Brampton Wedding Planners

Are you planning a wedding in Brampton? You’ll need help to make your wedding planning process much more seamless and enjoyable. Lucky for you, we’ve handpicked the best wedding planners in Brampton for you with pricing, services and availability!

Royal Panache Weddings and Events

Royal Panache weddings and events are a magical wand to your dream wedding. They help you make your dream wedding a reality without you going through the stress. The firm’s service is affordable,...

Future Occasions

Future Occasion is known for professionalism, flexibility, and accountability that will make your dream wedding come true and leave you with a good lasting memory. The firm’s services are...

Flo dot Co Events

Flo dot Co Events allows you to enjoy every moment of your special day while they care for every bit of your events, just as the firm’s motto “You should always be the guest at your events.” They...

Blush Weddings and Events

Blush weddings and events design, organize and coordinate your special day in a fantastic way, and they help you enjoy every moment of your day without any stress on your part. They offer services...

Luca Medeiros Events

Lucas Mederios Events organizes and creates your events with a high level of professionalism and competence that will leave you and your guests in awe. They offer services at an hourly rate but...

La Vita Events and Co.

La Vita Events & Co events designs and styles are always unique and elegant. They pay strict attention to details to know the colours and styles that are best for their clients. The firm operates...

Creating Your Memories

With an extensive background in event planning and a high level of professionalism, Creating Your Memories will create your dream wedding that will leave you with unforgettable memories. The firm...

Dash Events and Co.

Dash Events and Co are outstanding in delivering just the best services that will give you a fabulous experience on your wedding day. The firm does not offer assistance at an hourly rate, and they...

Biji Planners

Biji planners are well-coordinated and detailed; thus, they help you create a flawless and hiccup-free wedding and events. They run a non-refundable pricing policy.

Lovers Rock Wedding Co

Lovers Rock Wedding Co has the goal of planning wedding events to suit the couple's lifestyle. They create designs that are unique and elegant.

Beth Jacobs Weddings and Events

Beth Jacobs Weddings & Events provides you with various designs and packages tailored to meet your needs and demands. They offer services at an hourly rate but run a non-refundable pricing policy.

Earl Grey Events

Earl Grey Events is known for distinguished services that will transform your dreams into reality. They don’t just focus on the special day alone; they make the journey through the process an...

Top Tier Wedding and Event Planning

Top Tier Wedding and Event Planning will grace your events with aesthetic and glamour that will leave you a good lasting memory. Their services are cost-effective, but they have a non-refundable...

Memorable Occasions

Memorable Occasions is an event planning firm that creates modern designs and styles that will make your wedding day special. They have a non-refundable policy.

Love Lorena Wedding and Event Planning

Love, Lorena Weddings & Event planning is the magical wane to make your dreams come true. They bring you the wedding of your dreams through their holistic approach to details of your events...

NKS Event Designs

NKS Event Design is a reliable planning firm that works with details, executing every task to bring your vision into reality. They have a non-refundable policy.

On Pointe Events

On Pointe Events, design, plan, and organize your special day in a way that reflects your preferences and desires, leaving you with an exciting lasting memory. Their services are cost-effective,...

Boutique Events

Boutique Events are organized, knowledgeable, proficient, and stylish wedding planners qualified to handle your wedding and events beyond your expectations. They create the wedding of your dream...

True Mate Weddings and Events

True Mate Wedding and Events designs superb, personalized, fabulous weddings that leave you with a good lasting memory. The firm has a non-refundable pricing policy.

Pristine Weddings and Events

Pristine Weddings & Events create the wedding of your dreams, thus leaving you with ecstasy and deep satisfaction. The firm runs a non-refundable pricing policy.

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