Scarboro Golf and Country Club
2nd year
The nautical and spacious event spaces at Scarboro Golf and Country Club, coupled with its exceptional staff attention and super culinary experience, add the right flavour and colour to your day....
The venue is open to suggestions and works with other companies to provide the best experience to customers. Their vendors' list can be contacted for any décor or floral arrangement the couples...
Transform your ordinary celebrations into extraordinary memories by booking wedding planning and other events at an affordable cost. Do not hesitate to make an enquiry by filling in the required...
Toronto Botanical Garden
2nd year
North York
Toronto Botanical Garden wedding cost is reasonable and the wedding packages well-designed to suit your wedding budget and requirements. Please fill the form today and get in touch with them to...
If you want to have an all-inclusive stress free wedding with all events held at the same venue, then you must contact the team of the Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto. They assure a memorable wedding...
Relaxed Garden setting. This beautiful heritage building has lots of character, surrounded by trees, beautifully lighting at night. The cobble stone courtyard is surrounded by rose gardens. The...
In Fantasy Farm Event Centre & Banquet Hall, wedding cost is reasonable, and the wedding packages are designed perfectly with many excellent services to suit your wedding budget. Get in touch with...
The once-owned General Electric Heritage building gives Century Park Tavern the feeling that you are sitting in a part of Toronto’s great history. Food and drinks can be accommodated according to...
Empire Sandy wedding packages are perfect for your wedding celebration. Also, the wedding cost is suitable for your wedding budget. Contact them today by filling the form and start a fantastic...
Mariposa Cruises wedding cost is reasonable and well-thought-out. Also, wedding packages are well-designed to suit your wedding budget. To get a price quote today, please fill in the form for a...
Being experienced in hosting a wide range of events, the wedding team can help you pick the most suitable venue area as well as menu options for you and your guests. To learn more about their...
The Charter Miss Toronto creates an ideal setup to have your classical boat wedding. It also gives you the best services that a ship can offer. If you plan your boat cruise wedding soon, then...
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Reasons To Have an Outdoor Wedding in Toronto

The allure of outdoor wedding backgrounds is difficult to ignore. When you're outside, you'll hear chirping birds, see lush greenery, see stunning views, and breathe fresh air. If you have an outdoor wedding in Toronto, you will get this.

The wedding album is maybe the most compelling reason to have an alfresco celebration. Your wedding photos will be stunning thanks to the combination of natural light and the magnificent outdoors. Your wedding photographer will not need to employ flash, HDR, or artificial lighting.

Being squeezed for extra room for unexpected guests is not an issue with an outdoor event. Because they are not constrained by walls, floor plans, or other constraints, Toronto's best outdoor wedding venues can accommodate hundreds of guests.

Of course, if you plan to have an intimate celebration, you can find many small outdoor wedding venues in Toronto as well.

An outdoor wedding requires less decor because the natural beauty and picturesque landscapes add to the whole experience. There are no flowers that can compare to the beauty of blossoming spring flowers, and there are no balloons that can compare to the beauty of the clear blue sky over your location.

Last but not least, your event organizer is likely to handle everything, including moving tents, setting up the location, and catering. Remember that an outside event demands minimal decor. That's is why you can find lots of cheap outdoor wedding venues in Toronto.

Decoration Ideas For Toronto Outdoor Wedding Venues

Hosting an outdoor wedding in Toronto is a lovely opportunity to incorporate rustic wedding touches into your special day. It's essential to keep in mind a refined aesthetic whether you want to play up your surroundings or construct a day-of mood that simply contains glimpses of farm life.

We recommend putting up a cozy reception space outside, as most outdoor wedding venues in Toronto are used to dimly illuminated interiors. Allowing your guests to dine and dance in the open air will instantly improve their experience.

You may take your centrepieces a step further by including farm-to-table organic items in addition to your favourite flower. You can consider setting up the tables with bowls of figs, plums, and centrepieces, including unusual vegetables and fruits like pomegranates and artichokes.

Any Toronto outdoor wedding venue can benefit from lighting. Even the most rustic setting can be transformed into a beautiful space with chandeliers and uplighting. Greenery added to your chosen lighting might offer even more romance to your decor.

You can incorporate your wedding style into the entrance of your Toronto outdoor wedding venue. An outdoor tent wedding stands out with tall floral arrangements and elegant draping. Also, you can look for old mirrors and perfume boxes for attractive signage with handmade calligraphy.

Last but not least, you can consider using classic country elements. Harvest favourites, wooden crates, and various plants may lend fun and authenticity to the overall decor of Toronto garden wedding venues. You can decorate an area of your fall wedding with garden favourites like pumpkins, lush plants, and rustic accents.

Questions To Ask Outside Wedding Venues in Toronto

Outdoor wedding ceremony and reception venues in Toronto are unlike any other wedding setting, which is probably why you adore them so much. But that also means there are a few things to bear in mind as you evaluate your options—and to make things easier for you, we've compiled a list of them right here:

  1. What’s included in the wedding package?
  2. Can we bring outside vendors, or do we hire your recommended suppliers?
  3. Do you offer on-site catering? Do you have a kitchen on the premises?
  4. How do you control the climate?
  5. What is a backup plan in case of sudden rain and wind?
  6. Do you have any noise and decor restrictions?
  7. How many restrooms does the venue offer? Do we need to rent mobile restrooms?
  8. Do we need a generator?
  9. Does the venue offer accommodation? How close are the nearby hotels, inns or bed and breakfasts?
  10. How’s the parking situation?
  11. How much is the deposit?
  12. What’s your policy on cancellations?

Locations To Consider When Looking For Outdoor Wedding Venues Near Toronto

Suppose you are considering expanding your search for an outdoor venue search to nearby Ontario wedding venues. In that case, you can check out the following cities popular among soon-to-be-weds: