Winnipeg Wedding Florists

Deciding exactly how to choose your wedding flowers is no small feat, but it sure is easy with WeddingHero. We've listed Winnipeg's best wedding florists that will make your wedding day magical. Start obtaining prices quotes, get amazing deals!

Osborne Florist

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Osborne Florist has been in existence since 1972 and has a highly experienced team that strives to deliver quality services to its clients. Their expertise in flower...

Callia Flowers

Female founded and started in Winnipeg, MB, Callia operates differently than traditional florists by offering 3-4 handcrafted arrangement styles, including the freshest, most unique, and best...

Academy Florists

Academy Florists is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is a retail florist. The business has been providing floral services to weddings in Winnipeg since time immemorial.

Little Flower Shop

Based in Niverville, Manitoba, Little Flower Shop is a company that specializes in event and wedding planning. They also provide floral services for their customers. The Little Flower Shop is a...

Designs by Alexis Rose

Alexis Rose is experienced in making innovative designs with exotic blooms. The team of professionals creates the floral designs by using locally sourced flowers at most. The versatile floral...

Lakewood Florist

Based in Winnipeg, Lakewood florists is a floral design firm that has existed for more than two decades. They use romantic, unique, modern, and trendy styles to create a beautiful flower...

Oak and Lily Flowers

Situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Oak and Lily Flowers is famous for its unique arrangements that reflect the styles used by the firm. They use classic, modern, and romantic styles to deliver the...

Stone House Creative

Stone House Creative is a boutique-style floral and event design studio based in Winnipeg, specializing in weddings. Stone House Creative is known for its signature lush, garden style floral...

Agnes Arrangements

Agnes’ Arrangements is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Agnes Szeredi owns this vendor. She is also a floral designer. The business specializes in designing florals for weddings and other special...

Charleswood Florists
Charleswood Florists


  • 2. year
  • Charleswood Florist is a floral design firm based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They started their services in 1973 and boast of a wealth of experience n this field. They serve Winnipeg and the...

    Roy's Florist

    Roy’s Florist is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The business creates the perfect floral gifts that suit any special occasion, especially at weddings.

    The Floral Fixx

    The Floral Fix is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Julie Meyers established it. This business designs the most stunning floral arrangements and designs for weddings and other special occasions.

    Broadway Florists

    Broadway Florists is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This business delivers flowers to wedding events and other special celebrations. Ernest Cholakis founded this business in 1923, and his sons...

    Ann's Flowers & Gifts

    Ann’s Flowers & Gifts is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This company specializes in creating the most breathtaking floral arrangements for weddings and other special occasions.

    Dragonfly Flowers

    Dragonfly Flowers is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The company specializes in flower delivery and design services for weddings and other special occasions in your life.

    McDiarmid Flowers

    For personalized floral beauty on your wedding, McDiarmid Flowers is the right company to contact. It is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, best known for classic, eclectic, modern, nautical, preppy,...

    In Full Bloom Florists

    In Full Bloom Florist is a company that provides full-service floral designs. It is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. However, they cater weddings at any location. The team helps you create the exact...

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