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A fantastic planner by your side to assist with tedious tasks like checking if your caterer is available or ensuring you rent the right number of wine glasses will turn a good wedding into a fantastic one. Lucky for you since we’ve listed the best wedding planners in Vancouver with services, prices and availability. Start obtaining free price quotes now!

Day of Events
Day of Events


While being a reasonably priced coordinator, Day of Events delivers the best services with top-class organization, exquisite attention to detail, and a key knack for problem-solving at the moment....

Umbrella Events

Your financial investment cannot be wasted when Umbrella Events is planning your event. Every project they touch becomes a passion project. Umbrella Events Weddings is every happy couple’s dream....

Morgan and Vine Events

From an acting point of view, the mission is to tell your story the best way possible. They pay attention to detail to create an event that is specifically expressive of your personality. While...

Down the Aisle

With this company comes efficiency and productivity. Down the Aisle services are relatively on par with most wedding planners. They are intuitively modelled to create events that speak of elegance...

Luxe Events
Luxe Events


The firm charges affordable prices for day-of wedding coordination, partial planning, and full planning. Customers have testified to the firm’s professionalism and excellent communication skills....

Halcyon Events

Your happiness can be as exact as you want it, and Halcyon Events is all about the little bits of details you define perfection by. With their expertise on your wedding, it automatically embodies...

Luxe Weddings by Crystal Chiang

The firm charges an affordable process for day-of wedding coordination, partial planning, and full planning. They combine professionalism with a talent to create phenomenal weddings. They are...

Effervescent Events

Effervescent Events offer services that respect your spending expectations. They are committed to getting you married with tranquillity at heart, with an assurance to deliver a well-planned...

Elope with Us
Elope with Us


Elope with Us boasts of the experience, competence and recognition needed to make you the fab couples of Canada and beyond. Their concept is to first bring your dream wedding to you at no stress...

Above and Beyond Event Planning

Above and Beyond Event Planning starting price for day-of-wedding coordination, partial wedding planning and full wedding planning costs are great for every need. They charge per hour. They also...

Heartfelt Event Planning and Design

Wedding planning is hectic, and it is not all through planning that you are certain to have clarity of vision and idea, and it is the basis for which you need a planner that knows the onions of...

Denunzio Weddings

Denunzio Weddings delivers professionalism, beauty, and the best logistics you can encounter, for your wedding. Their expertise does not only boast of competence in delivering a hitch-free wedding...

Epic Events Vancouver

Weddings should speak and tell a thousand stories of love for you, your friends, and your loved ones. It should capture the true essence of happiness and fulfillment, and it should be the...

Elle Weddings
Elle Weddings


Elle Weddings are out to ensure you are happy, fulfilled and satisfied on your wedding day. They are not just the usual planner, and they imbibe creativity, professionalism and excellent customer...

Alicia Keats Weddings and Events Inc.

Alicia Keats Weddings + Events Inc. recreate old experiences and create new and personalized experiences. If you want a personalized experience and a well fulfilling service, this company will...

Shaughnessy Weddings and Events

The firm charges a relatively affordable process for day-of wedding coordination, partial planning, and full planning. Shaughnessy Weddings has delivered its services through enthusiasm and their...

Fantastic Events and Party Rentals

Fantastic Events & Party Rentals packages are customized to meet your needs and accommodate different budgets. Reach out today to get a price quote for this wedding planning firm for top-notch...

The Soirée Company

The firm charges relatively affordable prices for day-of wedding coordination, partial planning, and full planning. Their event décor is excellent because their seasoned designer uses colour,...

Samantha Rose Weddings

Your financial investment cannot be wasted with this firm, whether it is a small or big wedding. Samantha Rose Weddings hopes to challenge the notion that processes should always follow the status...

LeDame Events
LeDame Events


LeDame Events is proud to help you create your wedding dreams. More so, they are reassuring of the creativity and brilliance they would put into the art of your wedding. LeDame Events understands...

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How do I choose a wedding planner in Vancouver?

Vancouver has one of the best wedding planners that provide the best-in-class arrangements that will make your wedding more special and auspicious. There are various factors that should be looked into while choosing a good wedding planner in Vancouver. You should use your resources and contacts to know about the best wedding planner.

In case you are looking for an Indian wedding planner in Vancouver, then also you can get good firms. Wedding planning in Vancouver offers customized wedding planning solutions.

For what type of weddings can I hire a wedding planner in Vancouver?

The wedding planners in Vancouver Island serve for all types of wedding parties, receptions, and ceremonies including all the small details regarding the wedding. So you can hire the best wedding coordinators in Vancouver for the wedding of your choice. You can hire a planner for Christian weddings and even if you are having a grand Indian wedding.

How far in advance should I hire a wedding planner?

You must hire a wedding planner well in advance, at least 3-4 months in advance right after your venue booking is complete. This is required since the planning process has a lot of steps that take time and also requires last-moment negotiations. So, it is better to keep some time at hand.

What questions should I ask when looking for a wedding planner in Vancouver?

When looking for British Columbia wedding planners, you must ask certain important questions. You must ask them to specify each decor item that is to be used, the transportation of props, tables, chairs, setting up, and taking down of the decor. You must also ask for the experience of the planners and event managers that are to be assigned to your wedding function.

What questions do Vancouver wedding planners ask?

A destination wedding planner in Vancouver will ask questions to you like your dream vision regarding the decor, how many guests will attend approximately, the duration of the function, etc. They will know everything and then arrange various expert firms in each niche that will cater to all these needs.

They will also want to know what will be the food menu, drinks requirements, the type of music that you prefer if band/DJ arrangements are needed, the kind of clothing, and the theme of the wedding.

What should I bring to my first meeting with a Vancouver wedding planner?

You must bring your ideas well arranged on a piece of paper. You must also bring pictures if you have any special requests in mind. Apart from that, you need to have an approximate calculation of the number of guests that will be attending, the kind of dress you have in mind, and the theme you want.

Should we consider any wedding planners near Vancouver?

Yes, managing so many things on your big day is a huge headache and an experienced wedding planner is the best solution. You should always consider hiring a wedding hiring near Vancouver for your big day to make necessary arrangements by collaborating with other experienced firms that specialize in niches.

British Columbia wedding planners will handle every aspect of your wedding beautifully. Alternatively, you can check out nearby Victoria wedding planners or wedding planners in Surrey.

How much does a wedding planner cost in Vancouver?

Normally, a wedding planner in Vancouver costs around $800-$1500 depending upon the size of your wedding, the number of things they have to manage, and also their experience as a team. A cheap wedding planner in Vancouver will cost you around $700-$900.

What is included in a wedding planner package in Vancouver?

Most affordable wedding planner in Vancouver includes planning everything from food, drinks, decor, to makeup, dress, entertainment, and all other special requests by getting in touch with specialized firms that are experts in these specific niches.

Do wedding planners get a commission from vendors in Vancouver?

Yes, wedding planners in Vancouver do get commissions from vendors because they have tie-ups with different suppliers. These can be flowers, decor props, entertainment bands, musicians, catering firms, etc. Vendors usually pay a small commission to wedding planners for getting them in the front row whenever a wedding is happening.

Do wedding planners go to weddings in Vancouver?

Yes, according to your contract, wedding coordinators in Vancouver may attend your wedding in person to supervise the operations of all other vendors they have consulted to you - like caterers, entertainment bands, decoration firms, photographers and videographers, and so on.

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