pieces of flowers, cards (and any other...

Mobile Wedding Florist YEG

Mobile Wedding Florist YEG is a wedding floral company that specializes in designing impeccable floral designs. The florists here have years of experience in creating a variety of arrangements...

The Floral Studio by Gabriela Cruz

Floral Studio by Gabriela Cruz is your everyday floral shop for all your floral needs. This studio is a recent addition in Edmonton, but they have proven themselves with the high-quality nature of...

Akiko Floral Artistry Inc

Akiko Floral Artistry is a floral wedding firm in Edmonton that works on the hardest designs to create stunning florals for clients. This firm is unique because it can travel to destination...

Agora Floral

Agora Floral is a wedding floral design firm that provides some of the best services for floral wedding patterns. The florist at this firm is experienced and competent in creating unique and...

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What are the most popular and common wedding flowers in Edmonton?

Flowers have an important place in many ceremonies, more so in the case of weddings. Despite the type of wedding you plan to have, there will always be a place for Edmonton wedding flowers.

Every wedding is unique, and so are the flowers used in them. It is entirely the couple's choice, in fact that of the bride, to decide on the flowers for her wedding. Here are some wedding flowers in Edmonton you might want to consider for the bridal bouquets and other floral arrangements.

Using seasonal Alberta wedding flowers would be an optimal choice as they are easy on your wallet while also offering the best look for this time of the year.

What are some alternative wedding bouquet options in Edmonton?

If you think a wedding without flowers is not possible, you would be surprised pleasantly. Edmonton wedding florists have an amazing collection and varieties of wedding bouquets to use without flowers.

How many flowers do I need for my Edmonton wedding?

Flowers are used in many places at a wedding. For instance, a wedding bouquet in Edmonton has 24-36 stems, roses, or other flowers. There is also the bridesmaid bouquet that has to be taken into consideration.

Apart from bouquets, there are also centerpieces, corsages, boutonniere, etc., to be considered for the number of Alberta wedding flowers you would need.

Is it okay to use fake flowers at my Edmonton wedding?

Often, brides would need to use a wedding bouquet in Edmonton made of fake flowers in silk or paper for many reasons, like for allergies or health reasons. Using fake flowers does not bring down the sheen of the ceremony, but it can make the occasion more elegant.

How far in advance should I order my wedding flowers in Edmonton?

Wedding flowers in Edmonton need to be booked at least a year in advance or at the time of booking the wedding venue. This is more important if you want your wedding florists in Edmonton to import exotic flowers for your wedding.

Should we consider any wedding florists near Edmonton?

If the wedding venue is in Alberta, closer to Edmonton, then considering the wedding florists in Edmonton or Calgary wedding florists would be cost-efficient. The wedding florists in Edmonton have a wide variety of packages for Alberta wedding flowers to match every wedding style and every couple's requirements.

Who pays for wedding flowers in Edmonton?

The groom's family pays for wedding flowers in Edmonton in case of bridal bouquets, bouquets for bridesmaids, corsages, etc. It is, of course, dictated by the tradition followed by the couples on who will pay the wedding florists in Edmonton.

How much do wedding flowers cost in Edmonton?

Many factors influence the cost of wedding flowers in Edmonton, major factors being the wedding style and your expectations. Many wedding florists in the city can work in line with your budget.

Many products require flowers like table décor, table centerpieces, corsages, boutonniere, bouquets for brides and bridesmaids, floral arrangements, etc.

What questions should I ask when looking for a wedding florist in Edmonton?

Knowing what to expect from your wedding florists in Edmonton will help you to make the right choice. If you are wondering what to enquire about, here are some pointers to help you decide.

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