Applewood The Shaver House
2nd year
Applewood Shaver House has been delivering magical memories to couples on their special day for many decades. The venue is ideal for your private wedding. Fill the form to make a reservation and...
George Brown House is a perfect venue for your wedding. They properly put everything you need in place to give you a dreamed wedding experience. Your guests will be thrilled when they visit this...
AMG Luxe is home to this luxurious destination for each couple to celebrate ceremonies, engagement parties, bridal showers and many other special events. Please complete the form to learn more...
Second Floor Events
2nd year
Old Toronto
Second Floor Events provides some of the most customizable catering services in Toronto, and this is an advantage for weddings with a wide array of guests. The vast, single-room space is excellent...
Donalda Club
2nd year
North York
Donalda Club's wedding price is reasonable, and the wedding packages they provide contain many services for a successful wedding day. Get a price quote today by filling the form and start the...
Graydon Hall Manor
2nd year
North York
Graydon Hall Manor holds the hospitality and comfort of its guests highly and directs its arrangements in your favour. With excellent taste at an affordable price, your event is praiseworthy.
Everything you need to go through with your wedding is provided for you and even more. Your perfect wedding awaits you at the Ontario Heritage Centre. Fill the form to start preparing for your...
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Advantages of Having a Toronto Mansion Wedding

It's critical to choose a place you love when planning your wedding. It will be one of the most memorable days of your life, spent with all of your loved ones, and you would like it to be genuinely exceptional and one-of-a-kind. As a result, mansion weddings in Toronto have become increasingly trendy in recent years.

What's more traditional than renting a mansion for your Toronto wedding? If you've booked a beautiful mansion that's been around for a century or more, you're probably not the first pair who's tied the knot there. Consider all of the lovebirds who have gone before you, and let the joy of marital bliss wash over you.

If you're getting married at one of the wedding estates in Toronto, don't only think about it as a venue. It's also a home, so treat it as such. For cocktail hour, welcome guests into the great room. In the ballroom, you can dance the night away.

Dress in a real bedroom on the second floor. Take a seat on the couches. Place your beverages on the end tables. Look around the various rooms. Although your actual home may not be as formal, consider this to be your home on your wedding day.

Another reason why mansion weddings in Toronto are so popular is that the event managers and personnel are completely focused on you. They have their full attention on you rather than managing the requirements of several couples.

Also, you’ve got all the security and privacy on your special day with estates weddings in Toronto. You won't bump into another bride or groom, and there will be no strangers in the background of your wedding photos.

Moreover, your guests won't get bored in a closed area. By renting a mansion, you will also get access to the vast property. Your guests can wander around, explore the beautiful grounds and chat with each other in silent areas comfortably.

Decoration Ideas For Estate Wedding Venues in Toronto

After renting a mansion for a wedding in Toronto, here comes the most exciting part: decorations!

Make your venue's entry welcoming for guests, hinting at the beauty of the day that's about to unveil. Florals are a terrific way to add wow-factor to an entry, with everything from giant urn displays to simple floral garlands. Work with a skilled florist who can provide advice and suggestions.

Consider the colours of your venue's design and select a palette that complements them. It will result in an extremely rich and elegant design and one that seems to flow smoothly within the room.

Furniture isn't only useful; it's also a design element in and of itself, so choose wisely: dark woods offer warmth, lighter woods look contemporary, the metal adds a unique edge, ghost chairs bring a modern twist, and colour adds interest.

Look around your location to see which components stand out the most, and then consider how you may personalize them. These finishing touches will elevate your design from ordinary to outstanding, whether it's just adding candlelight to a mantle or draping a show-stopping flower garland down a staircase.

Make sure there's a thread of consistency running through all of your decor elements; the colour palette is a fantastic way to do this, but you should also consider the style of design elements: are you looking for gentle and romantic, contemporary and unique, or playful and whimsical? Keep this in mind.

Instead of trying to decorate every inch of your venue, focus on creating a few standout design features in each area you'll be using during the day, such as a spectacular floral garland on a staircase, huge florals and humorous signage at a room's entrance, or a breathtaking backdrop to your wedding cake.

Last but not least, if your venue has high ceilings, try to match the scale of the area with your floral arrangements; if the area is more intimate, opt for lower-level displays.

Locations To Consider When Searching For Mansion Wedding Venues Near Toronto

If the mansion wedding venues in Toronto have not satisfied you or you simply want to look at more options, nearby wedding venues in Ontario won't disappoint you. You can check out the following locations for the best exclusive-use venues: