Abbotsford Outdoor Wedding Venues

From rustic and boho-styled to modern and classic, we have compiled all the best outdoor and garden wedding venues in Abbotsford on WeddingHero. Check out the venues for your ceremony and reception, view their services, photos and reviews. Don’t forget to obtain price quotes from your favourites!

Maan Farms Market and Estate Winery

The Barn is a picture-perfect location with rustic and antique decor for any wedding ceremony. Everything is included in the package like decoration set up and take down, caterers for a...

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Saar Bank Farms

Saar Bank Farms aims to create memories that you will always cherish. The ambience and services are sure to wow couples and their loved ones alike. Book the barn today for an idyllic farm wedding...

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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden of Woodbridge Ponds is a scenic, tranquil, and elegant wedding venue with outdoor and indoor sites. The helpful and welcoming staff at the Secret Garden can help you plan your...

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Advantages of Having an Abbotsford Outdoor Wedding

If getting married in a natural setting such as on a lake or in the mountains appeals to you, you've probably already fallen in love with the scenery and its splendour and understand its significance; however, we'll list a few more advantages of an Abbotsford outdoor wedding for you.

Since the setting is the major décor, an outdoor wedding venue in Abbotsford in a naturally gorgeous setting will save you money, time, and trouble when it comes to selecting and arranging your wedding decorations. You won't need many floral centrepieces to create a stunning ambience when you have lush foliage or a glittering waterfront location.

Your guests will have more area to wander around and will not be constrained to one or two rooms with outdoor wedding venues in Abbotsford. Your loved ones will be able to socialize freely without having to leave the location.

By creating a pleasant lounge area separate from the main reception area, guests will be able to take a step back and relax while still being only a few feet away from the festivities.

Outdoor wedding venues in Abbotsford, BC, are essentially bare and empty, allowing couples to express themselves and add their own unique touches. You can use a large white wedding tent, commonly used to create a protected place at outdoor wedding sites.

The white tent's clean slate allows you to add your own unique and personal touch, which is difficult to achieve in big ballroom settings. Floral arrangements, drapes, and lighting are just a few of the many ways to make your outdoor wedding in Abbotsford uniquely yours.

Abbotsford outdoor weddings provide a more relaxed atmosphere. Don't mistake casual for disorganized or a "jeans and t-shirts" gathering. Being outside makes one think of a fresh, warm evening breeze.

An Abbotsford outdoor wedding is peaceful and comfortable! When else would you be able to continue your wedding celebrations, or even have the perfect finish to your festivities by holding a campfire and roasting s'mores with your friends than outdoors?

Decoration Ideas For Outdoor Wedding Venues in Abbotsford

Outdoor wedding decorations will wow your guests, from fresh floral arrangements and bloom-filled tables to otherworldly and beautiful displays. Whether you've already chosen an outdoor wedding venue in Abbotsford or are still looking for the perfect one, the following ideas can be readily implemented wherever your big day takes place.

One item that's an obvious must-have? Lots of fresh blooms! We recommend you to look outside the box for your Abbotsford outdoor wedding, even though they're commonly featured on and in bridal bouquets. You may instantly transform your white wedding cake by turning your dessert table into a tiny garden with colourful flowers and foliage.

Create a drink station to let your guests get a drink on their own. Set up a creative and original ceremony backdrop to make a statement for your outdoor ceremony, like an arch adorned with wildflowers or a beautiful vintage white door.

Set up lights and serve your dinner under the stars – it'll be so magical. Using lanterns to decorate your wedding and line the walkways is a great way of contributing to the mood.

You can use tree stumps in various ways at your outdoor wedding in Abbotsford, but we love the idea of having them line the wedding aisle. Also, if you plan to have an alfresco celebration, make sure you have some warm throw blankets on hand for your guests to keep warm.

If you plan to have a fall wedding, you can also use many fantastic ideas to decorate your outdoor wedding venue in Abbotsford. You can create floral arrangements with seasonal berries, wheat, pampas and maple leaves. Wood slice place cards might also add to the ambience.

If you've been dreaming of a beach wedding with a magnificent sea and sunset view, the decor items you can include are aplenty. First, choose a tropical or nautical theme for your big day. Think seashells adorning your wedding cake or invitations in mini transparent bottles filled with sand – can get more beautiful than that?

Last but not least, for a dreamy celebration in the countryside, consider having a rustic wedding outdoors. Wine barrels as cocktail tables, hay bales as seating, olive branches as table runners, casual attire, lawn games, and many more are waiting for you!

Cities To Consider When Looking For Outdoor Wedding Venues Near Abbotsford

If you couldn't find the perfect outdoor location in Abbotsford for your special day, don't worry! You can see what you're looking for among dozens of BC wedding venues, and for you to take the first step, we've listed the most popular locations near Abbotsford:

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