Kelowna Outdoor Wedding Venues

With an exquisite atmosphere, close friends and family, and romance aplenty, Kelowna outdoor weddings are so beautiful! Check out the top outdoor wedding venues we’ve compiled for you with pricing, reviews, photos and services. Receive price quotes from your favourites!

The Harvest Golf Club

The Harvest Golf Club is also provided for the organizing of other wedding activities in addition to the ceremony and reception rooms. The club will sponsor the celebration of your birthday,...

Ceremony capacity
Min price (pp)
Belgo Wedding Chapel

This orchard is the ideal location for your romantic wedding ceremony with budget-friendly prices, and various events and wedding packages have been made to fit your needs. Set in a lovely Kelowna...

Ceremony capacity
Min price (pp)
Falcon Ridge Farms

The Falcon Ridge Farms is very inexpensive, with multiple parties and wedding packages to fit your requirements. If you're looking for the perfect intimate country wedding, Falcon Ridge Farm will...

Ceremony capacity
Min price (pp)
Sanctuary Gardens

Sanctuary Gardens provides a wide range of possibilities. It provides what you would like for your wedding reception. The venue provides you with serenity, breathtaking views, and all you will...

Ceremony capacity

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All You Need To Know About Kelowna Outdoor Wedding Venues

Kelowna outdoor wedding venues are perfect for couples considering getting married in summer and spring! Outdoor wedding venues in Kelowna dazzle with lush green areas, nature views, and beautiful decorations.

If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding in Kelowna, you must first determine the number of your guests. Afterwards, you can start meeting with venues whose capacity is equivalent to your number of guests. The capacities of wedding venues start from 50 people and can go all the way up to 2,000 people.

There are many outdoor wedding venues in Glenmore, West Kelowna and Upper Mission districts. You can witness the sea view from some of them. A few venues even have their own beaches. In this way, you can have a beach wedding ceremony and then move on to the reception at nearby locations.

If you plan to have a wedding in the spring, consider some factors when choosing a venue. First, you should find out if the Kelowna outdoor wedding venues you interviewed take precautions against adverse weather conditions.

These measures can be as follows: The venue can prepare an indoor space for you in case of rain and keep it in reserve. Other than that, some places may have a retractable ceiling system. If they do not have such a structure, you can protect the outdoor space with large umbrellas.

You can also consider having a tented wedding. These structures are durable and offer a cozy feeling while enjoying being outdoors. We recommend using the weather tool and learning how the weather will be on your big day. In this way, you can be prepared for everything!

If you want to sign the dotted line with one of the outdoor wedding venues in Kelowna, it would be useful to act quickly. Sometimes places can fill up even 6 months before. We recommend that you make an early reservation so that you can secure the date you want.

Services Offered By Outdoor Wedding Venues in Kelowna

On-site Planner/Coordinator: Outdoor wedding venues in Kelowna have their own planning teams. These teams plan your wedding from start to finish. Before the wedding, they arrange meetings with you and share every detail. On the wedding day, they tell you what to do at which time, moment by moment.

Catering: You can hold an outdoor wedding in Kelowna with sit-down plated meals and cocktails. The venues offer couples multiple menu options. You can choose what you want from these menus, and you can request changes in the menu if you wish.

Live Music / DJ: DJ service is offered as standard in the packages of Kelowna outdoor wedding venues. If you want to have live music, you can meet with the venue managers and book a team from their contracted vendor list. Some venues also allow you to bring bands from outside.

Decorations: The most beautiful aspect that makes an outdoor wedding venue is definitely the decorations! The flowers, tulle, lighting, and much more create a beautiful ambiance. When you meet with venues, they offer you several colour palettes to choose from. It is even possible for them to prepare a special theme for you if you wish.

Photography / Videography: Contracted photographers and videographers can also provide services within the standard package price. The teams capture every moment of your wedding from the beginning to the end into photo frames and record them on video.

Factors Affecting The Prices of Outdoor Wedding Venues in Kelowna, BC

In Kelowna outdoor wedding venues, couples are given a price per person. First, you choose the menu. When you choose one of the dinner or cocktail menus, they charge prices according to the content of this menu.

You can reach the total number by multiplying the price per person they give by the number of guests. In outdoor wedding venues, cocktail menus are more affordable than diners. In addition, the main course determines the price of the 3-course menus.

The prices of outdoor wedding receptions and ceremonies held on the weekends may be higher than those during the weekdays. There is also this price difference between daytime and evening receptions.

All the extra services you want from outdoor wedding venues in Kelowna are charged separately. For example, you get a separate price for requests such as orchestra, fireworks and dance shows.

From time to time, Kelowna outdoor wedding venues offer discounts. If you follow the special offers, you can find the opportunity to have a budget-friendly wedding without breaking the bank. For more tips on finding cheap wedding venues, you can read our article!

Locations To Consider When Searching For Outdoor Wedding Venues Near Kelowna

If you want to expand your venue search to nearby BC wedding venues and don't know where to look at them, we've got you covered. You can check out the following connected cities, narrow down your options, and obtain price quotes from your favourite locations for free:

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